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  1. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    The recipe for potato flour in a bag is still consuming a Baking Tray. I dont know how to fix it myself, but would you please fix that?
  2. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey there. I found a buggy Recipe. The Bag of Potato Flour recipe consumes a Baking Tray. You can gather Gunpowder from another ammunition.
  3. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey there. I found two bugs recently. 1. The Hashbrowns Recipe is all good, but then, if you cooked them and eat them, you'll get a frying pan. So thats more of a Frying pan dupe bug i guess. 2. The Pumpkin Bread dissapears when youve cooked them. Somehow they vanished in my oven. Dunno if thats a bug for me only, but i wanted to report. /edit: Maybe a third one? Dunno if its just bad luck, but I am not able to hunt anything down since the update.
  4. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    @ Scottvrakis You can start how you wish to start. I recommend you open the Recipes and look it up. Maybe start with Foraging I found a bug or not. I dont know exactly. I dried some oranges and the Baking Tray got deleted. Is it on purpose?
  5. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Ah okay. I really didnt know it. Thank you very much! I love your Mod! Youre awesome
  6. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I think so. The Autor said there are many items which got no recipe yet. Im looking really forward for it. It looks so great so far!
  7. ibenel

    Dry Towels v7.0

    Its not working for me and i dont know why. My game freezes when i activate it ;_;
  8. ibenel

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi there! Thank you for this mod. I really appreciate your work here. I would really recommend it if you would make Mini-tutorials for some items... also there are some items which are unobtainable i think. Tutorials like to get Clay or how the Composter works etc. Good work buddy, keep it up!
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