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  1. I see spiders all the time. They're still scary as hell to me. I'm guessing it'd be like that for zombies too. I know i'd be terrified of getting eaten alive everytime I saw one.
  2. Two ideas I had for the game, One would be varying types of hearing protectors. You would use the hearing protectors while indoors and safe from the infected, but you could still hear them moaning outside. Having the hearing protectors on would lower the rate you get nervous from hearing zombie noises, maybe even negating it if they are good enough. As a downside you wouldn't be able to hear as well. So if a zombie starts pounding on your bed room door, you'd be pretty screwed. The second idea would be Hearing Aids. These would be used to increase the sound you can hear. (probably just increase perception?). I couldn't think of a downside for this besides them needing really specific batteries, making them a kind of delicacy.
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