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    fluffe9911 reacted to Fenris_Wolf in ORGM Rechambered   
    As some of you know, ORMtnMan stopped development of the Real Guns Mod some time ago, but didn't want his work to go to waste.
    After much hammering away on the keyboard, and testing on poor defenseless zombies I feel its now safe to officially present the results.  This brings a number of new features and fixes to ORGM.
    Current Version: 3.09.2 Stable
    Tested PZ Versions: 38.30 to 40.43
    Current Compatibility:
    Necroforge & Survivors Mod: Compatible (built-in patch, as of v2.02-stable)
    Nolan's ORGM Silencer Mod: Compatible (built-in patch, as of v2.03-stable)
    Nolan's SuperSurvivors Mod: Partially Compatible (built-in patch, as of v3.04-stable)
    Any other mods/addons for the legacy ORGM version are not considered compatible. Expect errors if you use them.
    Webpage and Frequently Asked Questions
    Discord ORGM Support
    Introductory ORGM Tutorial Video (By Ghul King)
    Downloads (Stable):
    Current Release 3.09.2 Stable:  https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/ORGM.zip
    Steam Workshop 3.09.2 Stable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514618604
    * steam version may not be up-to-date with latest release. Credit to Khaos & ORMntMan for maintaining the workshop page
    Downloads (Beta/Experimental):
    Latest Beta Release 3.09.2 Stable:  https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/ORGM-Beta.zip
     * In the event the latest version is stable, the beta link above will point to the stable version.
    Github Development Version: https://github.com/FWolfe/RealGunsMod
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Cyrrent Eiledoll in More Spiffos   
    28 different Spiffos and a Spiffo Box.
    Some restyled Spiffos. All Spiffos can be found in Wardrobes or Toystore. Different Spiffos can be found in different places.
    A Spiffo Box with 1 Random Spiffo can be found in Postboxes, Toystore or with very low chance in Zombie Corpses.
    Have Fun ... take what you want.
    = +
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from Cyrrent Eiledoll in Unsolved Mysteries   
    Getting a big gravity falls vibe from this looks awesome lol
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Cyrrent Eiledoll in Unsolved Mysteries   
    For all Players who have nothing to do.
    Make your own Exhibition.
    Most things are only for fun and have no usefull function but you can sell tickets or Shirts to other Players if they want to see your Exhibition
    Bug testing needed (have only tested a little bit)
    If you want Textures from this Mod just Ask or take them but show me please the results
    If you want to change some from the Mod please upload the changed Mod again so everyone can use the new Version
    Textures by Cyrrent Eiledoll
    Code by Cyrrent Eiledoll
    have Fun!
    Some Impressions
    Downloadlink: Unsolvedmysteries.rar
    If you want more of this i will make new Exhibitions
    If you want to help just write me.
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Cyrrent Eiledoll in Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!   
    Watching some Horrormovies the last days ....
    Its not what you requested but its a good feeling to be back

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    fluffe9911 reacted to Snakeman in CartoZed   
    Thanks, i shared some screenshots now... this mod have language support.

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    fluffe9911 reacted to ORMtnMan in ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]   
    Hey good news everyone! I was quasi-successful in making the tooltip work for my next version of the mod (thanks to some hints from BlindCoder) so progress is rolling again finally! Woohoo!
    The tooltip won't be as exciting as I first thought with small ammo images showing how much and what kind of ammo, but at least I will have the ammo count and next bullet type on there...
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Teesee in Make up an odd reason to ban the person above you   
    Ban Kirrus for ruining Zeek's argument. Also, ban fluffe9911 for spreading rumours about Zeek spreading rumours. That's not nice.
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    fluffe9911 reacted to loudboomaker in Actual spiffoland   
    There should be a small family owned amusement park called spiffoland.  Maybe franchised to the fast food place.
    Also spiffo mascot suits.
    That is all.
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    fluffe9911 reacted to TheCautiousOne in California, Ky   
    Cell 30,21 Has had the Light Blue Water cells removed and replaced with Stock Water Tiles. 
    Please Report to me and let me know if this prevents the ground from showing. 

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    fluffe9911 reacted to Tybug0rz in Rate How Popular The Person Above You Is! [Game]   
    This has already became a joke, I;m so proud  
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Tybug0rz in IWBUMS AWAY!   
    Such cool, much like
    (Memes Never Die) @fluffe9911
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    fluffe9911 reacted to EnigmaGrey in It's the 90's! Arcade machines and electronics   
    We must have it, Batsphinx.
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    fluffe9911 reacted to nolanri in Safe Storage Mod   
    Adds a metal Safe to the game. The safe can be crafted with level 9 Carpentry, 4 sheets of metal, 25 screws, Crowbar and a hammer. Or it can be found in crates in all areas.
    The safe is a normal container item when you first find or craft it. So fill it with items. Then from the inventory menu right click and choose lock safe. The safe will then be locked and anchored to the ground and you will get a key in your inventory that can be used to unlock it. The anchored safe is impossible to destroy or steal for any normal player, they will not even be able to see whats inside. So your items are now safe. Just don't lose your key.

    Now with a combination lock safe. 5 digit combination lock. Can use a different lock code each time you lock it. You must right click on the outer locked safe to unlock it, not the inner caps lock saying COMBINATION LOCKED. First click on ground tile then right click safe to enter combination to unlock

    Now a player with the Burglar Profession can Crack open safes with a Crowbar, Screwdriver and Hammer. But he must have at least 4 Sneaking points. Each Attempt to crack the safe takes a while, and is not guaranteed to work. Though only your time is lost with repeated failed attempts. Higher level sneaking has a better chance to crack the safe each attempt.
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from curi0 in ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]   
    If you look threw the steam workshop you can find a ORGM Compatible silencer mod
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from EchelontheEyeless in Ability to clean up ash when something gets burned   
    I started a zombie burning pit then after I burned a couple I realized how ugly meh pit looks with the ash would be cool to be able to clean it up
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Geras in Bloody Business   
    I hope for more diverse zombies body-size wise. Thin, overweight, fat, bodybuilder, tall, short. Same goes to player character. Underweight - thin model, Obese - fat model, Overweight - overweight model.
    Or make models connected to zombie (character) weight, which would be randomly distributed from 50 to 150 kg on start and make the model reshape itself (sort of like creating a character in The Sims games). That would be more natural and would avoid situations like every thin zombie is exactly as thin as any other thin zombie etc.
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from Keshash in Player Traps Mod   
    Man your going all the way with these innovative mods lol
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from Foulmouth in Knives are objectively the best weapon.   
    Cant we just say its all up to opinion and let everybody use whatever weapon they want ;p;
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from Kuren in Knives are objectively the best weapon.   
    Cant we just say its all up to opinion and let everybody use whatever weapon they want ;p;
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    fluffe9911 got a reaction from Kim Jong Un in Knives are objectively the best weapon.   
    Cant we just say its all up to opinion and let everybody use whatever weapon they want ;p;
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    fluffe9911 reacted to Jab in Driving Cars Mod   
    If I get spare time, I may just make 3D models of cars and work on ModelLoader to support mods like these.
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    fluffe9911 reacted to nolanri in Driving Cars Mod   
    Air plane
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    fluffe9911 reacted to {\/\/} King {\/\/} in I used to be a minor modder for pz   
    Hi. I'm Shawn. Back in the day (as it were) I used to mod on this game a bit. I collaborated with another modder to make a small building called MooTown Coffee (or was it cafe?) Essentially an ugly, cow colored cafe for another building. I think it made it into the old community map, I am not sure. I also started working on my own mod (which I still have all the art for) that was meant to be the secret murder house of a serial killer/ bad thing doer. It was a few months before the character models were all switched (which killed the few clothing mods I had been working on, but excited me because I thought it would be easy to make new enemy models as I wanted to make a huge mod that made the game into the mist instead of zombies, or at least add boss zombies of some kind, rant over, I digress)
    What I am asking is: Is it possible to use my old files to mod the game to finally make my murder house come true or do I have to do the whole deally over? I will try to attach some samples.
    First the coffee shop that started my life in modding so many years ago...

    Now into some of the good stuff, the murder house.
    some of the images within are disturbing, gory, twisted and not for those with weak stomachs.

    So does anyone want to either mod with me, have me do some art for your mods (especially if you are something that is essential at this point like Hydrocraft or Terminus), or help me make this into something and try to get it into the Terminus pack etc..
    And in summation I apologize for being out of the loop. I haven't played for years and I am just getting back into it. I really miss the dummies..
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    fluffe9911 reacted to nolanri in Driving Cars Mod!   
    I could use someones help with some questions. I want to figure out how to hide the player while driving so its like hes IN the car. And lastly make it so the car crushes zombies it runs into. To kill the zomies i hit I just need help with a way to kill a zombie with his MovingObject class. i can already detect all the moving objects i collide with just dont know how to KILL the moving object i hit if its a zombie. someone help plz
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