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  1. Nice! Very much like "I am Legend"!
  2. For that new axe... did you replace the old axe model or add a completely new model to the game?
  3. Sadly i'm too kinda new to game, you must learn most things by yourself i think. Blocking is automated now and it happens when a zombie is going to bite you, you do something like block and then push zombie away. Idea with manual blocking is very good especially in multiplayer when dueling in melee. I know how it works against Zombies. But yeah, a block button for Multiplayer would be nice.
  4. Great stuff! I have a few questions/suggestions though 1) Do the sunglasses and beanie work okay? (No rotation bug) 2) I think some nice models to make (in the future) would be: Raincoat/poncho and a pickaxe 3) Could you combine all the models into one archive? that would be nice. Thanks for the work you have done and I hope you get all your issues resolved.
  5. Power comes mostly from strength not from skill in some weapon. (trait stout and strong) Dueling being random = very bad idea especially in multiplayer. Knowledge - it's already in game just different name. "Antique Collector" - too complicated, require special tools and material, shouldn't be in game in my opinion. I also don't like "critical hit" idea because randomness is not good thing for this game, also very bad for multiplayer. Reloading/swinging faster is already in game. Yes that is the point- A lot of the same things are in here but there are some differences as well. When I say
  6. I would suggest some skill categories and improvements for a later build. Like this- Melee: Precision- Bonus to critical hit chances, particularly with bladed thrusting weapons. Swing- Bonus to damage and swing speed, most effective on swinging weapons like cleavers and bats. Power- Bonus to knockback and damage, most effective with axes and sledgehammers. Dueling- Bonus to reach of melee weapons and blocking (chance that when wielding a melee weapon, NPC/other player's melee attack on you will be less effective). Also improves bare hand attacks. Knowledge- Better repair and crafting of mele
  7. I'll try to do something about this in my Walking Dead mod.
  8. Obviously everyone here has had different experiences with bows and arrows. (and guns, for that matter.) But I think we can all agree that they should be in game. It is the devs decision how difficult and powerful they will be.
  9. I concur; now you are talking. Honestly there should be a trait that makes it impossible to use bows. "Fat Thumbs", "Pullback game weak" (lol) Because I've tried and I suck. So I do agree in that respect
  10. Well... People can learn stuff, you know. Like how you learned how to use this forum? Maybe the crafting and use of bows and arrows could be impossible unless you read a book / learned from NPC. Then after achieving level 1 archery/fletching you could level up like normal. I think it is unreasonable to say that bows and arrows shouldn't be in game at all. Hate to bust your bubble, but being a talented archer isn't the rarest skill in the world. Its not like there were only two archers in the British army at Agincourt... And about making bows... well, someone has to do that too. Are you sa
  11. Where can one find the vanilla icons? I've searched all over
  12. Lost all that I wrote. I'll post credit and description later. Try this very early release and report any bugs/comments/suggestions https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6v-yEHvy3n5V2w5U1dWUTJmd3c&authuser=0 Thanks!
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