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  1. I have a 15 man server that is full. I have 3 admins and the claim house settings set for players and admins true. No one else is able to claim houses but admins. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Just started a public server. You will need Wooden Dowels mod to join. Servername:PaulMck86.no-ip.org no password no pvp
  3. How does the - SafeHouseRemovalTime (default 144): If a safehouse is not visited during this time (in day) it'll be released of his safehouse status feature work? whats the max value? does restarting the server clear claimed safehouses? I havent been logged out more than 24hrs but i rebooted my server in the meantime. now my house was unclaimed
  4. the best way to do this is make it open and have AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=true on. Then you can slowly ban those who dont behave
  5. How do i actually login to the server? Ive tried every login command on the planet
  6. Server is fine... its your connection. Is the server on your localhost? did you portforward port 16261 when you go to join server what ip are you putting in?
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