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  1. Reading in the dark with different kind of features. This brings up so many here. Reading with : Flash lights, Candles, Fire ( in general ), moonlight etc. Is making the game more challenging and more "survival". One more feature for this according to my opinion that would feat really well in the game is that some of the zombies could detect the light from pretty far away
  2. How does the idea of "Zombie Traps" sound? I believe that it would open lots of new features, ideas, gameplays and much more potentials for the gameplay. Some of my ideas would be: Bear traps ( A trap that could either work for big animals such as Deers ( if they get implemented in the future ), bears etc or either as a zombie trap to immobilize them or even wound the zombie and making it walk slower. Spikes Pit Fall Boulder Trap These are some ideas of mine. What do you guys say? Do you like the idea ? Let me know and opinions are welcomed!
  3. I like the idea but i think also that the numbers are pretty high. But otherwise its awesome!!! Well done!
  4. I like the idea but it would be better if the worms could be with other baits also in a bag or something like that.
  5. What a lovely work!!!! Amazing work guys!! Congratulation and a lot of thanks to the dev team!!!!
  6. Secondary feature in my opinion to be developed in the game. Main features goes first!
  7. Great idea for when the animals are implemented in the game in my opinion. I would also love to see animals geting angry and ferocious depending on which way you want to become friend with them, on how are you suppose to find them and even try to save them from the zombies and so on BUT i would also love to see ferocious animals like lions, tigers etc
  8. I really like the idea but the idea has also to depend on the "extra" incredients you chose to put. But the idea is pretty awesome! I like it !
  9. Actually i would also like to have an option that says for example "examine fish tank" and a gif or a jpeg comes on the screen with the fish checking if yoru fish are alive or dead xD
  10. You wouldn't be able to tell if you're infected from a scratch or not right from the onset since you should be losing health from it anyway. It should take a few hours before you realize you're infected since you start to get sick. Actually not hours but mostly minutes the reason is becasue in real life when you get scratched the first thing that comes in your head is use medic and then wonder if its infected ( but we should do the opposite ) xD
  11. I agree and i am pretty sure that this in multiplayer would be great because each person could write he's journal e.x "Day 5, I walked north, where a couple of meters away i found a house. I opened the door and i faced a zombie famiy" etc
  12. I like this idea a lot actually. However i also agree with Houski. It should work with the lucky trait and of course the skill on using it!
  13. I love the idea of Hider mostly because the players have to be more carefull and more cautius of what they do. I would prefer the hider to be under beds, inside closers ( if they add a closet animaon when you open it ) and hiding inside the grass! Now as about the Howler i would say that this certain zombie should be 2 or 3 times the size of normal zombies, more mucho and so on. Now Floater would also be a great idea if the players could create boats. Lovely ideas m8!
  14. Thankd for the replies! I will take care next time! Thank you guys!
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