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  1. I think it would be great if positive and negative traits were separate from each other in character info screen rather than mixed together as it is now.
  2. Some of those sound pretty interesting but short buff vs pernament bonuses doesn't sound too good. On the other hand, short conditional debuff sounds like free points.
  3. Yeah, i really dislike what they are doing to graphics, Zomboid had/has it's unique and beautifulstyle. Effects like those don't fit this graphic style at all. If anything at least give us an option of old water or something. Fire is not that bad but still looks out of place too.
  4. hrot

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Very impressive mod and a lot of space for improvements.
  5. You could use more colors in my opinion, make it more colorful. Pixel graphic is fun and have it's charm but there is no more reason to use only a few colors. Background for example could be some photos pixalated/edited to match rest of the game, things like that. Have fun with creating it!
  6. I think it was suggested before a few times. I did similar topic about log walls here: The problem is now that making log walls is very easy and not realistic so it's kinda normal from balance point of view that they are not very resilient. If they make log walls much harder to build then they should have more hp.
  7. hrot

    Tall Grass

    Very good idea. It's realistic and making end game harder
  8. Cool mod, some of it could be made into game as standard.
  9. There are already Vitamins in game and i don't think nutrient system will categorize every vitamin specifically, it will be probably simpler. Im personally against adding 9348 junk items just for the sake of it. We already have item called "Vitamins" so i think it's enough.
  10. That's what i'm talking about but it's seems outdated/abandoned and it's only cover small area of modding. Something more complex which would allow to create item from 0 to finish, like creating item then adding it to specific locations/containers to spawn then setting spawn chance, adding it to various recipes etc. and that's for items only but there are many other things that can be modded. Anyway it would be very nice for community to have offical program dedicated to make modding easier.
  11. So i thought if someday devs would consider creating some kind of tool to make modding easier to do. I don't talk about very very user friendly etc. but just slightly easier by categorazing stuff without searching and doing things through trial and error etc. We got recently a upgraded and very good tool to make maps and stuff so i just thought that some tool to make modding easier would be very nice too. I know that there like 123012301 things much more important atm but it would be very useful to help people in communnity to contribute something just like with map tool.
  12. Too complex, no good reason to implement it to the game i think. Metalworking should be restricted to create simple materials/tools like nails etc and that's it. I think developers are also against fully medieval era simulator through metalworking. I personally would stick just to simple things in this case.
  13. Good idea of course. It will be problably implemented at some point but i wouldn't expect it soon.
  14. Good idea. It would be very helpful when there are many boxes/crates etc in small area. edit: Highlight of containers would be very good too! I find it hard to navigate through many containers on top of each other like in warehouses for example. This would make it much more easier.
  15. I think dying should give xp too. Not sure if bug or intended..
  16. When i was talking about hours i meant normal time not in-game time. People just want to play so i don't think your idea is very good. This kind of "forced" afk is good idea of balancing realism and being good for players/game itself.
  17. From realistic and balancing reasons sleeping is needed feature in multiplayer but there are not really good ideas how to do it at the moment. I thought about something like this: Character goes to bed/chair etc. and then he goes into invulnerability state when he can't be harmed for about 5-10min depends on how sleepy/exhausted he was. So it would be something like forced afk. Balance beetwen how fast character is getting exhausted in multiplayer and this "sleep" should be something around 1h of standard player activity and then need to go to "sleep" for 5-10min. This system could be paired with safehouse system that is already in multiplayer. Possible option could be that in safehouse you are perfectly safe and in other places when you sleep you could get robbed etc. Other things that this sleep could affect: ability to still chat with other players or not ability to look at map when it will be introduced
  18. Where is my old layout? But seriously, add some black lines to this layout at least, it's unreadable with all that white borderless stuff.
  19. Eh.. Another person who didn't read post or anything i wrote in this topic. I don't want to change survival mode and it's not about game being too hard for me etc. I just want option in sandbox which is stated in title of this topic. Now game is close to somethning like Zombie Shooter when game just spawn and throw zombies at you and it doesn't have anything with basic realism.and game doesn't care how much you try to hide etc because zombies will always come to your doors regardless what you do.
  20. Unfortunately no, that's not what game does now. Now it's just spawn mindlessly zombies when you cleared some area or even when you didn't and that's all. You kill zombies in 1 square, game spawns more and then more and more and more. More killing zombies = more zombie spawning, more time passing = more zombies and that's general rules from what i have seen in game. For me it's kinda boring and stupid and it destroy immersion. I would like more rules to zombie spawnings which would take into account some realism and overall would try to imitate realistic zombie movements/ecosystem.
  21. Hmm i think you still don't understand it's not needed to have simulate zombie movements on all map like it happens in small square areound the player. I don't want to sound rude but i mentioned it in my first response to you so i will just repeat in other words what i already said. My idea and idea how to implement that has nothing to do with what you are talking about. It's just about changing some rules to spawning zombies to make it more realistic because now it's only for making game harder and ignoring realism completly in my opinion. Example: You make base in x place, clear it out. Then after 1 day zombies already spawn around your base then you go to other unexplored places and zombies are there too, then you clear that place then zombies after 1 day already spawn there. I would like some changes to this system so it would be more realstic. So there is no problem with that "pc couldn't handle it".
  22. The first suggestion i think was suggested many times. I tried to suggest this myself because it's very hard to see things sometimes because of angle etc. so i think it should be changed.
  23. I know that it impossible to have all that stuff in a way you think but it's quite possible to have that system anyway because it's not needed to create zombies outside of that small square that player is in. I just want to change how zombie spawning is working. From code point of view it would work same way like now just with different rules. So you go to unexplored "square" (or whatever it's called by developers i have no idea) and then zombies "really" spawns in game but it would be on different rules i mentioned in my first post. So let's see extreme, unrealstic example: Player somehow killed every zombie in map in 1 day. After that zombies would only spawn at edges of the map. What's that mean from "code" point of view? Player would only encounter zombies if he would enter one of edges "squares" of the map. Then as the time goes by spawning chance in more ceneteric squares of map would increase etc It's of course simple 1 example how it would work but in reality this system would be more complicated. In the end it would work in same way like right now just with more complicated rules which would try to simulate realistic system which i suggested. So your argumment is not really something relevent. The problem is it would still be very much work to code all the rules etc for just a "sandbox" option when there are so many things still needed to be done like npcs, vehicles etc. Anyway i would like to see opinion on my suggestion from some creators of game.
  24. I like Project Zomboid but in general zombie spawning/movements around the map etc is something that i strongly dislike not because of difficulty but it's more immersion thing for me. So i thought it would be nice to have sandbox option to make some kind of zombie ecosystem with strict number of zombies at the start of the game with their locations (randomized locations but with some reasoning of course). Then as game progresses new zombies would only spawn at the edges of map but with logical reasons like it would be in "real life" scenario. So at the start there are zombies in map already and then over time game try to simulate migrations of zombies from other regions (so zombies spawn at the edges of map). Possible logic of this migrations could be taken from books that creators of game are inspired by. Some possible general rules of spawning zombies at edges of map: -Zombies will prefer easy paths without many obstacles so they would prefer roads over going through forest. So higher chance of spawning on edges of map with roads than edges with forest. -Zombies from other more populated regions would travel to less populated regions over time. Example of this: Zombies in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Lexington would eventually move out of city to less populated regions like Muldraugh and West Point. In larger scale zombies in Northeast Megalopolis would migrate more and more inside of country going eventually to regions playable in game. -Over time numbers of zombies coming from those more populated areas would increase. At start of the game not many zombies would spawn, only single zombies that would be on big roads. After some time when most people in higher populated regions got overrun by too many zombies, zombies would spawn moreand in more organized groups. -If zombies don't have anything to get attracted to something on map they would just travel from one edge of map to other in search of human activity. Example: Very big herd of zombies going through one side of map to other through centre of cities in map destroying any npcs and players if they create enough noise to be detected but if player have base in deep forest they would just ignore him completly and they would just leave map after their rampage. -Wanderer type of zombies spawning at pretty much random edges staying on map for much logner time than herds going from 1 side of map to other and then exiting map but still with possiblity of exiting map after after long time. Other changes would include no magnet for zombies that player have now, so no magic spawning of zombies around the player to keep him in check. Zombie behaviour would be same with npc activity and player activity. That means no "director" in game to keep things interesting and constantly try to screw over player. Events (like flying helicopters etc) happening in game would be just randomized and not targeting player over and over again. It could be split into various options like: - disable "director" -enable realistic spawning of zombies - others? Yes it would probably make game easier in some ways (It's not by any means just telling you to add option "easy mode" because that's already in sandbox options) but immersion would be overall much better and some players (like me) would greatly appreciate this option to play the game in the way they want. Feel free to discuss and give me some reasonable critique if needed. I would really appreciate it. Much love to all people working on game
  25. I think the problem is that creators of game didnt have much knowledge about storaging vegetables like potatoes or carrots. They are very easy to storage and be good quality even after a few months. Another thing is that farming in game is way too easy for now. I tried to do a mod (theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14248-realism-mod/) to balance things out, you can check it out for info but i didn't updated it and i don't have time to make it better at the moment but i gave various reasons why my changes are better than actual farming etc in game.
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