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  1. Worth pointing out that 33 isn't technically out yet. I'd imagine 34 is probably some time away - it may be a little too early to start speculating, outside anything mentioned in upcoming Mondoids
  2. For me, the beauty of a good story is in the telling of it, not the ending. The story of your death is the tale of how you lived. When faced with your impending doom, did you become a murdering, thieving asshole, or did you try and hold on to your sense of humanity, even as the world fell apart around you? What did you do when you suspected your best friend was bit? Did finding out they'd been hording a secret stash of food make you regret your decision? When the alarm went off and alerted the horde, did you snatch the food, or take the gun? At the moment of truth, did you sacrifice yourself to save the ones you loved or did you flee and leave them behind? For me, trying to find the answers to those questions is the only story I need.
  3. As a young kid, I always thought adults were just slurring the K into "duct tape." Mainly because the local hardware store didn't sell the Duck stuff (hadn't seen that until around 2003 in my area of Canada). I'm sure childhood EnigmaGrey consoled himself by watching Duct Tales. I'm here all week. Please, try the veal.
  4. Nope. Not running. The exhaustion icon has appeared several times while im in the process of opening a window. I want to say it appears right as you hear the "click" indicating the window is locked, but I can't say that with certainty. The process is definitely triggering exhaustion for me though. Yeah I can confirm that one, it's happened to me about 3-4 times, not running or fighting. Struggling to open a window over a prolonged period a time though, it makes sense to me that you'd get a little out of breath
  5. It's probably fair to say this is going to be an ongoing thing as the game continues to grow and develop.
  6. It is if it's in the change notes
  7. 1. Spiffo 2. Spiffo 3. Spiffo Seriously though, I always feel much better when I have a frying pan. It's like my lucky charm.
  8. Easiest question ever. I'd be Bullshit Man:
  9. Nice one! Was hoping the mod would make it in to the vanilla game. Congrats!
  10. It's listed as a tentative yes in the commonly requested suggestions post, pinned here in the subforum Linked Here Can't remember seeing much of an "announcement" post over it. As you say, it makes sense that you can move corpses, so cleaning up blood and gore would be useful too. Also, I believe Enigma made a mod that uses bleach to clear up bloodstains, although I'm not sure if it's up to date, or indeed if Enigma actually made it. Sorry, I'm useless
  11. This is both the saddest and best story I've read in my entire life. And I read a lot. This guy deserves a member title. I suggest "fueled by worms"
  12. I found it purely by chance whilst searching for decent zombie games back in early 2012. It was one of those basic websites that just listed games and links by category. PZ was about the 20th game I checked, after finding 19 piss poor attempts at making a decent zombie game. Downloaded the 0.4 alpha tech demo and liked it, decided to research it a bit more before buying and discovered the joys of Mathas, who had a couple of LP series on it (one of which he played about 15 episodes before remembering the build he was playing didn't have axes, and thus he was screwed). Between the demo and the videos, I picked it up and never looked back. Lurked the forums until literally a week before they changed over, and set up an account. I never looked back. Being made Steam mod last year is one of my proudest achievements, sad as that may sound, but I've never looked back. I fucking love this game, and this community. <3
  13. If you're using Steam, select the "none" branch in the beta options. It's the most up to date build
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