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  1. Ah, no worries. Thank you! Glad to see it got fixed!
  2. Nothing? Seriously?
  3. As of 41.37, after having played for about 4 hours, quitting, and reloading that save game, once the second player loads in as the character they played as, the game crashes with an error. Consistently reproducible. I should note, the game only crashed once the second player attempts to load in the previous saved character. Loading in with a fresh character does not crash the game. 23-05-20_21-01-47_DebugLog.txt Hope this helps. Thanks The most recent debug log as well.. 23-05-20_21-22-31_DebugLog.txt Gonna leave everything here, and not edit more. I think the exact issue is when player two goes to sleep in split screen, the game is saved and exited, and then reloaded, that character is somehow corrupted or something, causing the game to crash. I just tried another split screen game with another character and after having slept and then woken up and THEN quit/reload, the game seems fine.
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