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  1. This is amazing!!! I have been looking for a fix for my bag dye mod i have been working on to auto remove items & keep original bag name if was re-named I have tested with bag equipped primary + secondary + back, With & without items in them! all seems to work perfect ty so much @tommysticks just need to see if i can get help/figure out how to also make bag keep its original rename!
  2. are we able to disable the powers so we can play legit, when not needed? seems its already done for admin's in hosting clientside option! but what about dedicated server? powers seem to always be on?! anyway to turn them on/off when needed? like the same option to disable or enable admin or w/e rank you are?
  3. im really wondering about this nutrition stuff like if u dont eat any meat & only eat plant type stuff can u get ill & maybe die even if un-treated? can a doctor/nurse job or high first aid person tell what is wrong with ppl if this is the case also kinda feel doctor should get a extra trait for better id'ing/treating stuff that gives them a thump up over just other ppl getting high first aid anyways cant wait to play this!!!
  4. weirdly enough i so know what u mean & feel the pain of sometimes making crawlers from using guns that get me sometimes while trying to take down huge group of zombies... but like not 2hr's ago playing the beta i hit a zombie with a hammer and he went down and became a crawler while i was fighting 2 other zombies lol it was so weird seeing that >.<
  5. if u have the trait reading skill books faster, should also lower your boredom while u read them :3 also maybe other traits that give +%EXP u should get happy doing them actions for that type of thing like farming checking info on farm stuff or checking traps or w/e but reading skill books while u wait for daytime getting super bored is the number 1 thing that i think is kinda annoying most of all if u have the faster book reading trait
  6. if u cant sleep in MP sleeping pills should be removed from spawning as well =^.^= also finding a use for rotten food's maybe, fertilizer cough cough...
  7. Deaf exists as a trait and currently gives you 12 points to spend elsewhere. Sir Twiggy played the test build on stream and tried out the deaf trait. You can check out his previous casts here: http://www.twitch.tv/sirtwiggy/profile/past_broadcasts <3 u guys =^.^= wish i could have seen it when he was live, but guess past broadcast will have to work.
  8. Should have a Deaf trait along with Hard of hearing one! Difference being Deaf u have 0% sound. Not being able to hear zombies braking your windows/door as they get into your base can be a nice little handy cap, also ppl like me IRL that are deaf can get alittle extra points to make up for being Deaf lol
  9. OMG I cant wait <3 so going doctor =^.^=
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