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  1. Why post to Jab when he has been banned (permanently, 20 points) from your forums, and not allowed to reply?
  2. Not sure man, like you i'm unskilled in the realms of programming... Perhaps you could seek some help in the modding section on the forums for map making. The TileZed program seems pretty versatile and fairly intuitive to use.
  3. Azzmunch

    Driving Cars Mod

    ^this is a sweet idea
  4. This is seriously cool. If you wanna get it done, we'll happily put it on the server Pretty sure old texture items still work...
  5. Turn fire damage and fire spread off for starters.
  6. ok nevermind again. Changed the event trigger from OnPlayerUpdate to OnTick and it works flawlessly.
  7. oh nevermind, i know what it is now Critical hits are taking player health past the trigger of <= 10 health, but the game is still managing to somehow transport the player back with full health but also having triggered the removal of the UI. Is there any better trigger to catch the player, or prevent death? Thanks
  8. Hey there, I've been working on a mod that grabs the player before death, teleports and heals them. The problem I keep experiencing is that sometimes when the player is teleported back to their headquarters, the whole HUD disappears (except the little icons on the top left stay, but unusable) and the escape key stops working etc. Please help. I have no idea what could be happening. respawnMod = respawnMod or {}; local i = 0; function respawnMod.chooseTeam(_keyPressed) -- This function allows the player to choose their team. local key = _keyPressed;
  9. Hi guys, just to clarify, I had never intended to do anything without seeking permission. Looks like my thought on things was well beyond the scope of possibility then. Thanks for the advice guys, I do appreciate it
  10. Blindcoder is smart i like what you've suggested, perhaps you could connect us with someone who could help the server admins pull of such a spectacular feat? Or suggest a place to begin research? (asking on behalf of someone without their knowledge here ). Thanks guys,
  11. I have had a thought on the way the workshop works and think this may be a useful suggestion. Whenever any mod releases an update, the client is forced to download the most recent version of the mod from the workshop but the server doesn't instruct the client which version it should have, so by default the most up to date version is forced upon the client. This ultimately means that there are very regular intervals at which I and many others can't log into Zeeks, and while Zeek is awesome at keeping things up to date, he must be allowed to live and sleep, and as it currently operates, I fee
  12. Hey guys, is there any way to force a server to update when you release a new version? Or alternatively, is there some way to give admins the ability to remotely initiate a server to update?
  13. Thanks a bunch It is, but i'm alone
  14. So how do i launch the game non-steam enabled? Can't see Zeeks in the server list and don't seem to see any option to disable the steam integration. Please help Thanks
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