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    RickL reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.48 released   
    Added a new keybinding: Manual Floor Attack:
    - Default to LEFT ALT.
    - When you attack (hold RMB to aim, press LMB to attack) if you hold LEFT ALT too then you'll force a ground attack - even if there are standing/walking/attacking zombies close by. 
    This also comes with an option called Manual Floor Attack - which entirely disables auto detection of prone attacks meaning that use of LEFT ALT is vital:
    - If set to false, your player will /!\ NEVER /!\ do a prone/ground attack on a zombie unprompted, you'll have to manually either press LEFT ALT & attack to them with your melee weapon on the ground, or SPACE to stomp while standing over him.
    - Added rain / snow visibility options: Always, Outdoors only, Never.
    - Added a new SECRET zed story
    - Added ZoneStoryChance sandbox option.
    - Added a new anim to drink from wine/whiskey.
    - Added new drink bleach anim.
    - Polished and improved Spear Charging at zeds
    - Added a way to choose player 1 if there are multiple players in a save file. This can be done in the Load Game screen by clicking on the "MORE..." button. A new player may also be created in an existing savefile this way.
    - Added NewMusic_KeepMoving to sounds_music.txt.

    - The "Wash Yourself" tooltip displays the amount of soap and water used.
    - Fixed "Wash Yourself" happening faster when insufficient soap was available.
    - Strawberries fertilizer resets to zero after harvest
    - Can no longer get benefits from smoking cigarette partially and cancelling
    - Spears now break after fewer kills (around 2-5 vs 15-20 before) at level 0.
    - Can now make tent kit using wooden stake.
    - Washing machines and Dryers now operate for a little while even when clothes are already dry or clean, as real world appliances would.
    - Removed the need to uninstall Trunk lid / Hood before they can be repaired
    - Now only spears can attack through wired fence/chain link etc.
    - Spears have bit more chance to break when impaling.

    - Adjusted wine bottle to not clip through player head during drinking anim.
    - Adjusted WhiskeyBottle.X to work with new drink anim so it doesn't clip face.
    - Rescaled molotov to fit new bottle size.
    - Re-exported WhiskeyBottle.png and Molotov.png to 64x64.
    - Re-adjusted glasses clothing item to be proper reflective glasses, icon currently placeholder.
    - Adjusted ski goggle clothing item to again be either reflective or dark version.
    - Made the spear attacks use an upperbody mask so to reduce pausing during attack.
    - Swapped out attacking on floor with spear for a new anim, Bob_AttackFloorSpear.X.

    - Added loading mod files from the media/AnimSets directory.

    - Added optional versionMin= and versionMax= lines to mod.info so mods can specify which versions of the game the mod is compatible with.
            Build 40 will not be patched with this for now. 
            If the mod only works with version 41 or newer, add this line to mod.info:
           If the mod only works up to a certain version of build 41, you would use:
           Obviously replacing the ".999" with the build number.

    - Added DefaultClothing.lua to specify default clothing items for outfits that have default pants or top.
           Previously, these were hard-coded in Java.

    - Only save RADIO_SAVE.txt if the contents have changed.
           This is saved every 10 game-world minutes.
           This is done on the main thread; we should avoid doing disk I/O from here.

    - Added OnCanPeform:XXX property to recipes specifying the name of a Lua function that will be called
     to perform additional checks on being able to perform a recipe.
     This is a more general solution than the NearItem property (that was used for blacksmith recipes).
     The function takes two arguments and should return a true or false.
            function CanPerformMyRecipe(recipe, playerObj)
                  return playerObj:isOutside() and RainManager:isRaining()

    - Added Tooltip:XXX property to recipes to display additional text in recipe tooltips and in the crafting ui.
           This can be used to let the user know about additional requirements when there is an OnCanPeform function.
           The value should be a translation name.  The translation text may have multiple lines separated by "<br>".
                  recipe MyRecipe
           Tooltip_Recipe_MyRecipe = "Must be outside.<br>Must be raining.",

    - Added possible forced hair/beard color for outfit in HairOutfitDefinitions.lua (bandit/punk will have a chance to have more "crazy hair color").
    - Added blood clothing type to every possible body location, so you can easily mod a new clothing to protect X or Y parts:
    - Example, i want to do metal socks that protect both feet and lower legs, i'll simply add a BloodLocation = Feet;LowerLegs, in the item script.
    - Full list of per-bodypart location: Bag (back), Hands, Head, Neck, UpperBody, LowerBody, LowerLegs, UpperLegs, LowerArms, UpperArms, Groin.
    - Each location will cover both left and right parts if needed.
    - Thanks modder Flash for the idea!

    - Catch the "Comparison method violates its general contract!" exception in IsoObjectPicker to avoid breaking the game.
           This exception can happen when compare(a,b) is inconsistent with compare(b,a).
           This doesn't fix the cause, it only stops endlessly throwing exceptions.

    - Made IsoObjectPicker.ContextPick() a bit more efficient by calculating the score of each ClickObject once before sorting, instead of when comparing each pair of items being sorted.

    - Fixed police corpses sometimes having two holsters.
    - Fixed the "Press A to activate controller" prompt in the main menu. It was only displayed when an XBOX 360 controller was connected, was positioned oddly and wasn't translated.
    - Fixed duplicate items being created when climbing over tall fences.
    - Fixed RMC ripping a worn out item ripping up another item instead.
    - Fixed unrippable ankle socks
    - Fixed colored furniture / paint signs being luminescent in the dark
    - Fixed popsicle freezers outside buildings not consuming generator power.
    - Fixed MaskEyes and MaskFull LeftEye/RightEye exclusivity.
    - Fixed zombies not thumping barricade on the opposite side if the window was destroyed.
    - Fixed exploit of being able to carry unlimited amounts by simply equipping another bag.
    - Fixed the trailer crash stories only spawning advertisement trailers.
    - Fixed spear charge not connecting when it should.
    - Fixed spear charge not very often killing a zombie (wrong anim was played most of the time).
    - Fixed being able to instant sprint after doing an attack if you were already sprinting
    - Fixed various aspects of zombies losing interest in secondary/internal barricades etc (WIP!)
    - Fixed exception loading map_meta.bin on the client.  This will break server map_meta.bin files.
    - Fixed invalid spawn-regions Lua file being created on the server due to translations not being loaded yet.
    - Fixed an exception filling an empty sand bag that is equipped in the player's left hand.
    - Fixed dirt, gravel and sand bags not displaying a model when equipped.
    - Fixed clicking the left mouse button hiding the splitscreen player's radial menu.
    - Fixed hunger, thirst and sleep being enabled in the House In The Woods challenges.
    - Fixed digital-watch alarms appearing on zombie corpses in House In The Woods challenges.
    - Fixed temporary inventory items being created each time a zombie was hit.
    - Fixed pressing the shoulder buttons on a controller - when the inventory window is displayed - interfering with
     items being dragged with the mouse.
    - Fixed non-rendered floors not revealing levels below
    - Fixed lack of sound notification when achieving a skill level (fitness & strength)
    - Fixed being able to rip Favourite clothes
    - Fixed "Lit Candle" not changing its name or state after being put out
    - Fixed Metalworking menu not showing propane torch uses correctly
    - Fixed not being able to defend from (or see) closet zombies eclipsed by door
    - Fixed unavailable Double context menu option to put / take sheet rope on windowframes
    - Fixed not being able to wear a hoodie with hood up + earrings
    - Fixed connected vehicles and trailers moving around when parked. This was fixed by deactivating physics on the attached vehicles.
    - Fixed large forces being applied to vehicles near fences. This was due to the HitByCar tile property on breakable fences.
    - Fixed trailers attached to the player's vehicle not being saved every 10 seconds or when entering or exiting the vehicle. If the game crashed, the trailer could be left far away from the vehicle.
    - Fixed being able to hit a zombies through a barricaded window.
    - Fixed some spears having the bat sound when hitting with them.
    - Fixed delayed sound of death when impaling a zombie.
    - Fixed being able to cut grass/forage etc. while in a car.
    - Fixed infinite loop when resting + doing fitness.
    - Fixed enabling and disabling mods with texture packs not updating which textures the game uses.
    - Fixed mod lua files in the server directory not loading after editing one in debug mode.
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    RickL reacted to Batsphinx in IWBUMS 41.46 released   


    - Zombie appearance is now mostly preserved when reloading.
    - Added Zombie.Outfit.Random debug option to disable persistent outfits and choose random ones when zombies are loaded.
    - Added AttachedWeaponDefinitions class to avoid parsing the Lua table every time a zombie spawns.
    - Rewrote ZombiesZoneDefinition to avoid parsing the Lua table each time a zombie spawns.
    - Fixed the police barricade vehicle stories not checking for a wide-enough zone properly, preventing them from spawning.
    - DebugChunkState displays all the zones at a location.
    - Moved client/Definitions to shared/Definitions. server/recipecode.lua uses ClothingRecipesDefinitions.

    1) If in debug use addVehicle("Base.Trailer") to spawn a trailer.
    2) Park a vehicle with it's rear end near the front of the trailer.
    3) Looking at either the vehicle or the trailer, use the vehicle radial menu and choose "Attach Trailer" (the plus-sign icon).
    Vehicles should have an attachment named "trailer" that is aligned with the same attachment on the trailer itself.
    Vehicles without this attachment will connect somewhere on the rear of the vehicle.
    Editing attachments on vehicles is a new thing in the vehicle editor.

    - Added support for multiple collision shapes on vehicles. This is to support the trailer hitch extending forwards of the trailer's body. Shapes must be added in the vehicle's script.  They can be edited in the vehicle editor under the new "Physics" section.
     A maximum of 10 shapes is supported, minus one for physicsChassisShape.
    - Updated the vehicle blood and damage textures. Damage and rust textures are applied to the trailer. The blood texture doesn't currently appear, however.
    - Simulate a rope when towing cars: breaking too much at full speed and your towing car will bump into you.
    - Added uncovered trailer Base.Trailer.  Base.TrailerCover is the covered version.
     The uncovered trailer FBX is missing the second UV channel.
    - Trailer brake lights will come on when the vehicle towing it's brake lights are on.
    - Added 4-wheeled advertisement trailer.
    - Added 'world' attachments to some weapon models so they are positioned better when on the ground.
    - Added new advertising trailers. The "Set Script" vehicle debug-menu command picks a random skin.
    - Added trailer car crash story.

    - Sometimes in forests, at the beach or next to lakes, you'll find people who were zombified doing different activities.
    - Beach party, fisherman trips, forest campement...
    - BBQ party
    - Sexy time (!)
    - Hunter camp
    - Trapper camp
    - More!

    - Added beer can & beer bottle item.
    - Recipe tooltips now display available items in white text above unavailable items in grey text.
    - Stop emote animations when the "Cancel Action" key or the controller B button is pressed.
    - Added more gun attachments models, fixed missing ones.
    - Added ammo straps as clothing item. Can be worn, exist with shells or bullets, can increase reload speed (shells for shotgun/bullets for the rest).
    - Added possible bullet vest on police outfit.
    - Added several new hair cuts
    - Added new beard styles.
    Added a HairOutfitDefinitions.lua definition file:
    - Allow to spawn some haircut only on specific outfit.
    - Force some haircut on some outfit (ZombiesZoneDefinition.lua take precedence over it)
    - Added some outfits for Zed Stories.
    - Implemented new hats/eye patch (icons, functionality etc).
    - Added the JOIN_IDENTICAL_VERTICES option when loading models.  This can greatly reduce the number of vertices in a model.
    - Updated translations.


    - Damage to car parts from melee weapons now made more accurate to type of weapon
    - Changed damage from hitting zombies with car: speed exponentially increases damage. Also made attempts to stop sprinters hammering on the rear of car and destroying it too fast.
    - Whiskey bottle with water weight now more in keeping with whiskey bottle weight
    - Decreased the gain in drunkeness from drinking beer bottles/cans vs. spirits
    - Made alcohol->drunkeness slightly more potent when character has an empty stomach
    - Disassembling Lamps now gives a Lightbulb
    - Log Stacks recipes to always use 2 Ropes, instead of 1 Rope per Log
    - Beverage can now be prepared with only sugar
    - Sugar and coffee now drainable items (due to be reverted in next patch due to internal rethink)
    - Hood/bonnet now repairable with metal sheets + screws or torch
    - Uncooked pasta or rice in a pot/pan of water will now eventually rot 
    - Balanced trunk and glove box capacity on vehicles and trailers
    - Increased watch spawn rate on zombies.


    - Added Zombie_WindowLungeHitReact.X.
    - adjusted bob_sitground anim to finish on correct pose
    - tweaked sitting anims to blend a little better


    - Added support for custom decals, clothing and outfits in mods.
        Each mod may have it's own copy of these files:
        The above mod files no longer override the game's files with the same name.
        Mod decal groups and outfits with the same name as one the game defines will override the game's.
    - Added support for custom beard styles and hair styles in mods.
    - Added a new script item property named AcceptItemFunction which specifies the name of a Lua function to test whether an item is allowed in a container. 
        This is in addition to the existing OnlyAcceptCategory property which tests InventoryItem:getCategory().
         For example, to allow only medical items in a First Aid Kit, add a line to clothing_bags.txt:
         item FirstAidKit
                AcceptItemFunction = AcceptItemFunction.FirstAidKit,
         And add this function in a Lua file:
             function AcceptItemFunction.FirstAidKit(container, item)
               return item:getStringItemType() == "Medical"
    - Changed Color.HSBtoRGB() to return a Color instead of Integer[3]. If you want the integer values, use Color.getRedByte(), Color.getGreenByte() and Color.getBlueByte().
    - Challenges may define a function named getSpawnRegion() to allow multiple spawn points and spawn regions. Previously only a single fixed spawn point was supported.
     See the commented-out Kingsmouth.getSpawnRegion() function for an example.
    - A challenge's AddPlayer() function is now called when creating new players in existing games.
        This is used by the CDDA challenge to start new players naked and injured, for example.
    - The "OnEat" item-script Lua function is now called with a third parameter named 'percent' to indicate what percentage of the remaining amount of the item was consumed. Also, the function is called before the food is consumed.
        See OnEat_Cigarettes() for an example of how it is used.
    - Fixed unrecoverable TextureCombiner errors when a texture couldn't be loaded.
        Missing textures are displayed as a red and white checkerboard texture.
    - Display the filename of an asset that fails to load in the exception message.
    - Fixed multithreading issue with OutfitRNG. ImageData constructors throw exceptions instead of catching them now. 
    - Fixed not properly reloading modified textures that previously failed to load.
        This doesn't handle texture files that were previously missing, only ones that failed to load.
    - Added a two-second delay before DebugFileWatcher handles changes to modified files.
        This is to address two things:
            1) The file may still be being written by another application that is saving it.
            2) Sometimes there are multiple events for the same file, such as a "create" event followed by one or more "modified" events.
    - ISSliderPanel now checks for shift-clicking instead of whatever key "Run" is bound to.
    - Changed puddles rendering to use vertex buffer objects, reducing the number of calls needed to render them.


    - Fixed stretched window cutaways 
    - Fixed vents not cutting away / turning transparent like other objects
    - Fixed Short walls in Prison not cutting away in a nice way
    - Fixed Double door cutaways - were previously offset on a building
    - Fixed stairs not cutting away properly


    - Fixed not being able to choose a texture in the character-creation ui for clothing items that don't have models. For example, Denim Shirt and Leather Gloves.
    - Fixed "Override:true" not working in mod recipes, resulting in duplicate recipes.
    - Fixed the skybox texture not updating after fast-forwarding (F5 or F6 or sleeping).
    - Fixed SkyBox.update() allocating Color and Vector3f each time.
    - Fixed the Skybox.Show debug texture size changing when zooming.
    - Fixed less than one unit of Twine being returned when destroying a Stick Trap.
    - Fixed server-side STrapGlobalObject calling client-side CTrapSystem:sendCommand().
    - Fixed items that weigh less than 0.005 being displayed as 0.0 weight. Now items weighing less than 0.01 are displayed as 0.01. For example, Screws.
    - Fixed double metalwork doors giving planks and nails when destroyed.
    - Fixed loading the SQL library from the user's Temp directory on 64-bit Windows.
    - Fixed missing animation for unloading bullets from rifles without magazines.
    - Fixed being unable to remove the key from the ignition when clicking on the key icon in the dashboard when the "Leave Key In Ignition" option is on.
    - Fixed controller not being able to open Fitness UI (The controller Y button opens it from the health UI)
    - Fixed sunstar motel arch cutaway.
    - Fixed the police barricade vehicle stories not checking for a wide-enough zone properly, preventing them from spawning.
    - Fixed closing the health panel closing after opening fitness panel.
    - Fixed a multi-monitor issue on Linux.  Sometimes resolutions for the non-primary monitor were detected.
    - Fixed errors cleaning bandages using a sink/etc.
    - Fixed not walking to the water-containing object when cleaning bandages from a sink/etc.
    - Fixed student zeds could spawn with 2 bags.
    - Fixed muzzle flashes emitting no light during the day, even in dark rooms.
    - Fixed the shovel not appearing in the player's hands when filling a grave, if the shovel wasn't already equipped.
    - Fixed animation when burning a corpse with gas.
    - Fixed exception in InventoryItem.synchWithVisual() when an item's IconsForTexture list is smaller than the number of
     clothing textures for that item.
    - Fixed formatting bug in clothing_pants.txt related to Shorts_ShortDenim.
    - Fixed the "Remove Broken Glass" context-menu option not being shown as disabled when the player is holding an item in the left hand.
    - Fixed the health panel being shown when displaying the fitness ui, when using a controller.
    - Fixed errors pressing keys during the "This is how you died" loading stage.
    - Fixed FileNotFoundException when loading mods without clothing.xml.
    - Fixed an exception turning an equipped radio on or off when a generator is nearby.
    - Fixed surprise zombies in spawn locations, even though this was frequently hilarious. Zombies are now removed from the inside and around the building the player spawns in, when creating a new player in an existing game.
     This does not include reanimated player zombies. Also, house alarms are disabled.
    - Fixed player not spawning in the correct location when creating a new player in an existing challenge
    - Fixed getting max benefit (or harm) from smoking part of a cigarette.
    - Fixed not being able to interrupt closing windows or smashing windows.
    - Fixed the player turning when following a very short path.  Now the player will strafe to the new position without turning. For example, when smashing a vehicle window, the player would turn around, walk to the required position, then turn to
     face the vehicle again before smashing the window.
    - Fixed vehicles dropping to the ground when loading or spawning them.
    - Fixed PhysicsDebugRenderer not being thread-safe.
    - Fixed zeds taking too long to stomp to death in certain conditions
    - Fixed being able to build a floor on farming plots
    - Fixed return items when dismantling of double doors
    - Fixed doorframe going invisible when painted light blue
    - Fixed male tourist outfit spawning wearing dresses/skirts.
    - Fixed extreme length of required stomping on zombies in some situations.
    - Fixed various map bugs
    - Fixed untranslated names of burnt vehicles being displayed in the radial menu.
    - Fixed some bags not playing "zip" sfx when interacted with
    - Fixed painted boxes not showing color correctly
    - Fixed having hood up and equipping hat replacing whole hoodie with hat, instead of removing hood and putting hat on
    - Fixed not being able to "Put Out" BBQ
    - Fixed non-centered multiple lines of text horizontally in the radial menu.
    - Fixed split-screen rendering issue with puddles.
    - Fixed a rendering issue with water that resulted in visible lines along chunk boundaries.(Water flow and speed weren't updated when adjacent chunks were loaded.)
    - Fixed a bug where fixed capacity defined in vehicles wasn't used.
    - Fixed Default Sprint key on MacOS being LMETA instead of LMENU.
    - Fixed hedges not slowing players and zombies. (Players in ghost mode or noclip are not slowed by hedges or trees.)
    - Fixed clothing condition and wetness resetting when switching from hood-up to hood-down, etc.
    - Fixed the controller A button entering vans instead of opening the rear door to access the trunk.
    - Fixed the wrong strafe angle being used when walking short paths.
    - Fixed max capacity for vehicles not being saved.
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    RickL reacted to EnigmaGrey in Lag Fightin'   
    Lag Fightin'

    How do all, let’s start with the team coding MP for Build 41 first this week.
    This week Yuri and Andrei have been working on improving character movement in high ping scenarios, using a tool to simulate different levels of lag. This tool can simulate ping, lost packets, packets that appear in the wrong order, duplicated packets and throttled packets. Every different sort of errant packet, basically, and mixes of each one besides. 
    Anyone who has played B40 multiplayer will know quite how laggy, teleport-y and nasty high ping situations could previously get with PZ. As such, tackling this issue has been a very high priority for us – and we’re really glad to have seen some good improvement over the past week of dev.
    First, just for reference, in this first video you can see what the situation was in last week’s build. 

    (In case anyone in our audience has trouble envisioning what a ping represents in real-world geographic terms, 300 ping is about what you’d expect from Australia to Europe.) 

    Now, here’s a video from this week after many improvements – though please bear in mind that there are still issues to resolve here.
    So, known issues: at 3:50 if the ‘climb in window’ packet happens to be lost it can cause the character to get really far behind. There clearly still needs to be some improvements to allow characters to catch up better if they fall behind.
    Otherwise though (even with 300 ping with an extremely unreliable connection that’s throttled and losing packets left and right) in our testbed situation the experience is much smoother and much more immersive than we could ever have dreamed of with the current public Build 40. We’re sure it will continue to improve up until release too.
    We’ve been playing around with our physics library, off and on, for a while now – primarily multi-wheel support and other differently shaped custom vehicles for future addition: tractors, military stuff, trucks etc. 
    Now, a little while ago an amazing modder called Aiteron appeared on our forums experimenting with car towing.
    This prompted us to realise that (before we got to the military etc) moving some of this background experimentation into expansion of the current car physics system would also be a relatively low risk (yet cool!) thing for our non-MP devs to add into Build 41 while we wait for the completion of the multiplayer rebuild.
    In IWBUMS beta patch 41.46, you will be able to attach other cars and trailers (initially one trailer model, with a ‘covered’ and ‘uncovered’ variant) to your own vehicle and tow them around. How well you tow them, however, will be dependent on weight and the power of your vehicle. Likewise you’ll be able to tow other vehicles as well.
    (PLEASE NOTE: vids are WIP)
    As mentioned previously, this also includes added support for multiple collision shapes on vehicles – primarily to support the trailer hitch extending forwards of the trailer’s body. This should also benefit modding greatly, we hope.
    We’re also currently also experimenting with a three segment physics rope, that seems to be working well at the moment – and likewise some other future trailer variants.
    Again, absolute mad props to Aiteron for showing us just how cool this function could be in-game. We’ve been talking to him this week, and he seems a really cool guy with some great future mod ideas to boot.
    Likewise, in towables, we have great new potential here for both devs and modders alike – as already shown by this amazing companion mod to Aiteron’s own towing mod that appeared a few days ago. This has been created by IBrRus, and features oil trailers and caravans you can live out of nomadically. (Features like these won’t be the sort of thing we’ll be including ourselves, for a long time anyway, so we’ll be sure to help Aiteron and IBrRus get their mod contents adapted over to our own updated game physics systems before we release 41.46 into the IWBUMS beta.)
    We didn’t get enough testing done on the current internal build of 41.46 to consider a release this week (and likewise some of this still needs polish/work) but intend to put it out at some point in the next.
    As many PZ modders will no doubt be aware, there is currently no clear path available to mod skinned meshes for Build 41 – ie. meshes with animations, limbs, walking etc.
    Internally, we use expensive software that’s not really accessible to modders so until now we’ve held off releasing our source models – so people haven’t been able to model their own completely unique characters, clothing (outside texture changes), or create extra animations. (It may be some clever people out there have found a way regardless though.)
    Over the past few weeks, then, we’ve been massaging the pipeline of getting a PZ character into Blender and then out into the game with relative ease and lack of fuss. The challenge then: to have characters exported using blender’s export tools, then renderable and animatable within the game itself.
    This has been, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass. Blender’s exporters don’t play too friendly with our engine.
    As such, Zac has been spending time trying to bash our engine into a state where it can alternately load these blender exported files and play them. There’s been good progress, with each iteration looking vaguely more human and less disturbing, though there is still work to be done until the characters match perfectly or even look like they obey the laws of physics, but its clear we’re getting closer.

    Close enough to be able to show you these videos of Zac’s progress anyways. We’re hoping that this will be licked at the start of next week.


    This week’s work out and mannequin Spiffo image from Mr Sunshine. A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    RickL reacted to nasKo in New High Score   
    Well, that was quite a week. Due to (what we assume to be) an influx of players from Ambiguous Amphibian’s awesome recent challenge vid and a blessing from the great algorithm gods our ‘concurrent Steam players’ record of around 3500 players (recorded after the public vehicles release) was smashed and hit a wowzers-inducing 5310!
    We’re informed that other things are going on in the world currently, but this was really big for us.
    So if you’re one of the new players among us, Welcome! This is what we call a ‘Thursdoid’.
    We’ll probably be releasing the next patch for the Build 41 beta next week. In amongst other things it contains:
    Persistent zed outfits. Now, due to some code magic from EP, if you leave a lady zombie in a spiffo costume locked in a bathroom and go for a long walk – when you return she won’t have morphed into someone else. The same going for all costume zeds.
      Improved modding support for vehicle / physics mods – more on this next week. Also improved support for custom decals, clothing and outfits in mods.
      New outdoor ‘zed stories’ where you come across zeds dressed the way they died. More visible gun attachments. New ‘ammo strap’ clothing item. Can be worn, contain shells or bullets, and increases reload speeds. Moar fixes and such. Bunches of ’em. MP STRIKE FORCE UPDATE
    Yuri and Andrei have been continuing on their player syncing work this week, moving a lot of the work done by the remote player movement to pathfinder systems, to allow them to better deal with walking through doors with the client prediction, stopping them from walking through walls. In addition, adding collisions for remote players to stop characters morphing through each other, and cleaning up how remote characters turn.
    In addition, Andrei and Lemmy are investigating a few remaining memory problems which are resulting in out of memory issues on high population servers, with hope to reducing the memory load per client.
    This will likely be an ongoing effort that may mean initial builds of MP build 41 won’t be able to handle our desired 64 players out the box, but we’ll strive to get memory usage to satisfactory levels as soon as possible.
    This cropped up as a bug while Zac was playing around with the anims system. Don’t have nightmares.
    This week’s featured image from SpecificallyBeep. A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    RickL reacted to Batsphinx in IWBUMS 41.45 released   
    - Allow crowbars to be used to remove wood barricades, and use animations for it
    - Added context-menu commands for adding all fuel items, and all fuel items of a certain type, to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces.
    - The warm-hands-by-a-fire now works with fireplaces.
    - Added 'world' attachments to shotgun models.
    - Added a shit ton of new male names, female names and surnames taken from 1994 US census so every other character isn't called Marina Hodgetts. (Thanks to Jam for putting these together.)
    - The inspect-clothing command will transfer items to the player's inventory if needed.
    - Inflating vehicle tires will stop at the maximum pressure instead of always adding 5. It was annoying having to cancel the action at the right time.
    - Play the "craft" animation when adding patches to and removing patches from clothing.
    - Updated translations.
    - Display "Sleep on Ground" instead of "Sleep" in the context menu when no bed is selected.
    - The "Sleep" tooltip displays the quality of the bed which can be Bad, Average or Good.
    - Added cooler (can be worn in hands).
    - Added satchel (3 variations, can be worn on back or in hands).
    - Added briefcase spawns
    - Added pistol case.
    - Updated some textures for bags.
    - Allow the player to shove (and stomp) sooner after attacking with a weapon.
    - The crafting ui displays the the player's skill level for recipes with required skills (such as Make Trap Box).
     Required skills are displayed in red text if the player's level is below the required level.
    - Added methods Recipe.getRequiredSkillCount() and Recipe.getRequiredSkill().
     Recipe.getRequiredSkill(int index) returns a RequiredSkill object with methods getPerk() and getLevel().
    - brand new awesome fog now added
    - added display option for new fog, can toggle between high quality, medium quality and legacy (build 40)
    - changed fog generation, now variable duration based on day mean temperature.
    - added chance of grey tinted fog effect to storms.
    - added guaranteed strong tinted fog effect to tropical storm, now very distinctive.
    - modified blizzard effects to work well with new fog.
    - added new fog control panel to debug menu.

    - Xp gain from exercises can now be different.
    - Regularity will not drop until 24h after doing an exercise.
    - Fixed some fitness animation weirdness.
    - Remove the fitness UI when entering a car.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in Fitness.decreaseRegularity().
    - Fixed exception in Fitness.load().
    - Moved fitness to health panel (new button) instead of right click menu.
    - Allow washing dirty bandages from clean-water sources such as sinks.
    - Dismantle Flashlight recipe is allowed if there is a battery in the flashlight.
    - Renamed two Jackets to Leather Jacket. They were already leather.
    - Increased antique stove weight from 20.0 to 40.0.
    - Decreased gardening spray capacity
    - Reduced size of zombies target outline by 20%.
    - Reloading a gun will look for magazine in bags and not just main inventory.
    - Toilet paper can now be used the same way as tissue (equip in main or secondary hands to reduce cough noise).
    - Toilet paper can now be used to start and fuel a fire/BBQ.
    - Slight bump in sneak skill (when in plain sight, will reduce the zed vision/footstep volume)
    - MSR700/MSR788 now doesn't require magazines.

    - Optimized ScriptModule.getRecipe().
    - Declared SpriteRenderer.instance and SpriteRenderer.ringBuffer 'final'.
    - Avoid some string-related gc with cutaways (parsing sprite names).
    - Big optimization to cutaway rendering - moved testing of TallHoppableW, WallWTrans, TallHoppableN and WallNTrans to IsoFlagTypes since they were doing lots of string comparisons and slowing rendering down

    -adjusted geometry so the gas mask works better with hats.
    -added another body location to BodyLocations.lua (MaskFull)
    -made welding mask part of the MaskFull body location
    - Changed the cough/sneeze/fidget animations (the 'ext' state) to play as a sub-state of the 'idle' state.
    -re-exported TShirt_white to not have buttoned front
    - Fixed the wrong animation playing when putting on baseball caps.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoGridSquare.getPuddlesDir(). This happened with a fireplace.
    - Fixed some missing translation files
    - Fixed not being able to equip and unequip items while aiming.
    - Fixed zombie fence-flop crawling attacks hitting the player through closed doors.
    - Fixed recipes without required skills not working.
    - Fixed items not being taken from bags when equipping a light source.
    - Fixed equipping an item in one hand when it looked like it should be equipped two-handed when dragging an item onto the primary/secondary icons.
    - Fixed being able to climb through closed windows sometimes.
    - Fixed not being able to reload an empty magazine while aiming.
    - Fixed gunshot sounds and muzzleflash effects while sitting on the ground.
    - Fixed exception when lighting a barbecue or fireplace with gas.
    - Fixed timed actions not working while the warm-hands-by-a-fire animation is playing.
    - Fixed warm-hands-by-a-fire animation possibly continuing long after the fire goes out.
    - Fixed being able to fish at long distance with spears. (also one of the problem was if you only had a spear and open the UI, it was considered as a fishing rod!)
    - Fixed transition animation from standing to sitting on ground not playing.
    - Fixed available hotbar slots not updating when using a controller.
    - Fixed timed actions not starting while aiming in a vehicle.
    - Fixed the player getting stuck exiting a vehicle if it was done while aiming.
    - Fixed toggle aim on/off not working in vehicles.
    - Fixed the aim-assist cursor not disappearig after the player dies.
    - Fixed long lines of text extending outside the crafting and switch-vehicle-seat windows.
    - Fixed the automatic moving of items on vehicle seats not moving an item if it used all the remaining space on a seat.
    - Fixed regularity map being re-initlized if fitness instructor/fireman.
    - Fixed regularity progress bar showing incorrect values (it could never be at 100%!)
    - Fixed the info popup in the profession/traits ui not being hidden when going to the previous or next screen.
    - Fixed containers with capacity 3 or less not getting extra capacity from the Organized trait. This affected Fanny Packs.
    - Fixed corpse inventory capacity being affected by the Organized and Disorganized traits. Player inventory capacity has never been affected by these traits (only bags).
    - Fixed issues with the "Campfire Info" command after right-clicking on a campfire that is behind a wall.
    - Fixed being able to drive a vehicle forward in reverse gear.
    - Fixed being unable to look around by holding the right mouse button while in a vehicle with the window closed. This worked when holding the Aim key, but not when holding the right mouse button. 
    - Fixed "All All" not adding all charcoal to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. It will add one unit of charcoal (30 minutes) at a time until all is used.
    - Fixed zombies moving through walls after climbing over a fence sometimes. This was easy to reproduce north of the West Point police station when fast-forwarding.
    - Fixed cough/sneeze/fidget animations playing more frequently at higher framerates.
    - Fixed context-menu cooking translations for latest version of Translatoid
    - Fixed clothing mod data being lost when reversing caps, putting hoods up/down, etc.
    - Fixed not facing doors when locking and unlocking them via the context menu.
    - Fixed not gaining only strength and not fitness exp when doing some fitness exercices.
    - Fixed being able to open multiple fitness UI.
    - Fixed double door and stick traps returning more than they took to craft.
    - Fixed sleep traits not affecting how much a char sleeps
    - Fixed not being able to disassemble large metal shelves
    - Fixed not being able to remove tiredness with restless sleeper
    - Fixed front strength not showing properly in debug climate plotter
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    RickL reacted to Batsphinx in IWBUMS 41.44 released   
    - Re-use container buttons in the inventory and loot windows instead of creating new ones each time the windows are updated.
    - Use radio buttons instead of checkboxes for available bags in the forage ui.
    - Bloodied and dirtied backpacks can now be washed.
    - Removed the "Age" stat from the character info panel
    - Add Yes/No prompt after pressing quit to desktop
    - Arrange option-screen controls better when the resolution changes.
    - Re-enabled the FPS counter - displayed with K by default. Should work okay now.
    - DPad-down displays the emote radial menu. When a sub-menu is displayed, highlight an emote and press DPad-down again to select it.
    - Allow collapsed inventory and loot windows to expand when the mouse moves over them when the player is aiming if the game is paused.
    - Added new hairstyles - center parting, side partings etc
    - Added jar 3D models - mayo etc. (Either eat them with a spoon or directly drink them! wow.)
    - Added petrol can 3D models (also petrol can can now be held in hands)
    - Forbid switching between front and back seats in the police car, since there's a divider between them.
    - Visually indicate seats that can't be reached from the current seat in the switch-seat ui.
    - Added animations for equipping and un-equipping items and clothing.
    - Added new sitting animation used when performing timed actions.
    - Allow fishing rods, spears and lures to be taken from bags when used.
    - Allow stopping ringing clocks and watches in inventory while moving.
    - Updated translations.
    - To address issues of the player attacking a downed zombie rather than an incoming threat, there is now a fixed value of 1.5 for ignoring prone zombies.  When there is a zombie standing within 1.5 squares in front of the player, ground attacks won't happen.  This value is the same regardless of which weapon (including bare hands) is used.
    - Zombies standing behind the player will not prevent ground attacks.
    - As always, prone zombies will be ignored if there is a standing zombie within weapon range, which might be greater
     than 1.5.
    - Given a choice between two zombies on the ground:
     1) Give higher priority to a zombie that is getting up.
     2) Give higher priority to a crawling zombie (but lower priority than one that is getting up).
    - Fixed a bug where a prone zombie might be chosen over one getting up. This was due to zombies switching from prone to standing half-way through the getting-up animation.
    - Fixed infinite ammo exploit with RackAfterShoot firearms.
    - Improved the appearance of the aim outlines around zombies and improved colors.
    - Changed the "Aim Outline" option to have three choices: "None", "Ranged Weapons" and "Any Weapon".
     "Any Weapon" should reduce frustration for some people with not knowing which zombie might be hit.
    (Will require balance still, and will be put into the health panel next to temperature etc. in next patch)
    - Right click anywhere to bring up the fitness UI.
    - Select an exercise (some require items, like dumbbell), select how much time and click ok.
    - Exercise Fatigue will be induced approx 12h after the end of exercise.
    - Tooltips explain what stiffness does what (doing push ups will bring pain in your arms/chest, making combat slower, etc..)
    - The more you exercise, the more you'll gain "regularity", meaning the less stiffness you'll get from this exercise (each exercise has its own regularity).
    - System takes into account the impact of tiredness on the result of the exercise, nutrition, etc.
    - Includes "struggling" version of exercises for lower fitness level characters.
    - Some professions have existing regularity in certain exercises (fitness instructor, fireman..)

    - Changed "Quench Thirst" back to "Drink" for water-containing items.
    - Changed "Remaining: Percent" to "Water: Current / Max" in tooltips for these object context-menu options: Rainbarrel info, Water Dispenser info
    - Changed "Percent full" to "Water: Current / Max" in tooltips for these item context-menu options: Add Water From Item, Drink (from an item), Fill (taking water from an object into an item), Pour Into
    - Added a tooltip displaying "Water: Current / Max" when drinking from a sink or other object, as well as whether the water is tainted.
    - Drinking from sinks before the water shuts off, or rivers, displays "Water: Unlimited".
    - Always display the Drink context-menu option for drinking water from objects.
    - Drinking water from items and objects will reduce thirst to zero instead of possibly leaving some fraction < 0.1.
    - Bullets are taken from bags when pressing the reload key without using the radial menu.
    - Fixed a couple places where weapon weight wasn't adjusted when bullets were added or removed.
    - Equipped weight on flashlights now shown.
    - Rename Roasted Vegetables to a Roast
    - Scrap metal now produced when dismantling car wrecks
    - Renamed ".44 Magnum Magazine" to ".44 Magazine". The Magnum is a revolver so doesn't take a magazine. The .44 Magazine goes into the D-E Pistol.
    - Hitting a zombies while going backward in a car can now damage gas tanks.
    - Destroyed traps can return multiple items, those using twine return the full twine cost
    - Storms now less dark during daytime
    - Antique stove can now spawn in a crate in any warehouse (very rare)
    - Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'camping'
    - Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'bakery'
    - Added roomtype 'campingstorage' to lists: Same lootlist as camping, better rolls, crates (cardboard boxes?) only.
    - EggCarton spawn chance increased. Small chance of finding two egg cartons in fridges.
    - Increased numbers of floorboard stashes in houses and numbers of items in them.
    - Increased odds of stuff spawning in bags on zeds

    - Player-built walls that enclose a space no longer collapse if there's no window
    - Fixed cutaway starting as soon as character sets foot on stairs
    - Fixed cutaways loading issues
    - Fixed cutaway of fences and walls starting a bit too late.
    - Fixed Dumpsters in warehouses never stop being cutaway or having jagged edges
    - Fixed cars being seen through closed garages
    - Fixed cutaways with missing tile properties
    - Added EvolvedRecipeName_EN.txt translation file.  This is used for the EvolvedRecipeName property of items.
     Previously, it was using the old DisplayName_XXX translation.
    - Added ContextMenu_CarBatteryCharger_RemoveBattery translation.
    - Added %-substitutions to translations:
    - Added "Unload 1 Round From %1" translation for removing a single round from a revolver (instead of Rack).
    - Added "Tags = Screwdriver" to the Screwdriver.
    - Changed recipes that use a Screwdriver to use any item with Tags=Screwdriver.
    - Changed recipes that use a Screwdriver to use any item with Tags=Screwdriver.
    - Added Tags=CanOpener to TinOpener.
    - Adjusted recipes that used TinOpener to use any item with Tags=CanOpener
    - Added Tags=FishingRod and Tags=FishingSpear to rods and spears.
    -cropped Bob_RunStumble.X
    -tweaked xmls to get smoother get up from scramble
    -capped Bob_JacketLong.X, Kate_Jacket.X and Kate_JacketLong.X
    -unified Bob_WeddingJacket.X normals
    -created ShortSleeveShirt Body Location
    -changed some shirt clothing items Body Location to ShortSleeveShirt so that they don't hide watches
    -hiding fanny packs with certain clothing items
    -removed ApronTEXTURE from outfit Waiter_Diner
    -capped some male and female clothes
    -tweaked transition and blends between run and sprint. sneak versions also done.
    - Hide the post-death text when the quit-to-desktop dialog is visible.
    - Draw a rectangle under the post-death text so it is easier to see on light backgrounds.
    - Fixed layout of some things at different font sizes.
    - Optimized PropertyContainer's handling of IsoFlagType. This is an optimization to a foundational element of PZ's code, which should give a small boost to many, many elements of the game since  property containers / isoflagtype stuff is used throughout - especially map rendering, game logic etc. We have already seen gains in built-up areas like West Point.
    - Declared a lot of classes and fields 'final'.
    - Fixed DebugScenarios.lua calling Events.LoadGridsquare.Add() even in non-debug mode.
    - Fixed ambulance door mask to correct left and right
    - Fixed some see-through clothing on corpses
    - Fixed the player being immune to attacks from the front while holding bags in both hands.
    - Fixed Sugar not having nutritional value
    - Fixed Stone Axe weighing more than elements needed to assemble it
    - Fixed Cooked Rice and Pasta never rot
    - Fixed when building a fence up to a wall, the part where it connects to the wall isn't cut
    - Fixed ability to expand the inventory and loot windows if the player is aiming or panning the camera via the keyboard.
    - Fixed awarding Foraging experience points when failing to find things that are impossible to find, due to time of year and/or skill level.  The player could easily level up Foraging skill without ever decreasing the zone's abundance.
    - Fixed exception in IsoCell.CullFullyOccludedSquares().
    - Fixed animation clock running at a lower speed than expected, and adjusted global anim speeds to fit
    - Fixed small bug caused dont allow pouring multiple types (sand/gravel/dirt) not working
    - Fixed lua error when build cursor is on empty squares (above ground level) 
    - Fixed build cursor not turning red when hovering invalid tiles for example when above ground level
    - Fixed being able to dig graves in interior
    - Fixed being able to dig graves on tiles with a poured dirtpatch but no natural floor underneath
    - Fixed trap spawning items when regularly removing it (non breaking)
    - Fixed radiointeractions missing out lines due to cooldown on fast speed (the fast-forward misses out on XP bug)
    - Fixed not racking some weapons after each shot.
    - Fixed issues with firearm and magazine weights.
    - Fixed muzzleflash textures not being visible on the first shot.
    - Fixed nearby vehicles not being rendered when the vehicle is inside the same room as the player.
    - Fixed the debug FPSGraph not being rendered unless the clock is visible.
    - Fixed corpses being drawn beneath railroad tracks and graves.
    - Fixed Lua error with "Insert Magazine" when right-clicking on a firearm.
    - Fixed trait tooltips not being displayed in the character-info ui when the character has a trait without a texture.
    - Fixed SmallCar extents not matching physicsChassisShape.
    - Fixed non-transfer of Lighter or Matches from bags when smoking. This also works when eating any item with RequireInHandOrInventory.
    - Fixed animation lockup with emotes.
    - Fixed the ZombieSurprisedPlayer sound playing too often. The timer is reset whenever the player sees a zombie.
    - Fixed deafening multiple thunder noises on speeds > 1
    - Fixed exception when scavenging if more than one type of item is found.
    - Fixed items required for repairing items not being taken from bags.
    - Fixed "Dig Furrow With Hands" not being displayed when using a controller.
    - Fixed the hotbar being displayed for splitscreen players using a controller.
    - Fixed zombies flipping from back to front to become crawlers when being stepped on or when under a vehicle.
    - Fixed lua error repairing vehicle parts.
    - Fixed the player tripping in trees when in ghost mode.
    - Fixed getting free ammo when spamming the unload-magazine command.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes falling backward when shoved from behind. This happened when hitForce was <= 0.1.
    - Fixed drainable items losing their Favorite status when emptied after being used in recipes.
    - Fixed not using translations for moveable object names with the "Plumb XYZ" context-menu option.
    - Fixed the quit-to-desktop dialog overlapping buttons at the bottom of the screen after death.
    - Fixed clothing sometimes not getting a hole when it should.
    - Fixed sprinters pursuit collision
    - Fixed a lots of missing cutaway properties.
    - Fixed tied hair that's grown out still having 'untie' options
    - Fixed fishing from a long distance away
    - Fixed position of the 'muzzle' attachment on handguns and revolvers (used to display the muzzle-flash sprite).
    - Fixed missing overlays in pie shop
    - Fixed saplings grown by erosion system slowing and scratching player
    - Fixed various mapping bugs
    - Fixed items not being transferred from lightest to heaviest when dropping items onto container buttons.
    - Fixed the "Put In Container" context-menu option not working when right-clicking on the equipped primary or secondary icons
     unless the player's inventory (not a bag) was displayed.
    - Fixed NullPointerException adding gas to a generator when the gas can wasn't equipped.
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    RickL reacted to nasKo in Backstreet Zeds   
    Lots of good progress from the MP Strike Force again recently, so let’s start with them once more. Hopefully the week-by-week visual progress in this will be evident to everyone.
    This week Yuri and Andrei have been concentrating on syncing event-based animations (so, non-combat), player death, window entries/exits, inventory issues, representing zombie collision and a general tightening and polish of the systems as a whole.
    Here’s a vid that shows where we were last week, and where we’ve got to now. It’s super cool stuff.
    We’re currently looking at releasing version 41.44 to the IWBUMS public beta early next week – there’s a few things we need to revert, and a few things we need to balance in there before it’s punted live.
    As mentioned in last Thursday’s blog this contains the new fitness system, some decent optimization for built up areas from EP, emotes that work while walking, a drinking systems tidy-up and some gun bug fixes.

    Other stuff that’s gone in over the past week includes:
    Some new hair-styles from Martin. Side-partings, centre-partings and a few more – so you can do a full 90s Backstreet Boys routine should you ever need to.  
    Replacements for some missing 3D models that couldn’t be seen in the player’s hands – jars, bottles and gas cans.
    Improved targeting outline around zombies, and the option for you to select it for when you are melee fighting as well as when you’re using guns. Some work on how your survivor chooses to target prone zeds, or those getting up. A brightening of our overly dark daytime storms. Lots of polish for 41’s cutaway system coming in from Fox. This should hopefully be a lot smoother now, and with less occasional jags.  
    As we’ve mentioned before, fitness and a new fog aside, we’re not currently looking at adding anything else that’s ‘big’ to 41. Stuff has been set aside now for 42, though work does continue on it, so as not to complicate the MP work which is now at its most critical point.
    We’ll be talking more about what else is coming along once MP is out and 41 is fully on its way to public release.
    This week’s snow scene from General Shepherd. A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    RickL reacted to nasKo in ExerciZe   
    How do all. Now, for the past few weeks we’ve been working on general polish and fixes for the Public IWBUMS Build 41 beta while the MP Strike Force get on with their work – so as not to change anything fundamental to get in their way.
    To keep the wheel spinning, however, we thought that for the 41.44 patch we could be forgiven for widening the net a little – and add in two side projects that we knew would be features that wouldn’t mess with the game or the foundation code too much.
    (Quick note to say that there are more involved and foundational new features also being worked on that will 100% be build 42 features. RJ and Turbo have also solemnly sworn to keep their polish and fix tasks going in simultaneous to these additions)
    The first, of these is exercise and a fitness system – which is a good example of the relative ease in which the anims system allows us (and modders) to slot in new functionalities.
    Once upon a time players shoved trees to raise their physical skills – a bug/feature that was removed, but made us aware that an ‘official’ version of this was most likely required.
    The new system, then, is a way to boost your fitness and strength stats – taking into account various factors like fatigue, nutrition, exercise regularity etc.
    The more you do an exercise, the better you get at it – but the harder you train the more fatigue and pain you’ll feel a few hours later. This will lower combat abilities if your arms are aching, or impact on movement if you’ve been too strenuous with your leg exercises.

    The second thing we’ll be allowing in, meanwhile, is a new way of rendering our foggy scenes. Our current fog system does the job fine, but obscures all characters and objects in the same way – all dependent on the opacity at a certain spot. It doesn’t really allow for that classic ‘zombies lurching at you through the mists’ feeling.
    Taking inspiration from the excellent Graveyard Keeper, however, in a recent side project Turbo has worked out a way to adapt a more layered and atmospheric fog for our game.
    The new system also means we can play with the height of the fog, as well as the opacity. It’s great in motion, and made for a fun addition to the game that wouldn’t mess with the ongoing MP fix-up party. Speaking of which…
    In the MP Strike Force, we had a productive catch-up meeting on Tuesday with grand overseer TEA/Bitbaboon Mark – while Yuri and Andrei have been continuing to busy themselves in the surrounding times.
    Yuri’s work on syncing player characters between clients is progressing nicely – building them up at a point at which he can start mixing in some zombies and start debugging the combat itself.
    He’s also been modifying player clients to reduce their frequency (to reduce bandwidth requirements for them) as well as fixing some issues with characters weapons not matching between clients. Here’s the latest vid he’s shared with us this week.
    Andrei, in the meantime, has been continuing his investigations into the memory usage of the servers – adding in more and more diagnostic systems and checking in with many and varied graphs and tables that dish the dirt on the various things we need to clamp down on.
    Anyway, that’s about it for this week – although perhaps worth adding that other smaller polish and fixes that have gone into the next IWBUMS patch (41.44) include: bloodied and dirtied backpacks now washable, general tidy-up of drinking and water supply functionalities, scrap metal now obtainable from car wrecks, nerfed foraging exploits and quite a few polished/smoothened anims from Martin.
    This week’s vision of 2020 from MachuPikcuinta on the reddits. A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    RickL reacted to Batsphinx in IWBUMS 41.43 released   
    - Updated with new controller icons on gameplay screen when playing with pad
    - The inventory and loot windows are collapsed right away when the player begins aiming, unless they are pinned.
    - Interrupt zombies climbing through windows if the player is closing the window.
     This applies if a zombie is starting to climb through a window, and isn't over the window sill.
    - Block the player closing a window if a zombie is climbing through it. The player plays the 'struggle' animation if a zombie is over the window sill.

    - Added "Automatically Drink Water When Thirsty" accessibility option.  It is on by default. Right-clicking on a water bottle when thirsty displays a new option "Quench Thirst". This option isn't displayed for food (such as pop cans), only water containers. Each unit of water removes 10% of thirst, as always.  So some thirst below 10% may remain after drinking.
    - Added "Leave Key In Ignition" accessibility option. When enabled, the key remains in a vehicle's ignition when the engine is shut off.
    - Improved pooled objects, which should in turn improve performance in areas of high zombie density.
    (On Six Months Later settings, for example, game was taking above 6ms to release an AnimationPlayer when removing one zombie from the world. This time has now been lowered to about 0.01ms - 0.03ms).

    - Removed attack that was standing in for a cancelled jaw stab
    - Added more floorboard stashes, including some exotic ones.
    - Increased chance of finding an annotated map
    - Increased the chance of finding a Survivor Zed
    - Refined the outline colour when aiming at zeds with a firearm - green now appears when the chance of getting a good shot is a lot more likely
    - Increased chance of clip found in guns or next to it.
    - changed sleepyhead and wakeful sleep times
    - Added traps being destroyed in streamed world returning same items as when destroyed in 'offscreen simulation'

    - Adjusted multiple bags and apron mesh so they don't clip each other
    - Made welding mask replace hats and vice versa (can't wear at same time)
    - Made it so earrings don't clip through hoods
    - Fixed crawling zombies hitting the player in a vehicle when doing the fence/window crawl attack.
    - Fixed the controller focus being on the load-game screen after loading a game with the controller active.
    - Fixed the inventory and loot window selections being cleared sometimes while dragging items. This resulted in dragged items not being rendered.
    - Fixed the vehicle dashboard remaining hidden after hiding the ui while inside a vehicle.
    - Fixed the crafting, map, and mechanics UIs blocking all keypress events.
    - Fixed multiples of "Time Before Corpse Removal" passing before corpses are removed.
    - Fixed corpses moving and changing from male to female when rotting.
    - Fixed Lua error while loading a challenge if all Lua files were reloaded due to mods.
    - Fixed multiple player-death sounds playing.
    - Fixed the inspect-clothing ui displaying the wrong bite/scratch defense values for items with neckProtectionModifier < 1.
    - Fixed bite/scratch defense bonus on the neck being reduced on clothing with neckProtectionModifier < 1.
    - Fixed setting the sandbox start time to 5AM starting at 9AM.
    - Fixed "Pouring in" being displayed in the inventory window when combining Thread.
    - Fixed stashed planks not working (the container "hidden" in the floor).
    - Fixed hotbar appearing for controller users
    - Fixed CTRL+A in the inventory and loot windows causing the player to turn.
    - Fixed missing function name in "xxx not defined for operands in null" exception messages.
    - Fixed not taking bullets from bags to reload a magazine when using the radial menu. Bullets in bags were taken when using the context menu.
    - Fixed being able to pour dirt onto water tiles
    - Fixed rugs/carpets being removed with certain actions calling addfloor (pour/take dirt, build floor)
    - Fixed some benches requiring different tools for different facing directions
    - Fixed objects not being able to click or added to context menu when 'under/behind' a collapsed wall
    - Fixed pouring the same thing out the same type multiple times on a tile (sand/gravel/dirt)
    - Fixed park ranger not having his/her walk through trees work correctly
  10. Spiffo
    RickL reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    Added emote wheel, you currently press Q to open it.
    - Emotes wheels binded to Q by default.
    - Emotes wheel is now a long press to bring up.
    - Emotes wheel includes different looking emotes if you are in stealth 
    - Pressing Q (shout) while crouched will now have different text and smaller sound radius.
    - Swinging your weapon in the air (not hitting anything) won't attract zombies anymore.
    - Added new sets of anim for fishing with spears.
    - Can now fish with a fishing rod while sitting on ground.
    - Updated the MacOS application icons.
    - Allow medical items to be dragged onto the list of injured body parts in the Health ui. Previously items could only be dragged onto the image of the body.
    - Made right-clicking items on the ground more reliable by checking if the item icon is within a certain distance of the mouse pointer.  Previously, only items on the square that was clicked were detected.  If the item was near the corner of a square, the user had to hunt around to find the right place to click.
    - Updated map to include recent fixes and Ben's Cabin
    - Added a Reload button to the lua debugger file list.  It appears next to the file name of the item the mouse is hovering over.
    - Added an in-game animation-clip viewer accessed by CTRL+F7 in debug mode.
    - Quality of life changes and fixes
    - Updated with new controller icons from Binky
    - Moved the code for clicking on curtains, doors and light switches from Java to ISObjectClickHandler.lua so modders can change this behavior.
    - Added back code to IsoPlayer.removeSaveFile() to delete map_pN.bin savefiles to help Nolan on SuperSurvivors and other minor changes to make his life easier
    - Added a new item property called Tags. Tags is a list of strings that can be used to specify what the item is used for.
     Instead of checking lists of item types such as Hammer/HammerStone or Saw/GardenSaw, the game can check for items
     that have certain tags. These tags are: ChopTree, ClearAshes, CutPlant, DigGrave, DigPlow, Hammer, Saw, TakeDirt. Also, digital watches have the tag Digital which affects how the clock is displayed.
    - Moved recipecode.lua functions into a global table called Recipe.
     The functions are organized into sub-tables Recipe.OnCreate, Recipe.OnGiveXP, and Recipe.OnTest.
     This is similar to how vehicle-script lua functions work.
     For example, CutFish_TestIsValid is now Recipe.OnTest.CutFish.
     The old function names are still available to avoid breaking mods.
    -  Error messages are printed to the console when loading a game if any recipe's OnCreate, OnGiveXP, or OnTest methods are undefined.
    - Reduced crit chance of knives.
    - Ignore the slowdown from injures, negative moodles, etc when closing or opening vehicle doors.
    - Reduced the distance at which light switches can be clicked on.
    - Ball-Peen Hammer can now be used for carpentry etc.
    - Spears used for fishing lose condition when damaged, and don't disappear from the player's inventory.
    - If you were about to do a close knife kill (jaw stab) forbidden when zombies are attacking - but your alternate normal attack will deal more damage. This avoids risk of unwanted jaw stabs when you have high small blade skills.
    - Increased reloading/aiming XP gain when level is under 5.
    - Increased minimum damage of M14 from 1 to 1.2.

    - Hide left-hand items when reloading firearms.
    - Hide any left-hand item when chopping down trees.
    - Tweaked normal glasses UV's so the arms show, male and female versions.
    - Tweaked drinking anims to be a bit more natural.
    - Tweaked gun recoils, loading and racking blends to eliminate some popping.
    - Adjusted recoil of handgun and rifle a bit.
    - Tweaked Trousers.xml, Trousers_Black.xml and Trousers_NavyBlue.xml masking to avoid clipping.
    - Tweaked Shorts_ShortFormal.xml to avoid clipping.
    - Fixed non-empty containers sometimes looking like they had no items in them (in random toilet-paper-filled buildings).
    - Fixed lua error with the "Rest" context-menu option when extremely tired and no bed/chair was clicked.
    - Fixed being able to fish from infinite distance, you'll now need to be at max 6 tiles from body of water with a rod and 2 tiles with spears.
    - Fixed various issues with moveables - primarily metal ones.
    - Fixed vehicles not colliding with zombies after the engine shuts off while the vehicle is still moving.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes attacking instead of playing their hit-reaction animation. (Difficult to reproduce, somehow this person had it happen twice in a row!
    - Fixed animation event garbage collection.
    - Fixed ActiveAnimXXX events occurring every frame after a new node is started in the same AnimSet.
    - Fixed two DebugLog.txt files being created during startup. One of these files was being closed via garbage collection, which has caused problems on Linux in the past.
    - Fixed not being able to jaw-stab a zombie from behind when the zombie was playing the Zombie_DoorClaw animation.
    - Fixed action animations (like reading) not playing when sitting on the ground after trying to attack while sitting.
    - Fixed timed actions continuing while getting up from sitting after pressing a movement key.
    - Fixed parts of clothing not being visible through a hole in a layer above sometimes.
    - Fixed zombies playing their aggression sound after killing the player. It kept playing during the eating-body sound.
    - Fixed multiple death screams playing sometimes when the player is killed by zombies.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes playing their bite animation again after dragging the player to the ground.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed the animation-clip viewer animation running more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed not being able to interact with tents placed by the map-maker.
    - Fixed rooms sometimes appearing unlit when the light switch was on. This happened when loading a part of the map with room light switches but no lamps or porch lights.
    - Fixed wearing each item of clothing in a stack, when those items have the same name but different underlying types (like Jacket).
    - Fixed favorited items being used for campfire fuel.
    - Fixed a bug with reusing zombies which could result in a zombie trying to walk toward a sound it heard before it was removed
     from the world.
    - Fixed the player info avatar not updating when hats and glasses are knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the loot window not updating to show hats and glasses knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating while the game is paused..
    - Fixed the carpentry menu Door submenu appearing disabled when a doorframe can be built..
    - Fixed food in a bag in a Fridge/Freezer not cooling or freezing.
    - Fixed Big Garage Doors / Windows showing as doubled normal sized doors / windows in cutaways.
    - Fixed logging out and back in with the "Winter is coming" challenge (and others) resetting the timer.
    - Fixed some item weight discrepancies.
    - Fixed not being able to start a BBQ with any other materials apart from paper.
    - Fixed unlimited sugar being allowed to be added to a beverage.
    - Fixed lockers not cutting away correctly.
    - Fixed lunch box always spawning with fresh food even a long time into the apocalypse.
    - Fixed pouring water from bottle to bottle not reserving empty bottle's favourite status.
    - Fixed Filling up broken Saucepan repairs it.
    - Fixed sandbox option "Infection Mortality" set to "Never" not working.
    - Fixed placing and removing bait from a trap duplicating it.
    - Fixed the crafting ui "Name Filter" entry and "Filter All" checkbox displaying different values in each tab.
    - Fixed the fishing ui not being tall enough to display the caught items sometimes.
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    RickL reacted to Rathlord in Need Support? Start Here!   
    Greetings survivors! You're likely here because you're having an issue with the game, so let's cut right to the chase and get that fixed for you!
    You have three options for getting help with your technical issues, and you can pick whichever one suits you:
    1) Follow some of the steps later in this post to diagnose/fix your issue. This fixes more than 90% of people's problems so we highly recommend checking here first!
    2) Ask a question here on the forums for help from fellow players (see below for some tips on making a good post).
    3) Contact us directly and we'll work with you to fix your problem. This may be a little slower than the other options, but we try to get to every request. Click here to send us a message and see below for some tips on how to ask for help!
    How To Ask For Help
    Whether you're asking for help here or contacting us directly it's important to include a few details to ensure we can help you out as easily and quickly as possible. Please always include the following details:
    What your issue is (be specific: don't say 'it doesn't work' or 'it crashes'. Tell us how far it gets, what happens when it crashes, etc.) What operating system you're using (Windows 10, OS X 10.12, Ubuntu Mate, etc) If possible, include the console file. Do this by playing/launching the game until you have the problem. Then close the game, and go to C:/Users/YourUserName/Zomboid (for Windows) and find the console.txt file. You can either upload the file, or copy and paste the text to something like pastebin.com and share the link from the paste. What version of the game you're playing. Whether it's the current release or one of the testing branches is important. If you don't know, that means you probably have the current release. What steps you've taken to try to fix it on your own, if any.  
    Most Common Issues and Solutions
    Check here first for the most common problems players have and how to fix them!
    Problem: Game Crashes On Start
    Solution: Update your computer's graphics drivers. Do this by visiting your graphics card manufacturer's website, and once your drivers are up to date restart your computer. This fixes the vast majority of crashes. Here are the website links based on who makes your graphics card:
    ATI/AMD http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx
    NVIDIA http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    INTEL http://downloadcenter.intel.com/
    Problem: Various Issues with Gameplay or Crashing
    Solution: The next most common problem is with mods. You may not think a mod is the issue, and other people might run the game okay with a particular mod, but always check the game without mods prior to asking for help. Issues with mods and mod compatibility make up another huge portion of the issues people have.
    Problem: Game Resolution is Too High and Options are Hidden/Off Screen/Gone
    Solution: Delete your "options.ini" file in \username\Project Zomboid\ folder, or manually edit it and change the resolution to smaller.

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    RickL reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.40 RELEASED   
    Hotfix, August 3rd:
    - Fixed not being able to knock down zombies by shoving with a knife-like weapon equipped.

    - Added jewelry that can be worn on player: necklaces, earrings and rings on fingers.
    - Added ability to refill water dispensers
    - Drainable items now change their weight depending on how full they are
    - Updated credits
    - Added bracelets, watches, dogtags etc to zombies. NOTE: OLD WATCHES ARE DEPRECATED. YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND NEW WATCHES.
    - Added SetMeleeDelay animation event that can be used to set the delay between attacks. This is basically the same as RecoilDelay which is used to set the delay between firearm shots.

    - New thing for recipes.txt: 
        Normally a recipe source contains a list of hard-coded item types. 
        This doesn't work well with all the new clothing items. 
        Now a recipe source of the form "[function]" specifies the name of a Lua function that will be called to get a list of items that can be used as a source item. 
        See DismantleDigitalWatch_GetItemTypes() in recipecode.lua for an example.

    - Added context-menu tooltips showing the percent full of water-containing items when taking or transferring water.
    - Added IsoRoofFixer.java to prevent falling through roofs not placed by the mapping tools
        - can attempt to fix roofs for falling player per tile or on a per room space below basis, defaults to latter
        - locations are stored in meta data save so it doesnt attempt to fix it twice when player removes these floors (per room mode only).
        - optionally can place floors that match the roof style, or invisible floors
    - Added some more system specs printing in console logs
    - Display item icons in the "Items List" debug ui.
    - Added an optional way of interacting with context menus. 
        - Instead of displaying child menus to the left or right of the parent menu, the parent menu is hidden and the child menu is displayed in place of the parent menu. An extra menu option is added at the top of a child menu to go back to the parent menu. This behavior can be enable or disabled for each splitscreen player in the  Accessibility options. This works well with a controller. Mouse users may or may not prefer this method.

    - Attached items (i.e. hotbar items) may emit light, not just items held in the player's hands. Currently the game does not have any light-emitting items that can go in the hotbar, but this could be used to equip a chest-mounted or head-mounted light.
    - The "Equip/Turn On/Off Light Source" key will toggle a light-emitting item in the hotbar if present, instead of equipping the item in the player's hand.
    - Pressing a keyboard shortcut for a hotbar slot will activate or deactivate an item instead of equipping it, if possible.
    - A hotbar slot is highlighted red if a dragged item cannot be equipped in that slot.
    - Non-weapon items may be dragged to the hotbar.  Non-weapon items could already be added to the hotbar using context menus and radial menus.
    - The left d-pad radial menu (which previously only showed equippable weapons) now also displays the best light-emitting item in the player's inventory.  This can be used to equip and toggle a flashlight when using a controller.
    - Added an animation to context menus when displaying them with the "Single Context Menu" option when using a mouse.  There was already an animation when using a controller.
    - Prefer to display tooltips to the right or left of context menus instead of on top of them.
    - When using the "Single Context Menu" option with the mouse, short submenus are positioned under the mouse instead
     of at the parent's position.
    - Allow items to be dragged to the primary and secondary slot icons to equip them. Dragging two-handed items between the two icons equips the item in both hands.
    - Display all known seed types in the farming context menu, so mods don't need to override ISFarmingMenu.lua.
    - Display the type of container selected in the loot window. This was already done for bags, but will now also show icons for clothing driers, washers etc.
    - Added a radial-menu option to smash a vehicle window when outside the vehicle. This option was already available in the right-click context menu.
    - Added "Toggle Models Enabled" keybind, F3 by default, so people can change the key that hides/shows models in debug mode.
    - Added "Toggle Animation Text" keybind, F6 by default, so people can change the key that hides/shows animation-related text in debug mode.
    - New "Wear" submenu for garments that can be worn in different ways: Baseball cap, Poncho, Fanny Pack, Hoodie etc.
    - Changed the On/Off button in the Set Alarm dialog to a checkbox.
    - Added an option to toggle aim on and off by tapping the Aim key. Holding the Aim key for more than 1/2 a second aims without forcing aim on, so aiming stops when the Aim key is released. Running will turn off forced aim.
    - The "Attach" menu for attaching items to the hotbar adds "(Replace XYZ)" if the item will replace an existing item,
     when clicking on an item in the inventory window.
    - The vehicle radial-menu option to lock and unlock doors also locks and unlocks the trunk when using a controller.
     Players using the mouse can already do this by clicking the trunk icon in the vehicle dashboard.
    - The Attach menu options show the item to be replaced in a tooltip instead of the option name, to match the Wear menu
    - Added tooltips to the Eat submenu to show how much hunger/thirst/unhappiness will be changed, as well as displaying a warning about uncooked food and food that is better hot or cold.
    - Added "Cooked in microwave" warning to Eat submenu tooltips.
    - Don't wrap long lines in wear-item tooltips (the ones that display the bite/scratch bonuses)

    - Added code for Turbo's new objective markers
    - Added homing marker objective marker
    - Added improved item highlights
    - Improved Spiffo tutorial window placement
    - Added (incomplete) work on controllers with tutorial 
    - Added zombie alert when player opens curtain to see feeding brothers
    - Filling a grave is now a separate action from burying the 5th corpse. It still happens automatically after burying the 5th corpse.
    - Burying a corpse no longer plays a shoveling animation. This was broken since the shovel couldn't be equipped while the corpse was still in the player's hands, so the shovel might appear in the player's hands and on their back.
    - When equipping an item in the hands, corpses and generators are dropped first in a separate action. Dropping a corpse or generator used to happen instantly as soon as the item was equipped.
    - Items in the hands are unequipped in a separate action before picking up a corpse or generator. This looks better when the equipped items are in the hotbar.
    - Right-clicking on an equipped corpse or generator says "Drop" instead of "Unequip".
    - Fixed "Grab One / Grab Half / Grab All" being displayed for stacks of corpses in a container.
    - Charcoal may be used as fuel in campfires and fireplaces.
    - Each use of charcoal adds 30 minutes of fuel to a bbq/campfire/fireplace, instead of using the entire bag.
    - Charcoal barbeques can use the same fuel and starting methods as campfires and fireplaces.
    - Only clothing with FabricType defined (stuff that can be torn) can be used as fuel in a bbq/campfire/fireplace.
    - New "Add Fuel" and "Light Fire" tooltips show the amount of burn time for each item.
    - Stopped rain reducing campfire fuel twice as fast, as it looked like a bug.

    - Added a fix/function for radio modding, to allow for timing sensitive stuff like voice-over mods.
    - lines in WordZed can now be prefixed with "${t:xx.xxx}" where x is the amount of seconds. This will override the standard line triggering limitations in the radio system and use the supplied amount seconds before moving to the next line.
    - Removed the hard-coded list of languages so mods can add new languages.
        Languages are loaded by looking in the media/lua/shared/Translate folder for the game and any active mods.
        In each language folder, a new file called language.txt specifies the name and character encoding.
        The old "Language" enum is now a class.  This shouldn't break mods (unless they were calling an unimplemented method).
    - media/lua/shared/Translate/XX/language.txt files may have a line "base = YY," where YY is the name of another language to use for missing translations, before using the default language EN.
        - For example, a mod that wants to override some French translations could use this language.txt file:
        VERSION = 1,
        text = French Mod,
        charset = Cp1252,
        base = FR,
    - Added map description.txt and title.txt translation files to the media/lua/shared/Translate/EN/<MAP>/ folders. These are now read for the English language so they can be overridden by mods.
    - Fixed untranslatable text "Delete 'preset'?" in the sandbox options ui.

    - Tooltips for freezing or thawing food displays freezing time.
    - Cooking time is no longer displayed for frozen food (because it can't be cooked).
    - Added a recipe for emptying a Griddle Pan.
    - Changed Empty Paint Bucket to store water.
    - Only digital watches show the date in the time display.


    - Enabled EarlyTransitionOut for 1HDefault and SpearDefault.
    - adjusted the female bash mesh to look a bit more natural
    - tweaked hand positions of 2h strafe left and right
    - added style option to Rachel hairstyle and tweaked some other style options.
    - added masks to eating actions to improve blend between upper and lower body
    - adjusted Bob/Bob_StrafeAimSpear_Right.X and Bob/Bob_WalkBwdAim2H_Heavy.X as weapon was not anchored in hand
    - adjusted 2H_heavy attacks to end in correct pose
    - Fixed a bone-reparenting issue that caused weapons to slide around in the hands, most noticeably when fast-forwarding.
    - Declared IsoLivingCharacter.bareHands 'final', and fixed duplicate allocation.
    - Reduced MinRange for various stabbing weapons to 0.61, which is the same as other stabbing weapons. Now that attacks take the zombie's head position into account, and the head is usually closer to the player
     than the body, MinRange doesn't need to be so large. The ranges can be viewed by enabling the Character.Debug.Render.AimCone debug option.
    - Fixed stabbing weapons without CloseKillMove defined getting jaw-stab attacks.
    - Fixed the shove animation restarting when the player starts or stops moving.
    - Fixed the player hitting vehicles they aren't facing.
    - Fixed the player's bit-while-sitting animation looping forever.
    - Removed duplicate transition in zombie/walktoward/transitions.xml
    - Updated transitions and anim variable sets and conditions to work with EarlyTransitionOut
        - All transitions are now listening to ActiveAnimFinishing instead of ActiveAnimLooped.
            - Using <m_time>Start<m_time> instead of <m_timePc>0</m_timePc>
            - Using <m_time>End<m_time> instead of <m_timePc>1</m_timePc>
        - This allows us to fire the event at the point of EarlyOut instead of at the very end.
        - Prevents infinite loops caused by waiting for an event at 100% that never comes.
         - This should work just fine with all existing anim states, while fixing all infinite loops.
        - To enable an EarlyTransitionOut for a node, simply add <m_EarlyTransitionOut>true</m_EarlyTransitionOut>
    - Fixed lack of generators in Kingsmouth and added new 'Hangar' room def
    - Fixed non-cutaway wall on Studio
    - General improvements to both challenge maps
    - The player will ignore zombies standing on the other side of a fence if there is a prone zombie on the near side of the fence.
    - The player may target the head, waist or feet of prone zombies, instead of only the head. Targeting the head still does the most damage.

    - Fixed weapons having an extra 0.5 range. 
        - This extra range was only supposed to be used before an attack starts, to see if a prone zombie or lunging zombie should be hit.
        - This shouldn't affect weapon ranges though, because now the position of the  head of standing zombies is checked, and it tends to be 0.5 units ahead of the body when a zombie is lunging.
        - In theory, this will increase the range from 0.5 to 1.0 when choosing to attack a standing zombie instead of a nearer prone one, +0.5 for the head relative to the body, and +0.5 for the "extra lunge range".

    - Fixed being unable to equip a corpse or generator from a container if the player was carrying too much. This prevented the player grabbing a generator from a vehicle, for example.  It had to be dropped onto the ground first. The player was always able to equip a corpse or generator from the ground regardless of weight.
    - Fixed a lua error using the farming context menu to plant seeds without waiting for the previous action to complete.
    - Fixed chance of success and chance of damage sometimes being less than 0 or greater than 100 when installing or uninstalling vehicle parts.
    - Fixed cutaway fences looking jagged at the bottom
    - Fixed all of fences not cutting away
    - Fixed Bite/Scratch protection from Tailoring and TV shows XP gain producing floating values
    - Fixed situations in which Rip Sheets should be called Rip Clothing
    - Fixed interrupted 'Pour tainted water' into an empty container action resulting in drinkable water
    - Fixed Butchered caught animals not showing some weight and calories variation
    - Fixed many clothing items that couldn't be ripped
    - Fixed freezing and thawing times of food increasing as day length increases. I set the times to approximately match the existing durations at the default 30-minute day:
     Freezing:- 4 hours. Thawing: 15 minutes in an oven, 1.5 hours at room temperature, 3.0 hours in a fridge.
    - Fixed the radial menu used to switch the furniture-moving mode not working.
    - Fixed unnecessary counting of options in ISContextMenu.lua.
    - Fixed lua error in ISMoveableInfoWindow caused by empty overlay sprites on furniture. Could add a "none" sprite to the overlay editor.
    - Fixed the player's model lighting changing sometimes after equipping or unequipping items
    - Fixed the UI flickering sometimes when offscreen rendering is enabled.
    - Fixed languages not loading on Linux and MacOS.
    - Fixed the appearance of the mods ui when there are no mods.
    - Fixed carpentry materials not being removed from the player's hands after crafting.
    - Fixed the OnTickEvenPaused event not being triggered when the game was paused. It was checking GameLoadingState.bDone=true, but that is set to false when loading finishes.
    - Fixed the container buttons in the loot window not being updated after picking up or placing furniture.
    - Fixed floating run animation after the player gets up after running into a zombie.
    - Fixed corpses and zombies on the ground not having shadows.
    - Fixed actions using the amount of puddle water on river/pool squares.
    - Fixed the clock not being displayed with the new worn watches.
    - Fixed the list of lights touching a square not getting cleared when moving to an area without lights.
    - Fixed CurrentCell.roomLights.contains(i) instead of contains(roomLight).
    - Fixed shadows going haywire on fast-forward.
    - Fixed being able to take dirt from a square with a farm plant on it.
    - Fixed being able to dig a furrow on an existing one.  There is already a "Remove" option.
    - Fixed being able to place dirt/gravel/sand on a farm plant.
    - Fixed leg-twitch while attacking with 2H weapons. The turning state did not have a way of exiting while an attack was happening.
    - Fixed zombies failing to climb over fences or through windows sometimes.
    - Fixed Disassemble context-menu action equipping a welding mask in the hand instead of wearing it.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes walking slowly into walls when they are approaching the player.
    - Fixed zombie-crawler/hitreaction/Default.xml animation being looped.
    - Fixed missing "Campfire Info" option when clicking a campfire behind a carpentry wall.
    - Fixed not being able to start bandaging wounds while moving, even though moving is allowed after starting.
    - Fixed the inventory-window and loot-window selections changing as timed actions removed items.
    - Possibly fixed multiple zombies getting jaw-stabbed by a single attack.
    - Fixed the Wear submenu not showing bite and scratch defense bonuses. The Wear tooltip shows which items will be replaced, instead of the context-menu text being "Replace X with Y". This was done because sometimes several items are replaced, such as when putting on a Spiffo Suit.
    - Fixed duplicating fanny packs and other items.
    - Possibly fixed the player attacking after finishing the stagger-back animation. Needs feedback.
    - Fixed bite and scratch defense always being green in the Wear tooltip.
    - The Wear tooltip shows the item-to-be-worn's bite and scratch defense as well as the +/- change, the same way item tooltips do.  "Bite Defense: 0 (-10)" for example.
    - Fixed the "Render Rain When Indoors" option not being changeable.
    - Fixed "Dismantle Digital Watch" recipe not working with new watches.
    - Added back "Craft Sheet Rope", "Rip Clothing", and "Rip Sheets" recipes.
    - Fixed available recipes not being sorted to the top of the recipe list when the "Filter All" checkbox is checked.
    - Changed some usages of Stack to ArrayList. Stack is synchronized which is a bit slower.
    - Declared some fields and classes 'final'.
    - Removed HandWeapon.directional
    - Fixed some lambda-related gc
    - Fixed the broken appearance of wrist-watch models caused by masks.
    - Fixed text overlap in the Disassemble context-menu tooltips when using larger tooltip fonts.
    - Fixed tutorial lua error when not using a controller.
    - Stop creating a new inventory-window tooltip every time a tooltip is displayed, just reuse the existing one.
    - Fixed the display of rotten-food hunger values in evolved recipe tooltips (too many numbers after the decimal point).
    - Fixed inventory-window tooltips not being hidden when context menus are visible, when using the "Single Context Menu" option.
    - Fixed lua error with context menus when not using the "Single Context Menu" option
    - Fixed zombies crawling over furniture jumping upright when hit by the player.
    - Fixed lua error right-clicking on items in the hotbar while the game is paused. Hotbar context menus are no longer displayed when the game is paused.
    - Reuse ISContextMenu objects instead of creating new ones each time
    - Fixed "... and 0 more" text in recipe tooltips when exactly 10 source items are possible
    - Hide "Condition" in jewelry tooltips (any item with Cosmetic=TRUE).
    - fixed bug in RichText Panel and Layout where drawTextLeft was called.
    - Fixed "Rip Clothing" recipe not producing dirty strips from dirty clothes.
    - Fixed not reusomh context-menu tooltips instead of creating new ones each time. The carpentry and metalwork menus together created 60+ tooltips.
    - Possibly fixed the "Game Paused" message not being rendered after quitting to the main menu.

    - Fixed some issues with the zombie climb-over-fence crawling attack.
        - The zombie's movement was restricted.
        - The angle to crawl wasn't always calculated correctly.
        - The test for the attack hitting wasn't quite right.
        - The player's immunity to these attacks didn't handle different framerates (IsoGameCharacter.lungeFallTimer).

    - Fixed item.RequireInHandOrInventory being treated as DisplayName in ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doEatOption() instead of an item type.
    - Fixed DisplayName for Necklace_Choker_Amber and Necklace_Choker_Diamond.
    - Fixed "Medium Silver Looped Earrings" being named "Gold".
    - Rebuilt UI2.pack to add a few missing item icons, and the blood/hole/patch textures shown in the inspect-clothing ui.
    - Fixed the Metalwork menu tooltips using the old DisplayName translations.

    - Fixed Lua errors when adding fuel to a barbeque/campfire/fireplace from a stack of items before the previous action completes.
        This is an old issue where the same item is used by multiple actions in the action queue. After the first action completes, the item is no longer available for use by subsequent actions. This type of issue can be avoided by using the new ISContextMenu.addActionsOption() which adds a placeholder action to the timed-action queue. When the placeholder action starts, it calls a function to add the actual actions to the queue.
        The new actions are inserted into the queue immediately after the placeholder action.  The function that is called can find available items of the proper type, so the items to use are determined when the action starts, instead of when the context menu is first displayed.

    - Stop invisible-player attacks creating noise which attracts zombies.
    - Fixed grass/vegetation showing over interior walls when wind makes them sway

    - Fixed traps exploit by placing window frames near them making them indestructable.
        - traps can no longer be placed near windowframes/hoppables
        - if a windowframe is constructed near the trap after placing the trap first, the trap will consume bait but never catch anything

    - Fixed fossoil sign infinite pick up / acting as lightswitch. This will be fixed for new worlds, however existing worlds will have the problem remaining due to saved data
    - Fixed unnecessarily creating copies of clothing model textures that don't have blood, dirt or holes. This mostly includes bags, hats, jewelry and watches
    - Fixed the "zombie surprised player" sound not playing. This broke when we started spawning zombies in houses before the player entered the house. They used to spawn as soon as the player opened the door to a room.
    - Fixed text width of "Hair" and "Beard" translations in the character-info ui not being taken into account when aligning text.
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    RickL reacted to DavidBlane in Raven Creek   
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    RickL reacted to DavidBlane in Raven Creek   
    release workshop
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    RickL reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.32 released!   
    - Map and crafting window can now be closed using ESC 
    - Fishing with a spear has new SFX
    - State changes now respect partial consumption of foods
    - Ropes can now be used as sheet ropes
    - Targetting system now prefers shooting targets closer to the player's z-level.
    - The door-lock icon in the vehicle dashboard is now drawn in yellow if some (but not all) doors are locked.
    - Synced zombie thumping animations with the thump impact on doors and windows (except the window-rubbing animation, which doesn't have an impact).
    - Placed Wire in the metalwork-menu tooltips with the other materials, instead of under the skill level required.
    - Sandbox options with non-default values are highlighted
    - Added aiming at floor when you're aiming at a zombie on ground (only works when static for now, strafing will be the same) for every weapon.
    - Added talkie walkie static models.
    - Added ability to attach walkie-talkie on the belt having seen how awesome it is in Planetalgol's mod. (Check out his stuff!)
    - Balanced all weapons range/angle, some weapons were missing angle (meaning you could hit from a 90° angle), some range were way too big.
    - Better bones masking for melee attacks, hips will now be included, so the melee attack will feel less weird.
    - Can now uppercut/overhead attack while moving.
    - Zombies will now thump a car with siren/alarm on, siren will eventually get destroyed by thumping zombies.
    - Added corpses removal default settings in SP: After 9 days a corpse will either disapear or transform into skeleton (skeleton will then disapear 9 days later).
    - If you're able to hit a zombie, you won't hit any thumpable, doors, windows, etc.

    Zed fence/window behaviour improvements:
    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS IMPROVED, BUT NOT FINAL - potentially still some issues
    - Zombies won't always do their lunge attack even if they can.
    - Player will not 100% fall on the ground, but do a dice roll depending on stats to check if he falls or not, if not, they'll slightly lose his balance.
    - Fixed zombies trying to lunge on a different Z levels player.
    - Added missing weight in calcul for some chance to fall during certain actions.
    - Fixed too much range sometimes on the zombies fence lunge attack.
    - Fixed missing transition from shove to bump.
    - Fixed fence-lunging and window-lunging zombies lateral movement being restricted.
    Nerfed backstabbing:
    - Before there was a 100% crit chance with knife when backstabbing, now it will occurs only if the zombie is unalert
    - The crit chance for other weapons during backstab is lowered if zombies are alert, but greatly increased if unalert
    Populated many chunks with forage zone via a code solution:
    - Forest zones are automatically added to allow scavenging in areas where such zones haven't been placed by the mapper.
      These zones cover exactly one chunk.
      These zones are always of type Forest, never Deep Forest.
      These zones aren't saved.
      A chunk must not be part of a Nav zone or a Town zone, or an existing Forest or Deep Forest zone.
      Automatic Forest zones require all neighbouring chunks to have trees
    - Clothes can be washed without soap but it takes much longer
    - Lacerations can now be bandaged with dirty rags
    - Increased nutritional value of caught fish
    - More loot in sewing boxes.
    - More canning equipment in kitchen (jars/jar lids)
    - More painting materials in crates.
    - Increased fingerless gloves spawn rate.
    - Added more loot to the junk table
    - More clutter in kitchens.
    - More loot in sheds (mechanics stuff, saws etc)
    Fixes to:
    Bathrooms with toilets facing each other
    Doubled up shelves/counters
    Accidental additional walls
    Missing windows
    Missing doors
    Missing lightswitches
    Incorrectly placed furniture
    - Fixed Mildew Spray not being pourablr on the ground
    - Fixed Tall Fences and Log Walls not being part of cutaway system
    - Fixed tile with a wall from an intersecting wall not fading away with cutaways
    - Fixed incorrect timed action on chopping down tree with axe
    - Fixed floors built on water being invisible.
    - Fixed rendering floors above water on z > 0.* by tim
    - Fixed errors loading lua files from mods.
    - Fixed issues with hoppable seats placed next to walls - transparent walls and jump through-able walls
    - Fixed fence-lunging zombies hitting players in vehicles
    - Fixed "Choke Tube Full" making the Shotgun unusable (it set the MinAngle to 1.0).
    - Fixed sandbag and gravelbag sprite changing to a burned wall when burned
    - Fixed Character.Debug.Render.AimCone rendering (the angles were wrong)
    - Fixed save folders and game modes not matching the English UI labels.
    - Fixed the order of Blow Torch and Welding Rods in metalwork tooltips changing depending on availability.
    - Fixed vision through windows by adding the transparentN/transparentW flag to all window sprites
    - Fixed the player clipping through tall fences while climbing over.
    - Fixed the player not going over a tall fence when starting the climb from too far away.
    - Fixed fake-dead zombies not counting as "on the ground" when running over them with a vehicle.
    - Fixed the player shouting when honking the horn when the Shout key is the same as the Vehicle Horn key.
    - Fixed VehicleCrash1 and VehicleCrash2 sounds not being defined in sounds_vehicle.txt.
    - Fixed some keys not working after viewing an annotated map.
    - Fixed missing Stash_MarchRidgeMap6_Text3 translation.
    - Fixed the JOIN button not being greyed out in the main menu (changed by Zac).
    - Fixed not being able to attack zombies through see-through carpentry doors (i.e., chainlink gates).
    - Fixed zombies sometimes facing odd angles when thumping doors and windows.
    - Fixed wrong angle calcul when aiming at zombies on ground.
    - Fixed skill magazines not being removed from inventory when used as fuel for barbeques and fireplaces.
    - Fixed quick stomp when shoving zombie to ground + shove after killing a zed with stomp.
    - Fixed fences door being more resistant than fences.
    - Fixed zombies crawling through walls and fences when lunging at the player, after climbing through a window or over a fence.N
    - Fixed zombies getting stuck in the grace period of AttackState after the player dies (standing with their arms outstretched).
    - Fixed the context menu sometimes being placed too far away from the hotbar.
    - Fixed the zombie population renderer not showing buildings in the right column and bottom row of cells.
    - Fixed player getting double attacks sometimes due to bAimAtFloor switching while an attack animation is playing.
    - Fixed, hopefully, the Wash'Bloooo' bug.
    - Fixed sandbox options "attack block movement" not working.
    - Fixed some weapons (revolver, dbl barrel shotgun..) jamming when they should not.
    - Fixed media/textures/patches/patchesmask.png getting loaded on the wrong thread.
    - Fixed not being able to drop individual parts of multi-part furniture items (like beds).
    - Fixed the zombie "stutter" when going in a room while they're chasing you.
    - Fixed Sack not being empty (with items inside it) being used to take dirt/sand/gravel.
    - Fixed red veteran shirt having purple color.
    - Fixed one of the generic outfit of zeds (one with the long leather jacket) always having white trousers.
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    RickL reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.26 released!   
    Revamped mod system:
    - Updated the Mods screen. The mod description is displayed for the selected mod on the right side of the screen, instead of in the list of mods. Other details such as the ID, Workshop ID (if any), installation directory, and any posters are displayed on the right.
    - mod.info can have multiple poster= lines to specify multiple images in the Mods screen.
    - mod.info can have multiple description= lines which add to the total description.
    - The New Game screen has a button to choose which mods are enabled for the new game.
    - Each savefile has its own list of mods saved in a file named mods.txt.  mods.txt also has a list of map folders that is used in cases where parts of different maps overlap each other.
    - The Load Game screen displays the map folders and mod names used by the selected savefile. Since old savefiles do not have a mods.txt file, all currently-enabled mods are used when loading an old savefile. After loading an old savefile for the first time, the mods for that savefile cannot be changed, except by editing or deleting mods.txt.
    The old Zomboid/mods/loaded.txt file has been replaced by Zomboid/mods/default.txt.  This file contains the default set of enabled mods that will be used when creating a new game.  The default mods can be overridden when creating a new game in the New Game screen.
    default.txt also contains the list of map folders that was previously saved in options.ini (the old "mapOrder" setting that was used to deal with overlapping maps). If there are no map-overlap conflicts, this list of map folders is empty.
    - Added bBeingSteppedOn IsoZombie GameVariable to test if a player (or zombie) is standing on a prone zombie. Originally I was going to use this to prevent fake-dead zombies turning over when the player is standing on them.Prone zombies won't stand up if another zombie is standing on them.
    Changes on character creation:
    - Can now save/load outfit (clothing, m/f, name)
    - Can now select texture when item using multiple texture but no colors (jeans comes in 3 colors, but a random one was choosen everytime).
    - Tweaked washing clothes at sinks:
     - Clothing is washed one item at a time.
     - Items are washed in order from least-bloody to most-bloody when Wash > All is chosen.
     - Context-menu tooltips display the required amount of soap and water.
     - The correct amount of soap and water is used.
    - Added a display option to specify which modifier key used in combination with the mousewheel cycles between containers in the inventory and loot windows.  The default is Shift.
    - The "Walk To" context-menu command displays a cursor to specify the location to walk to.  This allows the player to click multiple times without having to choose the "Walk To" command again, making long jaunts through forests easier.
    - Items are now placed onto an adjacent not-full square when dropping items on the ground. This is needed since the loot window displays items from the surrounding 3x3 squares, and each square can only hold 50 weight.
    - Added an option (under Accessibility) to drop items near the center of the square the player is standing on, rather than exactly where the player is standing, for neat freaks.
    - Items now transferred from lightest to heaviest, to maximize the number of items that will be transferred.
    - Animation now plays when transferring items between main inventory and equipped bags.
    - Vehicle-headlight distance and intensity are based on the part condition instead of being randomly set  when the vehicle is created. Headlight width is also based on part condition. The Focus Up and Focus Down context-menu commands which changed headlight width were removed.
    - Updated community translations.
    - Added a nag panel that pops up the first time the user tries to access the Mods screen.
    - Added the word "ERROR" to the little red box of doom.
    - Zombies can now have random bandages (bloody!) on them, thanks Captain Australia on reddit for the idea!
    - Overlays updated
    - Limited the forces applied to vehicles when driving over corpses to prevent liftoff.
    - Added sewing kit (icon pending) to kitchen loot table, this contain needles/thread and few strips to fix clothing.
    - Added mouse trap in kitchen random distributions.
    - Forbid building barbed wire fences without a connecting fence post or barbed-wire segment.
    - Color palette at character creation now doesn't heavily favors shades of pink and green over others.
    - Flint knife now has crafting recipe 
    - Now possible to recover and repair a weapon used in Spear creation
    - Stomp with fractured thigh/shin/foot now affects stomping accuracy
    - When stomping on multiple zombies, player now chooses the one whose head is closest. Previously, the distance to the zombie wasn't considered, other than being in stomping range.
    - Allow the player to drop items while moving, to avoid unfair deaths
    - Changed Screws weight to match Nails.
    - Changed IsoGameCharacter.maxWeight from Integer to int.
    - Reduced the damage to headlights from hitting zombies.
    - Added more attack prediction for the standing/on ground zombie detection.
    - Moved Tailoring perks from Survivalist to Crafting sub category.
    - Changed Flint knife to Stone knife (using a sharped stone).
    - Increased Digital Watch spawning rate.
    - Lowered chance of some helmet removals.
    - Can now attach meat cleaver to the belt.
    - When a car spawn in zed stories (police, fireman..) key of the car can be find on one of the zombie spawned with it.
    - Lowered general condition of car spawning in house stories.
    - Renamed Key in House keys.
    - House key can now spawn in kitchen counter.
    - Fireman in burnt house stories now spawn a firemen vehicle.
    - Added Drink from pot anim.
    - Can now use the Stone Knife in various recipe (cutting animals, fish, creating stake...)
    Some changes on Foraging UI:
    - Foraging now doesn't close the UI.
    - Added progress bar on the UI when foraging.
    - Items gathered will be displayed on the right.
    - Can now filter on "fish baits".
    - Animals filter still get all the fish baits too.
    - Worms can now be found at level 0.
    Cutaways - [Bug] Can't see character through some objects
    Cutaways - Can't see inside of a house through a window facing top-right
    Cutaways - Cut-away walls plop back up when trying to open a window, even when unsuccessful.
    Cutaways - Hide the eaves on roofs when entire building is hidden/transparent
    Cutaways - Player made walls not display walls, windowframes, doorframes on north and west when build it on Z>0.
    Cutaways - Wall cut away system not hiding enough of player-made walls
    Cutaways - Wall cut out issue when near window
    - Fixed advantages give through cancelling attacks (IMPORTANT: If you prefer playing with the ability to walk while attacking zeds (kiting), then this is possible by disabling Melee Movement Disruption in Sandbox options)
    - Fixed player animation lockup when gun breaks after firing it.
    - Fixed blob corpses in McCoys and Prison zones.
    - Fixed a reused zombie's animation blending in from the previous one it was playing before the zombie was removed from the world.
    - Fixed the wrong HurtSound being played for zombies after male/female swap.
    - Fixed reversing over corpses not playing a sound.
    - Fixed bunch of bugs in Fixing Generator (perks wasn't taking in calcul, also now gives electrical exp.)
    - Fixed snapping in farming actions due to wait for turning to finish before playing the animation
    - Fixed the player taking damage from heavy loads when resting, sitting or sleeping.
    - Fixed vehicles taking fall damage each time they were loaded.  It didn't happen every time, possibly only when two vehicles were touching.
    - Fixed issues with targeting windows and shooting zombies through windows.
    - Fixed failing to load models with capital I in the filename using the Turkish language.
    - Added 'world' attachments to more weapon models so they are centered and lie flat in the world.
    - Fixed zombies farther away than 10 squares having a negative chance to spot the player.
    - Fixed not being able to build barbed-wire fences in one direction.
    - Fixed zombies thumping fence posts.
    - Fixed fake-dead zombies sometimes appearing naked until the player gets close.
    - Fixed no wait for turning to finish before starting ISBuryCorpse.
    - Fixed inventory items displaying the timed-action green highlight after actions finish.
    - Fixed the player continuing to move while sleeping somtimes.
    - Fixed lua error after clicking Continue after the last-played savefile has been deleted.
    - Fixed Flashlight not being consumed from bags or on the ground when crafting Lamp-on-Pillar.
    - Fixed battery status not being preserved when installing a radio in a vehicle. Changed ConditionMax from 10 to 100 for radio items that can be installed in vehicles.
    - Fixed not being able to remove a clothing patch without having patch material in inventory.
    - Fixed clothing tooltip using the wrong player in splitscreen.
    - Fixed mod IDs for deleted mods not being removed from mods/default.txt, resulting in them being added to mods.txt for new games.
    - Fixed texture-filtering issue that affected scrollbars and the debug console sometimes
    - Fixed being able to drink from a Washing machine
    - Fixed not being able to put a corpse in a grave without a shovel
    - Fixed fresh, frozen ice cream having negative boredom / happiness values for some inexpiable reason
    - Fixed Hats held in char inventory (not worn) also becoming wet/soaked
    - Fixed translations for new game modes not being used in Load Game ui and post-death text.
    - Fixed zombified players not standing up due to other zombies standing on them.
    - Fixed game-mode translations not being used in a few places.
    - Forbid digging graves above ground level. People could put dirt on a roof then dig a grave in the roof.
    - Fixed dragging items from a bag to the floor not unpacking them first, as was done when clicking the Drop button.
    - Fixed military fences being climbable when facing south or east.
    - Fixed new bandage items being added each time the game is loaded, resulting in bandage models not being removed.
    - Fixed higher engine quality lowering the chance of starting a vehicle.
    - Fixed colder weather increasing the chance of staring a vehicle.
    - Fixed vehicle engineQuality sometimes being less than zero or greater than 100.
    - Fixed rendering of lightswitches, shelves, and other objects that are on the south or east side of a square. This also fixes rendering of doors that swing open the opposite way of most other  doors (double-doors in Westpoint Gigamart and church for example).
    - Fixed placement of sheets on doors that open the opposite way from most other door
    - Fixed cutaway outline for window frames that have no window (such as carpentry window frames).
    - Fixed not being able to build doors on a square a player or zombie is standing on.
    - Fixed metalwork not using items on the ground.
    - Fixed metalwork not equipping a non-empty Blowtorch if an empty Blowtorch is equipped.
    - Fixed non-empty bags being allowed but not being used when doing carpentry (creating a rainbarrel for example).
    - Fixed Torch and Rope items on the ground not being allowed when creating Lamp-On-Pillar.
    - Fixed tooltips blocking mouse movement over context menus.
    - Fixed properties of some light switches (attachedE, attachedS).
    - Fixed properties of some overlay sprites in tiledefinitions_overlays.tiles.
    - Fixed clothing on zombies and on the ground not getting wetter in the rain.
    - Fixed unnecessary reading of directory contents when looking for mod.info files. This slowed down activating mods for the first time.
    - Fixed water effects animating while the game is paused.
    - Fixed lua error when creating a splitscreen player.
    - Fixed player being able to walk through compost bins by making them solidtrans
    - Fixed characters pathfinding through Lamp-on-pillar by making them solidtrans
    - Fixed log walls not being transparent like tall fences. (not LOS transparency)
    - Fixed the savefile picture not updating after playing then quitting to the main menu.
    - Fixed DebugOptionsWindow being taller than the screen sometimes.
    - Fixed being able to sneak run/sneak run low when having foot injuries.
    - Fixed making stakes not giving woodwork exp.
    - Fixed being able to remove battery while the car engine was running.
    - Fixed drink from bowl. (drink from pot anim is coming!)
    - Fixed drinking from popcan having timing issue.
    - Fixed duplicate bandage models and body-damage models being applied to zombies sometimes.
    - Fixed a zombie snapping upright after hitting it after it climbs over a counter. A zombie will still snap upright if it is hit while it is still on the counter.
    - Fixed replaceOnUse/replaceOnDelete not setting favorite is the previous item was favorite.
    - Fixed destroying stuff not having a calories modifier.
    - Fixed riverside garage missing their loot table.
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    RickL reacted to Svarog in NecroForge [Item Spawner & Utility]   
    Welp, finally had some time and did an update. There's more to do but it works. Should be compatible with Build 39, 40 and IWBUMS 41 without issues. If there are any, do let me know.
    Necroforge 2.7b Changelog
    Added Missing Clothing Items Added Missing Skills to EXP Debug Menu [Backwards Compatible] Added Support for Clothing Dryers and Washer objects to Tile/Object Cloner New Vehicle Function - Spawn Vehicle New Vehicle Function - Debug Repair Full (Adds Missing Parts Too) New Vehicle Function - Debug Remove Vehicle Fixed Generated Vehicle Key had Default Key Icon Fixed Some Weapons Being Miscategorized into Ammo Fixed Spawning Zombies in Undies  
    Mediafire Download: NecroForge 2.7b
    Also available on Steam Workshop
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    RickL got a reaction from crossed in New Hot Bar   
    Thanks for the replies.
    I have it figured out, it was bad editing on my part. I can now place everything I stated, including the meat cleaver and a few other items, in belts, holsters or on my back.
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    RickL got a reaction from ZombieHunter in Defecation v2.22   
    I've seen a lot of mods for PZ, but this has to be the crappiest one ever.
    Nice idea.
    Downloaded and I'll give it a go on my next play through.
  20. Spiffo
    RickL reacted to Arsenal26 in Super Survivors!   
    I’m having fun playing with this mod, and tweaking/adding things is half the fun even though I’m pretty horrible at coding. I suppose that’s what makes games with good MOD support so amazing. While I can't wait for an “NPC Test Branch”, I think this mod has really added some much needed depth to the game, and opened up a can of worms that cannot be ignored. So while waiting for “Official” NPC’s, we get to mess around with Super Survivors!

    That said, I've made a few tweaks to address a couple minor things that made Super Survivors! A little awkward (imo). I really don't know what the heck I'm doing, but calling upon some 7th grade C++ (from the 90's) I managed to not break the mod too badly while adding a few things to (imo) improve playability... I recorded a short video to help illustrate what I’m talking about…

    (Link Here)

    Following in General – I noticed that setting the [Following Distance] only affects at what point survivors start to follow when they are stopped. In other words, they do not consider [Following Distance] when it comes to stopping… This results in survivors bunching up all around the player each time you stop.

    To remedy this, I changed it to check [Following Distance] setting during the stop trigger. The result is survivors will try to maintain the distance while following, and setting it to “10” really does mean “Hang back” and “Stay back there”

    Moving with Larger Groups – I find that moving with larger groups is awkward still because even though they can be made to maintain a certain distance and not crowd around the player, 4 or more survivors in a group still move in a bunched up sloppy looking mob. This is hardly noticeable with one or two survivors following, but with a group, it starts to look pretty silly.

    To remedy this, I added the ability to assign a value [Follow Order], which is derived by the current [Follow Distance], to each individual survivor. This value is then added to the [Follow Distance], resulting in the possibility for each group member to have a unique following distance. This allows groups to move in staggered formation where certain members can be placed up front or designated to hang back. (+)Increasing or (-)Decreasing the [Following Distance] setting will bring the entire formation closer or further respectively.

    Stand Ground issue - On issuing this command, all Super Survivors attempt to occupy the same square the player is in, similar to the issue with following in general described above. This is awkward when trying to setup a quick defensive posture, because they are all knocking heads and stepping on one another’s heels... I did however want to retain the ability to command individual survivors to Stand Ground in my square, just in case I want to place them behind a counter, or in a corner...

    To address this, I linked [Stand Ground] to the [Following Distance] value (similar to the fire control tweak a few posts up)... If [Follow Distance] is "0", they will try to occupy the players square. If [Follow Distance] is anything other than "0", they will Stand Ground where they are at the time the order is given.  This will allow the player to lead a group into position and then issue the order basically freezing them to fight in that formation. This will reduce instances of survivors climbing all over each other when you want your squad to stop and fight...

    Exchange Clothing - Added the ability to exchange clothes with survivors via the interaction menu... I dunno... just seemed like a cool thing to be able to do...  Matching uniforms for your Post Apocalyptic gang... Or if a Survivor spawns with amazing skills, but is wearing a purple vest...  "Come on man what the hell are you wearing !?!!"

    Dope and Beer - Added menu command instructing Survivor(s) to gather ammo in specific quantities... No more waiting until they've blown through the one box of ammo they brought only to run around in a panic like rank amateurs... You can tell them to bring a crap ton of ammo in a specific quantity designated by....... [Following Distance]!!!

    Just open up a couple cases into boxes... drop it all on the floor... and tell them how many they get each. I find this much easier than passing out ammo box by box.

    Survivor Info Screen – Added max (bag) weight, and current (bag) weight carried… useful to prevent survivor from dumping their loot if you accidently tell them to grab too much ammo. Added Bravery Points, and Following Order as well…

    Un-Addressed Issue - It seems to me that on occasion, when the Survivor is "Standing Ground" further away (still visible on screen, zoomed out)... specifically between the player and Zombies.... they fail to defend themselves... and just stand there and get chomped on...  Anyone know why this is ??

    At anyrate, These are some of the things I did to make this Mod play the way I wanted.... which is kind of turning it into a squad based RTS of sorts... Combined with Fenris Wolf's [ORGM-Rechambered], it's a blast!!!
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    RickL reacted to RingoD123 in Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop)   
    Bedford Falls now fully updated on Steam and Nexus Mods to include full Vehicle spawns.
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    RickL got a reaction from Batsphinx in Foot Steps   
    I just noticed this as well... 3 steps.
    I'm on the weather build as well.
    If this matters... my sound card is a Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 w/ latest drivers.
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    RickL reacted to martingee in How to Edit Vehicle Skins   
    To help create your custom skins here are the UV's for each vehicle (as .png's). 
    These are my working files so the names don't "mean" anything, other than to tell me which set of UV's they are.
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    RickL reacted to axeladalidez78 in RELEASED: WEATHER TEST BUILD   
    So now that there's wind in the game. Could the wind possibly cool down the player a lot faster? Like windchill?
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    RickL got a reaction from nater in Defecation v2.22   
    I've seen a lot of mods for PZ, but this has to be the crappiest one ever.
    Nice idea.
    Downloaded and I'll give it a go on my next play through.
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