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  1. Ornament

    Zed OwnerZhip

    Hi, the clutter looks awesome! Good job on this! One question, isn't the ownership system an open door for cheats, especially avoiding being bitten? I'm thinking like something which is just ignoring all client sided bites, and just not sending them to the server. Kind regards
  2. Ornament


    Looks nice, though I agree, that it looks a bit strange with the perfectly synchronized headturning. Perhaps, delay some turning for a split second or make some heads turn slightly faster or slower (only by a little bit) so that the zombies look more individual. Some zombies may react faster than others etc only if it is a matter of some split seconds.
  3. Ornament


    The inventory system was unexpected but I LOVE it
  4. Ornament

    More Math(s)

    Will there be a silencer for the rifle? Is the machete also able to onehit or kill while the zombie is still up, like the axe? The video looks great Can't wait for IWBUMS
  5. Ornament

    Little Red Guitar

    Machete will gonna be my new favorite zed slashing weapon
  6. Ornament

    Advanced Zedonometry

    I never thought doing animations would be this complex. These insights really cleared my mind how many little sneaky issues there can be. Although I didn't understand everything there it's great to have a technical insight behind the curtains Gj guys and keep it going
  7. Ornament

    Combat Renovations

    Damn I'm so hyped. Will the new sneak animation also lower your noise? If more zombies are deadlier, I need ways to avoid more zombies I was never good in fighting nevertheless and used the sandbox And for this throwing a stone to distract them would be my ultimate dream Like sneaking p, throwing a stone to another direction, they turn their head towards it, and fastly sneak past them. I bet with the animations this would look really good *-*
  8. Ornament

    Sway of Things

    This makes trees much more realistic in my opinion. Although it's only an atmospheric change, this is really great and improves the overall experience
  9. 901: Glasses, for traits like short-sighted. You could expand it to let the glasses break on hit to the head and farsighted and sunglasses (perhaps with new weather system, for sunny weather? - then a cappy would also make sense) 902: Traits like alcoholic, kinda like smoker but for alcohol. To make it easier you could add things like beer, vodka etc. 903: Asthma needing an inhaler on a regular base. Could be found on zombies. 904: Brushing teeth (should be optional) 905: Some other illnesses than the zombie virus. At the moment you're nearly dead, when a zombie hits you and you can't do anything about it. But if you don't get scratched or bitten, you don't need much medics, except for accidents with the car or with broken windows. Perhaps having headaches or something like this. 906: More clutter 907: Give rubber bands a use, like slinging it on a zombie or building a slingshot like i suggested before 908: Use cologne/deodorant to distract zombies smell instinct. You don't smell like flesh if you use it. 909: Chalk to draw on roads, rain should wash it away however. 910: razor blades as a weapon(not sure though) 911: using clothes for storing small things (trousers/hoodies/cargo pants with 1 or 2 capacity) 912: mirrors to look around corners (could be difficult tho)
  10. 828: Something like shooting targets, (or use empty bottles or cans) to practice accuray without the need to fight against a horde with a ranged weapon.
  11. That would be a good suggestion!
  12. Fool on me... There was a little tree which grew through erosion. Didn't see that little boy. I even wrote a mod to unlock doors, but as it said, that there is nothing to unlock i was confused. Damn... that little tree fooled me pretty hard... Sorry guys
  13. Can you spawn there keys for a double door too?
  14. It should perhaps be depending on the sandbox settings. A car has windows and a zombie would see any person moving in it. In an apocalype I'd be careful and try to prevent to sleep in a car, because of the windows, which could be broken and then you're nearly dead. Sleeping in the driver seat would be quite uncomfortable and in the back seat you need some time to get to the front. Any passing zombie could smell or see you, so sleeping in a car would be an emergency situation for me. If you sleep in a back of a van with no windows, it's a completely other thing though.
  15. Hi, normally i'm not a cheater or anything like this. But this idea/request came in my mind as I have to fight against a bug, which locks my double doors out of whatever reason. I tried to download the cheat menu but there is no option for it. I have coding experience but not with PZ. Is it possible to write a simple mod to make it possible to unlock doors with the right click interaction menu? I'm not sure if there are some engine restrictions to it. This should be only a temporary workaround till this bug get fixed. If somebody knows if this is possible I'd try to take a look into modding and see if I can do it myself. Thanks and have a nice weekend
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