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  1. Here is a full list of what spawns inside which objects within each room definition. This is the same file located in ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua Lua table sorted by name and converted into an JSON. Easy viewed through Online JSON Viewer. Distributions.json
  2. iBrRus


    But then this music sounds all over the map. The question of how to eliminate sound twitches when the character moves remains open (distanceMax must be maintained).
  3. For my mod I pack all the textures in one .pack file. When I first enter the game, all images for objects defined in the script files are not loaded. If I restart game, everything starts to work. P.s. All tilesheets are loaded immediately. Error detected in versions 40.43 and 41.36. https://youtu.be/2z_kvLzwtW8
  4. How to install Notepad++ PZS syntax highlight plugin Download the latest version from: https://github.com/ibrrus/npp-pzs/blob/master/PZS.xml Open Notepad++ Open the User Defined Language Dialog e.g. via Language > Define your language .... Press the Import ... button and select the downloaded file. Open Project Zomboid script file and select Language > PZS.
  5. Tool updated. - Added ability to select multiple files with translations; - Added field "Language code"; - Bugs fixed; - Tested with most languages. Download here: https://github.com/ibrrus/PZTranslationAssistant/releases/tag/1.1 P.S. Does not work with Japanese.
  6. Now you can select multiple files at once. Now you can use the old translation files. All untranslated phrases will appear at the end of the document. Now you will see where the files with the translation are saved. Download here: https://github.com/ibrrus/PZTranslationAssistant/releases/tag/1.0 All sources on Github: https://github.com/ibrrus/PZTranslationAssistant Suggestions for improvement can be left in this thread. P.s. Do not forget to fix the first line in the finished translations.
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