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  1. I have a couple of questions for modding

    Hi, After "surgering" mods, i've some questions about modding (sorry for my bad english, it's not my native tongue) : - what's the difference between server script and client script ? i've seen these 2 directories inside some mods, what i must put in server script ? and what i must put in client script ? - what is exactly necroforge ? how can i use it ? Many thanks for your help. Best regards cyb
  2. Spray Paint Mod v2.3a

    this mod is awesome, thanks !
  3. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    hi, i've commited changes, you can find the new version here : best regards cyb
  4. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    ok done i changed some parts of code for translation. can i put the new code on github ?
  5. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    Hi, many thanks i'll check that ! regards
  6. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    Hi, i've added 2 things to the mod : - translation in French - a recipe for crafting Paperclip into Bobby Pin but how can i put my translation into resource file instead of hard coding text inside the mod ? Thanks for your help regards cyb