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    Patch PlanZ

    Since you guys are still doing Noisework additions, can we perchance have different radio/TV voice-mumble sounds? It feels so strange they all sound the same. I know this is purely aesthetic, but it'd make a nice immersion difference.
  2. Check the settings, there's a Clock Size: Large option. Set it to large, and then close and relaunch the game. I had the exact same problem before, and fixed it like that.
  3. So, as I took my first foray into Louisville, one of the first places I stopped to check out, happens to be what I can only describe as the PERFECT SAFEHOUSE- Turn left on the big turnpike you see just as you leave the Refugee Camp/Military Blockade once you exit valley station, and you'll find a long row of McMansions on the edges of the Ohio river. They all look like prime safehouse material; having full tall fences around them, and with water on the back, but this particular one, the 10th from the south, TAKES THE WHOLE CAKE. Things it has: -Gigantic 3 Car Garage plus 1 smaller garage on the actual house -FUNCTIONAL CHIMNEY (so, no need to look for an antique oven) -Washing Machine (still needs a Dryer, tho) -BBQ on the back -Almost-Complete Tall Fence (you just need to build a gate in front, and two pieces on the ends by the river, or block them all with cars) -Lots of Farm Space in the backyard -All the storage you'll ever need -Access to infinite water and the possibility to fish without leaving your home I can't possibly think of anything else one should need in a safehouse. You'll barely have to build anything even. You're even remarkably close to the city center, so you'll even have lotsa loot within a short drive.
  4. So, just found a bug with those new "Metal Barrels" that you find around the refugee camp. In order to make coal, they all ask specifically for "5 Logs", and ONLY THAT AMOUNT. No way of putting 2 first, then 3. It has to be all at once. As you might know, even with the Strong Perk, CARRYING FIVE LOGS IS NO SMALL FEAT, and they can't be on your backpack, they all have to be in your inventory. This could use an option for adding the logs one by one... EDIT: Found two carry-over bugs from last IWBUMS. There are still Home tapes spawning as "VHS - Home" and you still cannot wash the backpacks once they get bloody.
  5. It used to be so simple; I could move a sink or a toilet to anywhere within my safehouse, I'd equip a wrench, select Plumb and it would work. At least as long as the water was still working. Now, unless I build a rain barrel on top of it, the option won't show up, which severely limits my safehouse choices to "Buildings with flat roofs", or else I have to completely destroy the default roof and replace it with my own, just to have something like my washing machine working again. So, can we bring the old plumbing system back? Or at least give us an option to toggle it in sandbox setting? Not being able to move anything that needs or produces water is an extremely large handicap in base building.
  6. So far everything good on this patch. Only issue I notice is a very slight stutter when driving; I can tell the FPS is dropping to around 29, but again, I am on Win7, so I remember that fancy garbage collector from a few patches ago was Win10 only. As for things that bother me, can we make the clock in the corner bigger? I have a big-huge monitor with high res, and it looks very tiny, to the point I have to move closer to my screen to read the temp. I just found the option for this, and it's apparently broken- The "Large" setting does not enlarge the clock, it only moves it one inch to the left. EDIT: Looks like closing and relaunching the game fixes the Large Clock. It's fine now.
  7. I know it ain't really the time for this kind of request, but I gotta ask since you guys are doing it- Can we have some more lore/livery varieties of other models? Like say, an US Army Rancher, a GigaMart Stepvan (make icetruck, plz; I want Fridge on Wheels), some Darts as Delivery Cars for any of the existing restaurants, or an FBI All-Terrain. It's just that I kinda feel like the ValuLine gets all the love, while the other cars don't
  8. Most likely yes, because of not just Louiseville, but the Curved Roads are being added as well, IIRC
  9. I just want the possibility to wear coats and jackets OPEN FRONT
  10. Blake81


    I have to ask, is there currently a "No December Release Limit Date" of sorts? As if, if the MP has not been released before X day in December, it'll be released in January instead?
  11. I get the feeling that those car keys spawn on the zed when the zed itself spawned; and boy THEY CAN WALK. I once found a cop zed in Dixie carrying the keys to a patrol car in WP...
  12. Blake81

    Search and DeZtroy

  13. One thing you may want to know is that Panic is perhaps THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF PZ'S COMBAT; to the point I see the Brave trait as the game's hidden Easy Mode. Panic reduced both the damage you deal and your chances of killing a zed outright on a single blow. So even if you're a Super-Roided Coward, you'll have a harder time killing zed than a Brave No-Muscles...
  14. Blake81

    VHS: Home

    I'm having this exact same problem; some VHS sometimes spawn as "VHS - Home", but... When I close and relaunch the game, they change. I once went on a loot run on WP, and got like 7 of those "VHS - Home" tapes, none of which would play. But, after a while, I noticed they all took names, and now only one's left, and it gives an error (red box on corner) when I try to play it. console.txt Console logs here. Edit: Forgot to mention I've had this issue since patch 54, so it's not something that came with patch 55.
  15. Blake81


    Prolly the system that chooses what houses to spawn had a hiccup and spawned two of the same.
  16. Blake81


    Any chance of the "Furniture invisible while in cars" bug to be fixed?
  17. Does it happen to be one of those named "VHS - Home"? I can't play THOSE in particular. All others work fine. Dunno what's wrong with those...
  18. Any chance we can have normal metal barrels (those found in game) serve as storage for Gas? That's one thing we're really missing. We already have two good ways to store water (Rain Barrels and Water Fountains), but none to store Gas (besides gas cans, which aren't very weight-efficient).
  19. That's the thing, I wasn't plumbing to a rain barrel, but just to mainline water, as it hasn't cut off yet. However, I found a rather dumb fix to making that work; all you need is a rain barrel on top for the plumbing option to show up, you plumb the sink, remove the barrel, and the sink automatically switches to mainline water.
  20. I think I found out why cars don't sound great; their sound (and in fact, a lot of sounds) are affected by ZOOM. If you zoom all the way in, the car sounds fine, but nobody drives zoom'd in. So I zoom all the way out, and the car sounds less like a car and more like an air conditioner. Seems like the new sounds are affected by how much zoom you have.
  21. I can confirm this happened to me as well. Not just with metal shelves, but also with Green Wall Shelf (the gun locker). No matter what you do, you won't be able to place it in the right place. However, if you craft it using metal work, and never move it, it'll stay where it's supposed to. Not the best fix, but it works.
  22. This thing seems to be having a very big problem; now you can't move any sinks or washing machines AT ALL; if you do it, they can't be plumbed back again (even if you placed it on the EXACT SAME SPOT AS BEFORE) and basically become useless. This is becoming quite a hurdle for base building, as I can no longer built my safehouse how I wanted. Especially since I play with the 6-12 months for shutoff. Is there some place in the code where I can just turn it back to how it was? At least until a better solution is found, or this gets some kind of option for the Custom Sandbox. EDIT: OK, I found a very dumb fix for this issue. All I had to do was build a rain barrel on the roof, plumb both sink and washing machine, remove the barrel, profit. They all got hooked to the water. Now, I get this won't work for a lot of places (some roofs can't be walked on, and all), but at least it fixed my issue of having a base with no water.
  23. What the hell, since when? I've been plumbing stuff for like 4 patches now. And why shouldn't be able to plumb a sink inside of one of my bases while the water still on? That's the whole freaking point of it. Without that, base-building is completely hobbled, unless I want to be depending on rainwater and heat. Is there some way I can activate that again by fiddling with the code somewhere? Because otherwise, this completely ruins PZ for me...
  24. So, I'm rebuilding my base from last patch, and placed my washing machine on the EXACT SAME PLACE AS BEFORE, and I am holding a wrench. However, the plumb option does not show up; only the Turn On option complaining about its lack of water. Water hasn't shut down yet, and I am placing it in that tool shed at the corner of the Mul North Self-Storage (the one between the Big Warehouse and the Mechanic), so why can't I plumb it now? I thought only the Sinks had been modified in this patch. Did something else change? EDIT: So, I made an experiment, thinking something might be wrong with the location I picked, went to the laundromat just south, picked up a washing machine (which was working fine before I did so) and put it back on the exact same spot it was.... Can't plumb it either, and now won't turn on. Clearly, this is an issue with the washing machines as a whole. EDIT2: And now it seems I can't even plumb sinks either. Looks like Plumbing as a whole has bugged out.
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