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  1. Sorry for the broken links, it seems like Dropbox changed the way they do sharing of files. This is the last version I released, 0.4. Does this link work for you? I hope you can use some of the code in your version. Please consider it public domain at this point and continue it as you wish, with my blessing. PZ needs a good farming mod, or at least it did when I started working on this
  2. Honestly the horde spawning in the last update killed the game for me and I don't have any interest in playing anymore. Even setting them on ultra-low doesn't help, the only way I can play the game in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm banging my head against a wall is by disabling zombies entirely and that's just no fun at all. As for the mod, not trying to sound whiny or anything but I just can't see any point in extended farming when you can't even live in one place long enough to harvest a crop anymore before getting overwhelmed by the horde. The devs stance seems to be that this i
  3. Great suggestion! The default names use the game's text translation table in order to work in multiple languages, however mod support for multiple languages seems very sketchy. I do like this idea though, and I can certainly add a setting that allows you to put in custom names, although it won't work with multiple languages.
  4. It was very helpful! I didn't use your code exactly, because I needed to do it slightly differently now that you can set waterMins to be a number instead of a table. But it showed me where to make the changes. So it actually saved me a lot of time to look at your code. Thanks! Let me know if you run into any other issues, but like I said I've been playing around with it in my mod quite a bit now and I'm really happy with how its running. Especially now that I've got my custom sprites in (thanks for your helpful comment on that as well). It looks glorious to have an orchard of fruit frees! I
  5. I'm putting version 0.4 up right now. Please check the main post. I am actually very happy with this version, I've done quite a bit of testing on it and am very happy with how it's working now. It has been quite stable for me, and I am now using it with my own WIP crops addon which includes trees and vines and so on. So now I'm confident it will fix the issues with regrow and finalGrow. I have regrowing trees working in my own mod now. Sorry it took so long, the real issue was actually quite unexpected and took a long time to find. There was apparently a whole different harvest function hidd
  6. I've got it almost entirely fixed. In fact I've got a version here but I'm not going to put it up on the main post yet because I'm still working out a few issues with the waterMins. I know you had a patch that allowed waterMin = 0, but I am having some trouble with it and the plants still insta-die without water. You can try it out though. However it definitely fixes the issues with regrow/finalGrow. The issue was actually quite complicated but I don't have time to detail it right now. I'm still working on diagnosing the problem with the sprites as well. I will have a proper 0.4 release ou
  7. yes that's right, set it to nil if you're not using it. That will be a common trend in my code. I haven't yet had time to look into the other problems you reported, but I will... it sounds like there are a lot of problems with 0.3
  8. I am ridiculously busy at work and probably won't get a chance to look at this before the weekend at the earliest. I want to mention a few things and hopefully answer a few questions. The "reset to" is the state of growth progress it will go back to when that situation is detected, as in between 1 and 6 if you have maxGrow=6. It is NOT the same as the numbers you put into the "growPhases" table itself (which includes negatives for bloom and seedling, etc) If you put a negative number into regrow, it will probably crash or at least not work right, and the plant will probably die or just not
  9. I have released version 0.3 if you want it, check the main post of the thread. The main changes are that I've rewritten the mod, basically. It now no longer needs to override all the farming files. This should make it work better in IWBUMS mode and in future releases to PZ. It might also help it play a bit more nicely with other mods, if there are any other mods that change farming functionality. It was a lot of work to do this, but I think it will be worth it in the future and I wouldn't want to do a real "release" without this done. I don't think this fixes the problem with sprites tho
  10. Good! I noticed you've been asking around about textures and stuff, have you managed to get custom sprites working at all? I am still stuck on that part myself. I've got the fruit trees working mechanically, but it looks pretty dumb when they're not actually trees lol
  11. Interesting! I will see if I can figure out why it's still dying. Unfortunately I've been busy with real life stuff recently, but I am still working on this. In fact recently I've been testing some new functionality with my own mod. I am trying to get fruit trees and vines working, which can regrow their products continuously without being removed when harvesting (like strawberries) but also without dying if left unharvested unless they've been severely neglected.
  12. I think the problem is... 30% of "0" minimum water level is still 0, so when you have 0 water level the plant will always die no matter what. I will look into whether it's possible to change this, but I don't want to change the functionality of the default farming very much if I can help it and unfortunately that's how the default farming is set up. Perhaps like you suggested initially it might be better to be able to set minimum water level to "nil" and disable all water checking that way. I think I like that option better and I will see if I can add that in the next version, but it will pr
  13. Good luck! If you continue to have trouble let me know and I might be able to take a look. I'm sloooowly starting to get more familiar with PZ modding now. I have never used lua before this lol
  14. That's probably something wrong either with his save game, or with his mod, or with how is mod is setting up the distributions tables. It is possible there is a typo or something somewhere in that sixth seed that makes it not show up. I have added 17 custom seeds to the item list and to the distributions tables in my mod and it's working fine for me. All 17 of the new seeds are available in my game, no problems at all. They all come in bags, and they can be planted and grow. Is he making sure to start a new game when he is looking for the #6th seed he has added? The distribution only happe
  15. Yeah that's quite possible... I am kind of a noob at sprites, like I said. All I know about it, is that it calls: getTexture(spritename-you-provide) to find the image. It's possible this function only looks in texture packs, I'm not clear on how it works precisely. I also am trying to figure out how to add custom sprites right now myself, I will let you know if I figure out how to do it.
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