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  1. build 39 keeps black screening on us, tried using opera and chrome, both do the same, doesn't want to refresh n then a reload blacks it, love what you guys have done by the way, can't live without it
  2. You might find that the crops aren't actually frozen, like we did, but that for some unknown reason crops require 5000+ hours to reach the next phase and you can only tell that once someone gets to level 10 farming
  3. Bob Isme

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Is there an ETA on the BROKEN farming? Maybe they should remove the pic of the girl holding a plant, cause well, she can't... this and vanilla farmign is bugged and it's bull shit
  4. We fixed it after 6 hours of stuffing around, it was one of 2 things that did it, we rolled back to build 39 and we ran PZ via the 64bit bat file not the exe.
  5. Today my wifes PZ wont load We've searched other posts in regard to issues, We've: Removed the fmod.dll's and verefied integrity, checked for an update to her graphics card drivers unsubscribing to hydro n loading changes nothing compatability mode does nothing disabled steam overlay, does nothing tried altering options via users/zomboid/options, nothing... It runs in 32 bit mode, but ..steam runs it from 64bit? and we can't use the -nosteam to join our server? I just grabbed the console text for your perusal https://pastebin.com/ch2VX9v2 *It starts the dos box in the background runs some text, black screen and then back to desktop her game crashed last night, turned it on this morning to this (she has a gateway Desktop pc SX series.. ) Placed an identical post on steam forums
  6. Bob Isme

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey ppl, is there a way i can nerf gather flora? .. i'd like to remove the ability to level foraging and collect vegetables, i'm able to grab veggies from a 1 square a dirt infinitely, and i can get 2/3 levels a day, from 1 square, makes real foraging pointless, n i aint scared to go in a forest hehe, Thanks Gotta say this is the sweetest mod i've ever seen. While i am here i'd also like to complain about the amount of animals crapping on my back lawn Personally i'd prefer the feild guides to be restricted to 'forest zones or something
  7. Bob Isme

    Hydrocraft Mod

    HI i'm trying to get hydrocraft to work on my lan server, the only links i see is steam and one that seems to be discontinued, (PZ.mods) i see no instructions anywhere to do anything, like it says, click steam 'subscibe' and hey presto, but it doesn't work like that, i have to transfer it to my PZ mods folder right? for me the steam subscribe didn't actually do anything, no mod in steams side,i expected to be able it transfer it over, instead i had to dig through the net to find a link that contained the mod? What am i missing here? Seems i had to go through a commenter's ..comment to get the right link..?
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