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  1. It's really been a pleasure playing this game, and equally so to be a part of the forum. In fact, this game was the game that geared me toward other great Indie teams and titles. Thank you for putting the 100 man, multi-million dollar corporations to shame. Thank you for having the heart and soul to pour into the community...it's really amazing.
  2. T You got me thinking, "Do zombies know that the 'dead' zombies are dead?" I'm certainly no Romero school expert, my only knowledge on the matter comes from the Dawn of the Dead remake, Diary of the Dead, and 3 season's worth of The Walking Dead. I can't imagine zombies having much processing power when it comes to cognitive function. They, by nature, devour the living...because they're the dead. So, if they encounter a skull-bashed zombie corpse, do they know it's non-operational? Would they draw to it like it were a functioning zombie? If they knew it were non-functional, would they not stop to feed on it? Sorry if I'm getting too philosophical or overthinking the matter.
  3. Or even just a certain region. If you could choose "Muldraugh North West" (Not sure what's there, just being arbitrary) and it would limit your spawn point to somewhere in that region, that would allow you to plan your game, but still allow you to deal with the 'chaos' of figuring out exactly where you are and what you have. Maybe i've heard this, maybe it's been implemented without my knowing, but what about different professions having you start in different areas/houses? I know that medical professionals and burglars have both been discussed as upcoming choices for professions...a prominent individual in the medical field would likely not live in the same neighborhood as someone who makes their living breaking into homes and stealing from cars. Again, not determining exact locations, but rather choosing from a list of 'suitable' homes. Great idea though, for sandbox! I know I love having options...I like my PZ experience a particular way!
  4. You might be interested in this: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12827-doors-and-windows-shaking-slightly-when-pounded/?hl=%2Bdeaf#entry161696 It would be nice if there were some visual cue letting you know which way the sounds came from, as far as the ambient event noises go (as a laptop player, it is frustrating trying to decipher exactly where it came from without watching for the zombies running that way). I really don't have any ideas on how to implement it though, at least I hope the link above helps you some....it's all I've got for you, at any rate. I see it's your first post - let me be the first to welcome you aboard!
  5. The only use for these items I can imagine, and maybe this is where OP is coming from, in another thread, a suggestion was posted about a realism enhancement where you have to worry about getting their blood on/in wounds, with chance of infection. I posted an idea about visors and rubber gloves for protection. I could see hazmat suits and gas masks used to deflect spraying blood. You can find it here...along with my suggestion for a hardcore mode. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13099-some-additions-to-infection/
  6. I'm glad to hear someone agree - i figured this would get brushed off as 'another sandbox option.' I guess I figure that we should have survival as the core game experience, hardcore for an experienced player wanting something more, and sandbox for someone who wants a specific gaming experience...like random map games in RTS games vs campaign and challenge scenarios.
  7. Enjoying 'Seinfeld.'

  8. I imagine they communicate somehow, so that seems very straightforward. It might add a little to the 'endgame' idea too...if nothing more than an easter egg.
  9. Yeah, its easy to do that IRL. If by run you literally mean 'sprinting,' through the woods, I could definitely see it implemented. Maybe even have a poison ivy thing installed that would make you uncomfortable and distract you...reducing your awareness.
  10. I think there would be a very real threat of 'blood transfusions' in this way, and the zombies getting into the water (a la "Walking Dead") would be a concern. Maybe implement protective visors like what riot officers would wear, or like what a machinist would wear. I'm sure gloves would be a commodity too. Leather work gloves for another 'day at the office,' even rubber/latex surgical gloves for working on other players or yourself to avoid cross-contamination. I hear more and more realism suggestions, and I have to say, I love them all. However, my fear is that we'll go from a zombie-survival-rpg, to a zombie-survival-simulator. I know that sandbox is still a thing, but I'm almost thinking maybe we need a third option, like an 'expert' or 'hardcore' mode where things like this are involved. But I digress.
  11. I am one who likes more information rather than less. When I started, I didn't know silverware was useable as a weapon...I was used to Skyrim's system of useless, collectible items, and assumed these were only there for looks. I didn't know until this playthrough that paperclips were implemented for fishing. I thought they were an ambiance item. Any sort of mundane description with at least a vague clue about their intent might be good for players - especially novices. "Spoons - great for Nutella*, and mediocre for zombie temples!" *product placement not likely.
  12. What about stripping a couple sheets off the bed? In any house, you should find at least the fitted sheet and a regular sheet. I don't know if this should render the bed unusable though. Maybe later if they implement resting bonuses or something for the furniture you sleep on, it might drop your bonus a bit. I like the idea of blacking out the windows with trash bags, I'm sure it would work nicely. My question is this: why do I need to rip them? Are we splitting them down the sides to increase the overall area so they cover the whole window? I think it would be ok to use them 'as issued...' if we get too picky on realism, i fear you'll have to have a hammer and nails to hang the sheets up over the window (as you really should). Then we're all hosed.
  13. Hadn't really thought about that until you mentioned it, but that would be more realistic. Forcing you to pick through your stores. Now if we can just keep the spoiled produce separated from the edible produce in our bags - that would make my day...accidental food poisoning from spoiled watermelon isn't fun.
  14. Might be good for simulating other survivors. We hear the gunshots and screams but notice little else. The zombies would have been just as inclined to break their doors and windows. The atmosphere would be greatly improved by it also...much more desolate.
  15. Ah no, I meant within the confines of the inventory the container would be highlighted; I agree, highlighting them in the actual world would remove the charm of searching. This is just about making it slightly more efficient to search for high-value items within containers you're already searching for. Appreciate the comments guys, thank you. I see. That sounds a lot better...kind of a "See, aren't you glad you picked 'observant?' You would have missed this otherwise." Yeah, I could live with that for sure.
  16. I find myself praying for rain for my crops...or keeping my fingers crossed I don't get caught in a downpour between safe-houses. A little symbol by the clock would help immensely.
  17. Yeah, I could see a trait allowing the finding of rarer loot easier. A lot of games have this (Neo Scavenger''s eagle-eye, and Skyrim's Imperials come to mind) But I am adamantly against highlighting containers of interest...part of the charm is going to the trouble of securing the perimeter of the target structure, looking in the windows, finding a point of entry, and examining all the containers to find the elusive items. Besides, how else would I get my 48 piece tableware set?
  18. Yeah, that's exactly the idea I had in mind! Somehow the last stand thing slipped my mind, but yes, it would be perfect!
  19. I couldn't find an appropriate section in maps for suggestions, so I'll post this here hoping the right person will read it. I have an idea for a challenge map sort of scenario. Instead of working within a town or city area, what about being the sole survivor on a cruise liner? Seems kinda quirky, but within a little different parameters, i think it would be worth a play-through. A few things would be key differences, there wouldn't be trees, but I'm sure that you could get more than enough planks from the hundreds of doors and furnishings on board...likewise saws wouldn't likely be on board a ship, but hammers certainly would. Nails could be find (not sure if accurate, but for sake of gameplay, why not?) Farming probably wouldn't happen either, same for trapping (maybe rats) or fishing (could probably mod proper equipment to fish, but i wouldn't want to stand around on the deck of an infested cruise liner watching a bobber). You would have to rely on raiding cabins and the kitchens. The game would likely be shorter...rather than months, you could probably survive for a couple weeks. Zombies would be fixed in number, and not respawn, but the much closer quarters would imply that chances of being caught and overrun would be greater. Since the number is fixed, you could conceivably kill all the zombies and 'win.' This may be controversial, but the whole map is a shot in left field, so there you go. Obviously this would involve a whole construct of new sprites, and is a huge order coming from someone who has no experience, knowledge, or time for the matter. But this is just an idea that I had that I wanted to share. This is obviously a talented community, and maybe the right person would come along.
  20. Yeah, I currently have a small collection of wet towels because I keep forgetting to dump them in the neighbors house or somewhere. This seems like an obvious craftable because of the simplicity and utility...and uberevan's idea of wringing out the towel for water would be nice. The amounts, however minute, could be used even for plant watering. You have to make every drop count.
  21. I see what you're getting at. The higher pellet count you're thinking of is what comes in birdshot. Its closer in size to what you would put through a bb gun. 00 Buckshot (designed to hunt...bucks) is the standard for police and military supply. 00 Buckshot rounds contain 9 lead balls .33" in diameter (close to a .357 round, at the same velocity...if you can imagine getting hit with nine 357's at the same time...) Both types would be very common in an area such as Muldraugh/West Point. Sporting, Magnum, and other specialty loads may vary on pellet count, but you get the drift. Hollywood makes the shotgun look like you can clear a room in a couple shots because of the spread pattern. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. I've fired both kinds, and out to normal shotgun distances (50 yds and closer...IMO) the patterns for the buckshot don't spread much beyond the silhouette of a human-sized target. Birdshot can have a bit more deviation...but most of the lead lands in the perimeter of the target. Sporting guns usually allow the use of "choke tubes" to, in effect, "funnel" the shot pattern down to increase accuracy at range. In our case you would need to hit the head, of course. I referenced "Fallout: New Vegas" in my very first post (a reloading post...before I realized that was a dead horse that loved to be beaten), which uses a selectable ammo-type system that lets you choose between standard (Full Metal Jacket, FMJs), hollow points, Armor piercing, etc. The shotgun would allow for a much broader array of ammo types, from bird and buckshot, to slugs and flechette rounds (instead of shot, they're little razor darts...wicked). There are also short shells (1 3/4" compared to standard 2 3/4") that could be simulated to be quiter (if only a little...enough to not wake the whole city) but pack less of a punch. With a plethora of stores, warehouses and a police station to shop at, I'm sure a body could find any and all combinations of shot type...except for exactly what you need when you need it if you're like me. It's late. I'd better quit.
  22. Both times I've been bit, i've been swarmed in a house with no way out...so 1 bite quickly becomes me becoming a feast. I imagine I'll try to stash my stuff for my next avatar to find, if the situation arises.
  23. Count me in for the negative-moodle related injuries! In real life, if I'm very hungry, thirsty, over-exerted, and looking over my shoulder to see what that noise was, I'm probably going to cause myself some harm working on that perimeter wall...instead of feeding myself. But, people don't usually sustain accidents in ideal conditions, so the random incident generator would really just piss everyone off. At any rate, I do imagine this occurrence being a sandbox option...
  24. 3. I think a masonry skill would be cool - It wouldn't be a cryptic thing. A lot of guys in construction have skill in brick-laying, and it might be a tedious task in-game, but I could see it being good for near-impenetrable walls. 4. I guess I'm not totally sure what you are asking...but here goes. Are you getting at some sort of 'blueprint' system? Like what's used in 'Prison Architect? (For those not familiar, the game is a top-down prison building 'simulator.' It has a feature where you can plot buildings on the real-world game map in 'pencil,' and you just fill in the lines with actual items as you have resources for.) I think it would be useful...but I myself haven't had such complex structures in the game that required such a feature. If it were there, I'd likely use it.
  25. What about a solution where there is a technical manual hidden in the map somewhere...kinda a "solar energy for dummies" sort of thing? No, myself nor anyone I know has a comprehensive grasp of solar mechanics, but I'm sure if i were alone and scavanging for the last month, and knew power failure was immenent, I'd be happy to find the manual that would tell me how I need to approach the scenario. Now that I have the manual, I still need to find everything....good luck doing that. To me, this is the obvious way to approach the "average joe" stipulation. No, the average joe doesnt know how to do the advanced stuff, like solar farms (or my aquaponic garden suggestion from another post), but if someone has the determination and tenacity to survive for any real length of time in a scenario such as this, they should be able to help themselves to a book on the subject. With the "good ol' boy" population of the south, I'm sure there are plenty of printed materials on survival and prepping that would include all kinds of self sufficient guides and whatnot...although not all of the instructions call for things that would be found just laying around the house.
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