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  1. This is a wonderful game! But in the next update you can add some "professional basic equipment? I mean, in the event of a disaster when you could be at home and not at work, but you, as a servicemen police fireman ....... @! # ¥% ...... but you should have some of your home, professional equipment so there should be more realistic police pistol & revolver bullets servicemen should have some rifles ....... there is no one like me in mind? I want to know everyone's thoughts:)
  2. Adrenaline Junkie (I do not know how to translate) Angler (釣魚者 釣客 ) Baseball Player(棒球運動員 ) Brawler(拳擊手 ) Cat's Eyes(貓的眼睛 貓眼) Dextrous(靈巧的) Fast Healer(I do not know how to translate) Fast Learner(快速學習者) Fast Reader (快速閱讀) First Aider(急救人員) Fit(I do not know how to translate) Gardener(園丁) Gymnast(體操運動員) Hiker(徒步旅行者) Hunter(獵人) Inconspicuous(不顯眼) Ps: Sorry I can not provide pictures
  3. 木匠(木匠) 防盗(窃贼小偷盗贼强盗) 厨师(厨师) 修理工(修理工) 农民(农民农夫农场主) 渔夫(渔夫渔民) 医生(医生) 退伍军人(退伍军人老兵)
  4. Hi Hello everyone I'm back PZ updated 31! Now let's take a look at the new content CHALLENGES(挑戰) A Really CD DA (which I do not understand) You get out of your shower and fall badly. You're blind drunk,and have a nasty cold. On top of all this the house in on fire (你被澆濕的很厲害 你喝醉了 並且感冒了 還在一個著火的房子里 XD)
  5. That's good! (By the way) you need Chinese language translation of new content? Or you already completed?
  6. Great! So you still need me to help you translate it? Why not ..Maybe you can help me to check for errors in translation Oh great, I can know when to start the update? I do not know, it should be upcoming(build31). ok
  7. Great! So you still need me to help you translate it? Why not ..Maybe you can help me to check for errors in translation Oh great, I can know when to start the update?
  8. Great! So you still need me to help you translate it?
  9. Hi everyone I'm back Now continue Type (類型) I do not know of another Antidepressants(抗抑鬱藥 抗憂鬱藥 ) Big Hiking Bag(大登山包) Blouse (襯衫 毛衣 ) Dirty Rag (髒了的繃帶) Empty Bottle(空酒瓶 空瓶子 空瓶 ) Hunting Knife (獵刀) Lighter(打火機) Pants (褲子) Ripped Sheets(繃帶) Sheet(床單) Shoes(鞋子 鞋 ) Vest(背心 馬甲 ) Vitamins(維生素 維他命 ) Item(道具) Container(包 ) Clothing(服裝) Weapon (武器) Anyone? I hope my translation was not in vain The content will be updated to the game?
  10. Hi Hello everyone I have some suggestions and questions I come from Taiwan very pleased that PZ support Chinese language, but I do not know since when English became the name of some items such as toothbrushes sweater bag of potato chips a lot ...... but it's not like before Previously these items have Chinese names and now has become a English I mean, I understand that you may be busy, but why would regress? Now a proposal You can try to add in the future, "map"? I figure once had abundant food and weapons and safe to stay at home until one day I decided to go for me pretty far to find a wealth of articles later, I got lost and I still did not return to my home and perhaps you can later Add a map? It would be more interesting
  11. Oh, okay, I just wish I could give you the efforts to alleviate some of the burden This is a good game
  12. Very Well Fed.(吃的飽飽的)Very long healing and strength boost. 損失的生命值會回升并提高力量info Skills Health (人物簡介 技能 健康 ) Next skill point (下一個技能點) Agiility (敏捷) Sprinting(奔跑速度)lightfooted(輕快)Nimble (靈巧)Sneaking(潛行) Blade (精準度) Accuracy(精准度)Gyard(防御)Maintenance(保養) Blunt(近战) Accuracy(精準度)Guard(防禦)Maintenance(保養) Crafting (手工藝品) Carpentry(木匠)Cooking(烹飪)Farming(田藝,農業 )First Aid(急救) I hope this is helpful to you and perhaps you might consider adding a next content update
  13. Peckish (有點餓) Could do with a bite to eat. 應該吃點東西了 Unpleasantly hot(悶熱) Consider resting somewhere less exposed. Thirst increased. 你應該找個地方休息一下或適當的減少衣物.悶熱會導致口渴感增加.
  14. Minor InjuriesFirst aid required (輕傷) 需要急救Minor Pain(有點痛)Feeling slight pain 輕微受傷Pain(疼痛)Speed and Accuracy slightly reduced. 速度和精準度略有降低.Agony (疼死了)Speed and Accuracy severely reduced. 速度和精準度嚴重降低. Bleeding(出血)Strength and speed reduced. 力量和速度降低 Well, first it all goodbye today to see tomorrow, I wish you have a nice day Everyone Bye
  15. I learned a now let's continue Loot All (所有物品) Show the guide on startup(在啟動時顯示新手教程) More Info (更多信息) Sight Panic Do your best to reamain calm(輕微的恐慌 ) 你最好保持冷靜 Panic Accuracy reduced.(恐慌) 精準度降低Strong PanicAccuracy severely reduced.(非常恐慌) 精準度嚴重降低
  16. Slight Panic Do your best to remain calm. 輕微的恐慌 你最好保持冷靜 Uh, I do not upload pictures who teach me how to upload pictures?
  17. If you wish you can give me all the states of the English text description So that I can better translation
  18. Hi Hello everyone I come from Taiwan I will play in English and translated into Chinese Traditional screenshots My English is not very good hope you can understand I will point out incorrect translation And try to become a Traditional Chinese translation First, let us look at this The second option should be translated into"多人遊戲"Instead of 多人遊 Section 4 should be translated into“沙盒模式”"instead of 沙模式 The last one should be translated into“守城模式”instead of “挑戰模式” The next one is some text translation (Challenge 1 挑戰1 Challenge2 挑戰2 準備吧! 大量的僵尸正從四面八方接近你的房子 快去檢查你的房子的防禦工事 它們很快就會來了 你能抵擋多久呢? 準備好你的槍... (To be continued)I will update it every day, but I have to guarantee the quality of the translation) If I could have a table would be easier to translate:) If I could have a table would be easier to translate:)
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