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  1. The graphics update and this are amazing! I love playing my character in zoom mode, it feels much more like I'm playing an RPG when the game is focused on my character.
  2. The scripted text is really well written but I feel like it moves way too fast! Is there any way to slow it down so that I can enjoy it more?
  3. Can you make the radio transmissions slower? I can read them but it's a rush and I can't enjoy it
  4. I'm most hyped to listen to radio and TV transmissions, anything that adds more RPG depth into the game gets me excited!
  5. I'm not too bothered. Please be today... Please be today... PLEASE be today.... PLEASE, PREASE BRE TRODAY!!!! PREASHE! WaNt RAdIos sO bAD.........
  6. Would also make any future plans for swimming a lot smoother.
  7. Not a priority for the game right now, just food for thought. I think it'd make water look a little less bland without taking up much extra runtime. - B
  8. Don't woooorrrrryyyy Leeeeemmmyyy! I can't even begin to express how little our community shares with that awful post on Steam! You guys provide us with a weekly update on the game, and do a hell of a lot more than other indie developers in that time. Take a break if you feel you need to, I know I never get anything done from being upset.
  9. So essentially a system where large areas of the map run out of power before others? And hold individual power/water consumption? I really like your idea of having districts of power and water shut off at different times, giving raiders and survivors more desirable places to set up shop. I'm afraid, however; to say that I don't really like the idea of giving a whole lot of focus to this one mechanic of the game. I feel like having the different levels of each district variating on who's using whichever fire hydrant or generator isn't really a valuable use of my runtime. This is just my opi
  10. Agree with both of these ^^^ Needless to say, the developers probably have this set as a future goal but not an imminent priority
  11. I second this. Maybe even have a graveyard put in game? And you can go grave robbing if you wish to do so. - Implement burying corpses - Have infected recently deceased break up from their shallow grave
  12. I like the idea of ticks and lice, I can imagine what a pain they'd be in an apocalypse- obviously they'd just be represented as a mood let like the common cold.
  13. Project Zomboid is like Neo Scavenger in the way that the replay value is really fun, but surviving too long can get a bit boring. For that reason, I'm all for harder gameplay.
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