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  1. So to clarify: is it only the people who physically logged in after the 3rd of August then whose passwords are at definite risk? And not the people who are kept logged in with cookies? Using the same password on things is what got my email hacked a few years ago. Some CoD4 clan website got hacked yeaaaaars down the line, and the prick who did it posted the results on the web (found it by Googling my email address out of boredom). At the time i thought the only way a password could be compromised is if someone "hacked" it (you know, like brute forcing it or whatever). Didn't occur to me a site could be hacked, so i figured it was fine just using a strong password everywhere
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    That's neither practical nor safe.
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    What about taping that wrench to the knife?
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    "using guns with bayonets is as old as firearms themselves" And i thought this team was British. Using guns with pikes, maybe, but i don't see any pikes. I DON'T SEE ANY PIKES
  5. Plot twist: he's waiting on them so he can copy their ideas for Zomboid. Now we've got proof, we just need the pudding.
  6. That is disgusting. In every way.
  7. Agree with the idea that hardly anyone would know how to use a smelter, but how would they implement ammo crafting? If they make it so you can make your own bullets, it'd end up being too powerful. If it was like the crap in New Vegas, where you take apart a bullet and make it into a new marginally better bullet, then i'd rather just not have to deal with all that fumbling. There'd be like 90 new items to cart around with no noticeable difference in quality...just like New Vegas.
  8. Play with Lucky for the true American experience. Every other corpse has a weapon or ammo on it. Otherwise, i don't think it really matters in terms of "realism". There's far weirder things than a lack of guns in the game: toolsheds consisting of a single solitary nail, for example. It all comes down to balance. If they decide to start sticking guns all over the place, the only logical solution is to then give us a bunch of Bubs from Day of the Dead...and you don't want that...
  9. The whole thing is pushing it a bit. The idea that "no, we shouldn't get swords" would make sense if it weren't for the fact that you can craft a bloody great anvil with your bare hands. I think if i could magically make myself an anvil, i'd be more than capable of getting a flat piece of metal, sharpening one end, and putting something soft on the other end to grip it with. The whole things kinda out of place, but on the other hand, it'll make multiplayer a million times more fun.
  10. You mean the little place with a park in the middle and Kate + Baldspot? Different demo.
  11. Same here. Literally 5 minutes and i'd decided to buy it. Was a bit disappointed when i got the full version though The demo was insane. I think the city was randomly generated, and it had a crazy feel to it, with houses next door to big business buildings. I remember climbing out my window and being in a big city surrounded by zombies, and it was awesome When i got the game i was pretty disappointed with how things changed. It was still fun, but it wasn't as cool to me. They'd gone with a pre-made, set-up town, which felt boring in comparison. Muldraugh's just too mundane. It's depressing, like living in a real town. Even when they added West Point, it still didn't have the same feel. By the sound of things, they're intending to get that original kind of feel with one of the cities (since they've been talking about high-rise buildings and stuff lately). So that'll be cool.
  12. Id think if you were in a survival situation and all you had was contaminated wated and a jug of bleach, you could dump like a cap full in and probably be alright drinking it. Itd definitely kill anything living in the water, especially if you mixed it around, and id think a gallon to a cap would dilute the bleach enough for you to safely consume it. Id do it if I was dying of thirst and didnt have any other water. Maybe for water that looks clean enough but you aren't sure of. Doubt it'd work for that murky river water like in the game. Think it'd just make you sick and leave you even more dehydrated.
  13. The only thing getting sterilised by mixing water with bleach would be your intestinal tract. Anyway, anyone know if mops and sponges can be used to clean blood? Didn't seem to work when i tried. Washing-up liquid too. Do they have any use?
  14. Shouldn't really be any fears of a "small selection" on GoG. Besides being a pretty big distribution platform, it's not like Steam and tied to a client as DRM. You basically just use the site for download links. Anyway, can't imagine there being legal issues for removing the ability to play if they had it as part of the EULA. Plenty of games on Steam (especially from scummier companies) have a EULA you've gotta sign with the blood of your first born with. I suppose just putting "we reserve the right to take away your ability to play" qualifies.
  15. Are you expecting to find a better weapon that a baseball bat by just searching houses? Not every person stores an axe in their house, not to mention if you're looking for particular items, you should go where those items would be. Like, say, the warehouse for axes. Also, forks are way more useful than you say. Being a stabbing weapon, you can kill a zombie in 2 hits with it, coupled with the weight, you can defend yourself from quite a few zombies with it. Basically, you have a lot of opportunities to get good weapons, you're just not taking them. Also, the baseball bat is an amazing weapon, and if you say that four don't last you very long, then you just have to be hunting for zombies for them to wear out in less than 2 weeks. Which, I must add, is a very bad thing to do on the most dificult mode. If you want good loot, go to the places where the good loot is, instead of searching for it on random civilians' houses. Uhh...right, yea, the warehouse. The place that's always packed to the brim with zombies. No idea what it'd be like with the increased hordes on hardcore. In the streets alone they travel in packs of 7-8. They don't die easily on hardcore, either. I've killed about 120. ~10 zombies a day is pretty fair. Bedroom cupboards being regularly empty isn't though. Just about every wardrobe cupboard i come across is either empty or holds just one (usually trash) item in it, which is weird because they're normally some of the best loot containers. Bonus points for being as patronising as possible, though.
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