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  1. Though I can't possibly know what this snaffu was about, subreddits are notorious for their admin abuse and echo-chamber policies. I feel your pain if they caused you problems.

  2. Moss7

    I just wanted to tell you this :


    I own more than 120 games on steam on which I was, at a point or another, socially active (forums, discussions...). The only game that caused me problems was Project Zomboid. More specifically I was banned by an moderator abusing his power who's close to the devs if I'm not mistaken (he's in the main menu credits "special infected"). So I see in your case the same sort of injustice that I was victim of. So yeah, I hear you. I'm sad to see you go but also concerned by these practises you're revealing about PZ. Thank you for everything you did, especially on ORGM and I hope I'll see you around.

  3. If you cannot take care of real problems within your community, and let things linger, talk out of both sides of your mouth, and cannot take constructive criticism and concerns about the community as a whole, then I have no reason to continue supporting your project freely. I feel no obligation to thank, and I do not feel that people should thank me for my work. This has been a requested feature for your game, and I have done what I can to follow the rules set for this community, and still I feel like my throat has been slit, in light of my server being black-listed. Do me a favor:
  4. Honestly, I'll put it like this: I don't really want to take care of this mod. It was something of an experiment, and to help a couple friends who wanted to mod their models in it. It comes to me as no suprise how rudely I've been treated for voicing my opinions here. The messages I received today are of no concern to me. They only tell me the truth here. I don't care how you paint the picture. You took my hard work and threw it to the wall over personal issues that lie both internally, and business-wise. Feel free to do with what your plans are with this product, but I will tell you
  5. Does the server work if you try to run it outside of the game? If you are using Steam, go to your library tab, go to tools, and download Project Zomboid Dedicated Server. Run the 'StartServer64.bat' file. If you get any errors or crashes, you can right-click the console, click select all, and hit enter (copy). Paste this into a spoiler tag here. This will show the problem you are having.
  6. With the fixes out for the current version of Sledgehammer, I'm going to be spending the next few days building exclusive content & plug-ins for Sledgehammer's official server, Terminus. In the meantime though, expect an update from Discord-bot. I've noticed there are some issues with executing commands, and have looked into them. I have some issues with multi-line commands (Such as !z players, and !z help), and have made it so that multiple lines will be chunked in 2000 characters (or less), instead of one message per-line. The Player object-wrapper for the Sledg
  7. I don't support anything other than the official branch. That's the issue.
  8. Updated to 2.05_04. V2.05_04: - Fixed the teleport command. - Fixed the addxp command. V2.05_03: - Started implementing PlayerManager. - Added Sledgehammer shutdown call when Co-Op disconnects. - Migrated Player search API to the PlayerManager class. - Changed Player search methods to use the context "IsoPlayer' in method names, for future Player methods. - Removed the NPC class from the source. (This does not affect the Behavior / Action API. This allows sensitive code to be used in the NPC class. - Added nick-name support to mor
  9. I've spent a bit of time this weekend, optimizing various bits of both SledgeHammer code, and vanilla. The Discord-bot was using way more CPU than it ever needed to, with a calculation glitch on thread sleep time. The console has also been cleaned up a bit (Both SledgeHammer & Vanilla.) A 'ScriptEvent' is now listenable as a Event in the EventListener, which forwards Lua events you'd normally hook into when writing Lua mods. I figured this would be very useful in time. There are also a few issues with player-related commands, since the nick-name system has been implemented. I'
  10. I'm between jobs right now actually. haha Looking forward to the new animations + ORGM models + etc. I may even kick up the old Blender code to see if I can still import animations into the game.
  11. Don't use the extension if you are using it. If you aren't, try to locate any errors in the console, and try to fetch it and send it my way.
  12. Jab


    +1 rep modder.
  13. Yeah this mod is out of date. I'll need to update.
  14. Updated to 2.05_02. V2.05_02: - Various bug fixes. - Added wild-card functionality to player names. - Fixed scoreboard (Players menu) not updating properly on login. - Updated SledgeHammerExtension Lua mod to fix the admin buttons on the players menu. - Added another PRNG, replacing the uncommons math PRNG, removing some time between update ticks. V2.05_01: - Various bug fixes. - Added player nickname support for plug-ins (Factions uses this). the /pm [username] [message] command now uses wildcard names, and sends it
  15. Keeping this closed-source? I'd be curious to take a look at it. It should be pretty simple.
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