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  1. I read through the suggestions about new consequences of having the sadness moodle, and I mostly saw suggestions to make your character weaker as you get depressed. But I think it would feel more natural if instead, your happiness is linked to your rate of exp gain, with your exp either slowing to a crawl or stopping completely when you reach maximum depression. From a role-playing perspective, I just figure our survivors are badasses who survived for a good reason. No matter how bummed out we get, we never lose our will to live. The adrenaline rush of fighting the walking dead trumps the bad mood you got from eating stale food for the past month. But a crappy mood would have a crappy effect on your motivation, so depression would make you lose interest in anything other than just surviving. Likewise, we could also introduce a positive happiness moddle similar to the positive fed moodle. While you have a positive happiness moodle, you gain exp a little faster, but the moodle slowly fades away until you get back to a neutral state of happiness. I think this would give happiness a nice function in the game, making you actually want to manage your happiness in the long term, but allowing you to ignore the happiness mechanic during times where you are just trying to survive. For the record, I'm okay with how depression currently slows down your inventory actions; I would like to see that stay in the game as well. Thoughts?
  2. Whenever I try to join a public server, it seems to get stuck loading, and that message repeats endlessly in my side window. Can someone tell me what the problem is?
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