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  1. The_Boot

    New Denver, BC (V2.1)

    stunning map with amazing buildings. thank you. I have noticed a few bugs. cords: 8261x11432, cell: 27x38, rel: 161x32 the wardrobe at the top of the stairs is a ghost wardrobe. cords: 8442x11314, cell: 28x37, rel: 48x214 window you can walk through. cords: 8207x11783, cell: 27x39, rel: 107x83 window and door open to wall of building.
  2. The_Boot

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Great mod is there any chance we could get the Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) Ithaca stakeout derringer pistol or other palm pistol
  3. The_Boot


    great map love the detail, but I have noticed a few thing while playing on the map. I can't plaster walls or remove grass. also trees only ever give 1 log when chopped down.
  4. The_Boot

    Yet Another Weapon Mod

    just loaded the mod today but I can't seen to reload any of the weapons. nothing happens when you click them in the inventory.
  5. The_Boot

    permanent skull for bandits

    Should characters who have killed X amount of survivor's have a permanent skull or other symbol such as a question mark? Either a crazy killer who you know as soon as you look at him your gonna feel pain or the humble survivor who has had to kill in self defence with his 1000 yard stare. Both you know not to mess with as soon as you lay eyes on them. then its up to both parties to RP out. Or steer clear of both.
  6. Illiterate should drop from your choices when select certain professions. Police officer, fireman, park ranger. I'm not to sure you would get a job if you were unable to read. outdoors man is way OP and I would suggest hunter should be made into a profession including outdoors man trait. Park ranger should include outdoors man again. Hiker should be increased by +2 and have outdoors man added. so the only way to get outdoors man would be to either pick hunter (new profession) park ranger or hiker trait. obese should gain cooking +1 and knock back equal to stout. Weak should gain a bonus in sneak. (Is it true you can loose and gain traits in the game as a player on our server states he gained stout and another lost obese while playing)
  7. Hello. Hydromancerx recommended your server. Just tried to register but I need doge's name to continue. Please help eager to get involved.
  8. The_Boot

    places to rest.

    Hello. can we have the ability to rest on a toilet. I have taken refuge in many a bathroom in my time playing zombiod and it has always amazed me that we cant rest on the toilet. as a typical bloke I could spend an hour on the bog reading.
  9. The_Boot

    Zombies as fuel

    Can we have zombies included in the drop down menu for types of fuel for camp fires. saves me building a 20 zombie stack. Over and over. I could quite happily spend an hour or two burning bodies. Reminiscent of C3PO in starwars sad I know.
  10. The_Boot

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    Made the mistake of picking disorganised today. Basically if you don't know all fixed containers will have a value of 35 instead of 50 and all bags loose 30% of there carrying capacity. I would rather see a complete wiki than a new patch at the moment. I even uodated the wiki myself to tell other players
  11. The_Boot

    [Help?] Wounds & Changing Bandages

    Let me put things into a bit of perspective. An Army field dressing (bandage) holds 1 pint of blood. This is what the game means it's not dirty its just absorbed your blood b and is now useless .you have to put another one on. If it persists Check you haven't got a gash which you will need to stitch shut (but that's a different thread). Dirty is the best single word you can use. ps so if you have used 6 bandages you have lost 6 pints of blood or there about that's why your are probably in a critical condition.
  12. The_Boot

    Just wanted to say…

    I paid 15 fine English pounds way back. and it's still the best thing i've bought. We may play the game we maybe supporting the game but without the creators vision in the first place this game wouldn't be here today. So a big thank you back...
  13. The_Boot

    Wiki :-)

    I even did a bit of editing myself today. Edited one of the new traits. Disorganised: which lessens the amount of item you can store in any of the in game containers by around 30%. So for example all containers usually have 50 spaces with this negative trait you only get 35. (School bags become purses)