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  1. the marijuana mod needs things like that.
  2. Wait Waiih.. You're actually able to load additional models into the game more than its default?
  3. Actually, you can add three at a time. Because who uses poolcues anyways? and or rolling pins. replace those models / textures with that of your guns, then just make a few new weapons that draws those sprites.
  4. I was just testing it out the other day, thanks to Antize I was able to make my own mod.. here, i'll send you the files with instructions.
  5. well it's not a bar, but rather a dropdown list... go check it out before you ask...
  6. There should be an up arrow, that says something like move to top of queue or similar. That will force start the download. Fantastic! ----- Anyway, a sweet new feature would be total zombie customization. Also with having presets on zombie speed, intelligence and stuff, give us sliders! so we may have 100% customization! Because i want zombies that can jog, but not full on sprint. we already haz that. Take a look in the sandbox settings.
  7. you know.. I feel like sometime you're gonna have to teach me how to walk again... *Edit: now I'm sitting here laughing at myself and your post like a dumbass..
  8. This is an ambitious idea... you have my support.
  9. that's a great concept, along with suppressed weapons..
  10. snip I think I made it a little bit too big, but I think you can get the idea... http://imgur.com/1ASGiFw,oUaOjMq,dxAaarh#0
  11. Hello Jab! I've encountered a few slight problems with your code once again.. If you take a look at these, http://imgur.com/l1mqb2L,CJw4J5v,sfMLrSY,nSZhj45#3 you'll notice that there's a few "holes" in my model in these two places. http://i.imgur.com/exiMdQk.png I've made sure that there aren't any blank / missing textures on my texture file, as well as having all faces of the model UV mapped correctly. Could this have been caused by me stacking faces ontop of eachother on the UV mapper?
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