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    Another solution to this might be more crafting recipes that don't require nails, similarly to the Log Walls option.
  2. This would be entirely different from Lucky in that it would be a means of finding loot more easily, not increasing the frequency or amount of drops. I raised the realism point to suggest it's not far-fetched that rare items might be spotted by keen-eyed survivors. Especially an axe lying in the middle of a pile of corpses ... that really wouldn't require being overly observant! There are however limits to realism in the efforts of making games more exciting (e.g. why don't survivors have to use the bathroom?) and this is in the vein of those suggestions. Ah no, I meant within the confines of the inventory the container would be highlighted; I agree, highlighting them in the actual world would remove the charm of searching. This is just about making it slightly more efficient to search for high-value items within containers you're already searching for. Appreciate the comments guys, thank you.
  3. My suggestion is for a means of detecting rare loot from within a pile of containers, such as a pile of zombie corpses. The container that holds a rare item -- e.g. an axe, baseball bat, ammo -- would be highlighted within the list in order for the item to be located more easily. As a trait it might be titled 'observant' or something similar (to distinguish from 'eagle eyed' as well). From the perspective of realism it makes sense that someone would be able to observe rare loots amongst a pile of items in certain cases; from a gameplay perspective it would reduce the sometimes tedious pilfering through piles and piles of corpses and/or other containers that can happen. Please voice any thoughts or suggestions you may have about this idea.
  4. Not sure if anyone else has suggested an alternative, but might the name 'brawler' be worth considering?
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