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    I really enjoy playing PZ, i think it's a great game and will be much better in a near future... still working on it people, some day i would like to participate in the developing of the game, Thanks for all!
  1. I have a question, I updated the mod and I've found a tactical axe but I can't equip it in both hands. You made it that way? It seems to be like the tactical machete.
  2. You can attach a Frame to the Alice packs, then you will be able to attach pouches to them and increase the capacity, so usefull
  3. I'm with Ziek, sometimes playing PZ when my character smokes a joint, a double joint, or a bong, he gets his hungry filled up becoming well fed, I thought it was part of the mod... Oh, and often a joint don't seem to make any effect, but I don't worry about this bug, just roll another one
  4. Jajaja es una canción muy pegadiza, ayer la aprendí con la guitarra. Qué bien, pues ya somos dos, me alegra saberlo!
  5. Buenas a todos, he decidido abrir este tema porque he buscado en el Foro y no he encontrado uno concreto (si estuviese equivocado, por favor, hacédmelo saber y de ser necesario lo eliminaré). En este Post se resolverán dudas sobre el juego, problemas y demás, claro está, en español con el fin de ayudar a aquellos que no entiendan el inglés o, por alguna otra razón, quiera postear en nuestro idioma, en cuyo caso también serán bien recibidos. Intentaré ayudaros en todo cuanto pueda, pero esto es trabajo de todos. Recordad siempre tener respeto por las demás y no usar un lenguaje violento o agresivo, porque si no, ya sabéis lo que toca. Gracias y a ver si este Post sirve para ayudar a alguien. Saludos desde España. http://youtu.be/SxYBbTyPQLI
  6. Nice! I expect dogs are in the list, who couldn't like to survive with a truly loyal friend nearby?
  7. I only see one safety way, wich is hidding into the deep forest and building there... Has anyone think about wild animals like grizzly bears or wolves?
  8. Nice! Hope you finish the mod soon and with any bug, good luck. I've started reading about lua. files but don't find a basic tutorial to learn lua. language. I saw the RoboMat's Modding Tutorial but he said that is neccesary to know that. I would like to help you with this, but I don't know how, so I'll keep testing your mod and enjoying it
  9. Hey Dude, I just downloaded your mod and I started to collect a lot of things like QTips, Garden Hoses, Hot Glue Guns... But I don't see that anything of this would work in any case. May Garden Hoses have something to see with the Irrigation Mod in wich you can use the hoses... I tried to put all the mod things I've found in the main inventory to see if anything works. Still got nothing. Is anything you can tell me about your mod? Thank you Oh yeah, I like the umbrellas and the different kind of bags. Some of the objects icons appears like a ''?'', for example the Compas.
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