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  1. Javong

    Make jam

    Pot of jam is not cookable at all. Pot of fruit mush has the replace on cooked flag, so it is replaced with pot of jam as finished product. Only "problem" with replace on cooked is that it makes cooked item unable to burn.
  2. Javong

    Make jam

    This mod adds jam making to the game. Recipes: Fruit Mush Bowl + 10 Berries/Strawberrys + Sugar* only one kind of berry per bowlPot of Fruit Mush Fruit Mush + Cooking Pot* returns Bowl* Pot can be filled 4 times* * Pot of Fruit Mush [1/4] to [full]Pot of Jam Cooked Pot of Fruit Mush [1/4] to [full]* can be used to fill 1-4 Jars, depending on how much fruit mush you added to the potPot of Vinegar Water Pot of Water + Vinegar* used to sterilise Empty JarsEmpty Jar [sterile] Pot of Vinegar Water + Empty Jar* one Pot of Vinegar Water has four uses* context menu to unsteriliseJar of Jam [sealed] Pot of Jam + Empty Jar + Jar Lid* raises remaining durability of jam by 1.5 times to 9 days to spoil, 15 days to rotJar of Jam [sealed] Pot of Jam + Empty Jar [sterile] + Jar Lid* raises remaining durability of jam to 60 days to spoil, 90 days to rotJar of Jam Jar of Jam [sealed] * can be opened by context menu* returns Jar Lid* converts durabilty of jam down to 6 days to spoil, 10 to rot* can be combined with sandwichPot of Bad Fruit Mush adding rotten Fruit Mush to Pot* no further use* can be drained to groundFiles jam.zip* contains the modjam_test.zip * contains the mod* adds option to give all items for testing* fork and spoon have context menu to add items in inventoryjam.zip jam_test.zip
  3. Unfortunately this won't work I created: "evorecipetest\media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\mod_evorecipetest_EN.lua" Content: ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_NewRecipe = "New Recipe" Context menu is still "Create ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_NewRecipe" instead of "New Recipe" I attached an "evorecipetest" mod, install it and... * Right click spoon or fork -> click "Provide Test Items" * Right click Bowl -> Context menu : "Create ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_NewRecipe" evorecipetest.zip
  4. Hi i have the following problem. When i create a new evolvedrecipe named NewRecipe the ingame context menu is showing: "Create ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_NewRecipe"instead of: "Create NewRecipe"The solution i found is to add "ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_NewRecipe = "NewRecipeName" to "gamefolder\media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\ContextMenu_EN.txt". Is there an easy way to make this work, so it can be used by a mod without adding the line to original game file ?
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