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  1. Table of Contents: Click the links below to quickly navigate to sections you need. 1. Foreword">Foreword 2. Preparation">prep 3. Firewall Settings">firewall 3.1 Port Opening for Zomboid">pfiptables 4. Steamcmd for Zomboid Server Files">steamcmd 5. Zomboid Server Files">zomboid 5.1 Editing Zomboid Server Settings">serversettings 5.2 Editing Zomboid Server Difficulty">serverdifficulty 6. Server Monitoring Tools">tools 7. Launch Exceptions (Common functioning server errors)">exceptions 1. Foreword: This an installation guide is for beginner-intermediate users, s
  2. I went on control panel and restarted the VPS, and the same exception was thrown when I set the public=true in servertest.ini By the way, do you remember which libraries you got from yum install, apart from the requirements from steamcmd, screen and java? Thanks for the quick reply btw! --------------------------------------------------------- So I didn't go to sleep and I got results from trying to figure out what normal packet transactions look like from pz public authenticating server => game => client, and for me it looks like this: from my VPS. Ps it's on 16262 because I s
  3. I hope you're right, I don't think it is that new, I had it for atleast 3 days, the brute force attacks from china was preoccupying my need for a zomboid server lol. Do you know anyone here that succeeded in hosting a CentOS server for zomboid? I saw Connel mentioning kirrus in a couple of threads about CentOS but that was in 2014.
  4. Please grab a coffee, it's a long one. Specs of VPS: ~2GB RAM, Openvz CentOS 7 linux. I yum install java, screen, did the glibc installation as advised on the wikipedia page of steamcmd for centOS (glibc-2.17-55.el7_0.5.x86_64 || glibc.i686 and libstdc++.i686), then headed here, checked this link for glibc's -common, -headers and -devel, just in case. Problem #1: NullPointerException when listed as public server Here are the changes I made to the Zomboid/Server/servertest.ini PauseEmpty=truePVP=falsePublic=truePublicName=centosPublicDescription=lowcapsPublicPlayers=15The unique error I
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