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  1. Stoposto

    career and traits

    I just checked its 12 with stout, and in my opinion more than enough, being less noisy instead out ways the 4? more slots I didn't even know Strong effect stuff like opening windows, that is cool but maybe misplaced ? I have broken into my fair share of windows, ehh when forgetting the keys to the house and nobody is home, what else? and its all about being crafty with a hard wood stick or metal rod. So a Dexterity trait would be more suitable for that kind of stuff? I am well aware the last part is for another thread in suggestion forum and late stage polish work, just ignore it
  2. Stoposto

    Best Safehouse?

    The lumber yard? Interesting choice, I didn't even know there was fridge or somewhere to sleep there, or maybe you are the camping type ? I might just eat my own words when you post that screenshot of a 10 story HQ you build on top of the whole yard I've been forced into the life of a nomad by the overly aggressive zombie hordes running up my ass where ever I stay ... Am I angry at the zombie hordes? noohh.. what? nah its not like that, get out of here silly you...
  3. Stoposto

    career and traits

    I usually pick Construction Worker and following traits Negatives: - Light Drinker +2 - Short Tempered +4 - Brooding +2 - Prone to Illness +4 (remember cold from rain is not the same as ill) Positives: - Brave -3 - Stout -4 - Graceful -4 Why I pick those Traits:
  4. Stoposto

    Option to disable Menu Music

    I am indeed using Steam and adding is as a mod and activating then restarting the game - worked ! Once again, Thanks!
  5. Stoposto

    Option to disable Menu Music

    I am just happy to get a workaround until then :cool: I am well aware its a low priority/polish option and the team got more important stuff to do first, totally understandable. PS: Sorry for posting in the wrong thread before (the steam update one), just noticed you moved it, I'll be more careful where I post in the future
  6. Stoposto

    Option to disable Menu Music

    Awesome! Just what I needed, Thanks mate
  7. Stoposto

    Option to disable Menu Music

    Pretty much as title said, I like the soundtrack but there is times where I want to play while I'm watching something on the other monitor and the thunder from the soundtrack is blowing out my ear drums. I know this is only in the menu (using "M" when in game) but sometimes it takes me a little longer to plan out my character Muting the whole program from windows is not an option as I do use the sound effects in game, alarms and meta game heli/gunshots are loud enough to be heard while listening to music or whatever. Atm I am in fact muting and unmuting the whole program until game starts but it just seems silly.
  8. Stoposto

    Fletchery Mod

    I love the concept, do you have plans to get this over on Steam 17 version ?
  9. Stoposto

    Steam Beta Release - 09th Sep 2013 - Version

    You scroll all the way down in the trait selection menu and select a few traits. When the game detects that the remaining traits can fit in without the scroll bar, it hides it without scrolling back up. The result is this: Yep I can confirm this have been happening to me too in both the Steam 17 version and Desura 10 version. Also with the sticky annoying scrollbar and sometimes even the loot window stick to my mouse and i have to tab 20 or so times for it to unstick TL:DR: First comment - Love the game! Anyway as this being my first post it would be wise of me not only to leave a "negative" comment on the game. I've been playing on and off for about a month now (since i bought) and been lurking these forums daily I normally don't buy early access games.So buying this one and seeing the people behind it utilizing its players to test the game, listening to feedback, while still being very clear what their goals are with the game and updating it so frequently is just heart warming! Keep up the good work guys, PZ all the way! Moved from the Upcoming thread. - RoboMat