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  1. Long time, no post. For anyone who is interested, here's Part 1 of my Hydrocraft Cabin Challenge. Enjoy!
  2. Hydromancer,You've got a bug here. The Make Metal Pipe recipe isn't making steel pipes - it's turning large steel sheets into large steel sheets. Crap ... Sorry NoMiS! Hydromancer,You've got a bug here. The Make Metal Pipe recipe isn't making steel pipes - it's turning large steel sheets into large steel sheets. Crap ... Sorry NoMiS! Haha no worries. There's more than enough to keep us busy until the next update
  3. A look at the Anvil and the items you can craft with it. Let me know if you guys think there's anything I forgot to cover Also, let me know what you'd like to see covered in one of the next Tutorial videos!
  4. You bet Frost! Glad you're finding them useful
  5. The next instalment in my Hydrocraft Tutorial series, a follow up to the initial "Dogs" video. Let's take a look at War Dogs!
  6. I haven't made one myself yet, but the script says the IBC Tower weighs 34 and a full IBC tower weighs 49.5 ( I assume with any amount of water stored inside) Given the weight capacity of your character is 50 you should be able to pick up a full IBC tower if you basically drop everything else you are carrying. However, with only 0.5 weight remaining, if you want to refill a partially empty "full" IBC tower I guess you would need to pour out it's contents first to get it back to it's empty state. Does that make sense?
  7. 1) Yup, you'll need to go to a brand new area that has not been loaded yet for the HC loot to spawn. So if you haven't made the trek down to Muldraugh yet at all then you should find all the new cool items down there 2) I'm not really sure about the 3D models issue but I think you should be fine (I think the 3D models only applies to the zombie models?) Maybe someone else can chime in regarding this. 3) Check out this video about finding dogs https://youtu.be/hPV-tkVEMfg I cover how to find cows/oxen near the end (finding several of the other farm animals is a similar process) Rabbits c
  8. The next episode in the Hydrocraft Tutorial series. Let's take a look at Kilns, Smelters & Blast Furnaces!
  9. Looks like you now need the stamp mill to make your gravel from stones. Not sure what other uses it will have yet.
  10. Maybe just to replace planks in certain recipes to make them a bit closer to their icons?
  11. The next video in the Hydrocraft Tutorial series is now up. Let's take a look at mining!
  12. Hi evankimori! Send me an e-mail at nomisplays@icloud.com and we can discuss
  13. None of the hats serve a purpose in-game right now in the mod besides being part of some craftable items really, sorry. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I recall seeing some pictures from the PZ devs showing that they are working on implementing wearable hats and visualizing the bags that our survivors wear...
  14. Thanks! I'm not as experienced with all the different preserving aspects of the mod but that's the upside of doing the videos, kind of pushes me to do more exploring and poking around Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. I've been busy the last couple weeks putting together the first video for my new Hydrocraft Tutorial series. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think should be covered next! Steam Group Discussion: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NoMiSPlays/discussions/2/523897277926917538/
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