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  1. Zombies get active around 9/10 am, then go inactive at 8 pm. From update release topic i guess it should be opposite.
  2. Spazmatic

    37 n’ Next

    In my opinion, black is n1. It has its own climate.
  3. I like idea with noisy bags on windows.
  4. Ow, Everything looks so diffrent with shaders turned off! Now im not sure which setting is better.
  5. New rain looks...light
  6. Yeah, i think thats pretty annoying.
  7. I Think thats Why most "graphics sensitive" ppl dont like pz. Did you saw street lights And dust near them in Riot:Civil Unrest? Everything is made of few pixels but it looks very, very immersive. And in pz, empty streets should make "wow" effect with similiar system.
  8. It doesnt change anything. Quarantanine zone is full of killers and rapers
  9. When u get scratched or injured, health menu icon should start blinking until u open it. I saw video where guy was just running around bleeding cuz he didnt know how to heal himself.
  10. Snaptrap will be added in future builds. Good ideas, Wood nettle will make moving in bushes harder.
  11. engineer + electrician co-op should work.
  12. You need whole powerstation to let them working.
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