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  1. Omg! Someone give a medal to this man! I've been playing PZ for a loooong time by now, and I never knew you could do that! I just tried and it works! Thank you a lot!
  2. I usually burn down my base and all the houses near it xD Or I just get all my guns and sprint at a horde trying to kill as many as possible.
  3. Doge agrees. Even tho it's missing important stuff like NPCs and hunting (vehicles are my last priority), you can play the game for hours without even noticing. And I never saw developers like PZ's. They stay at the forums and comment a lot! It's an amazing interaction ^^
  4. Totally supported. I hope they add that!
  5. I think it's like that (correct me if I'm wrong): Before the apocalypse, your guy was a carpenter in his "main job", and have the gardener trait - he probably did it like a hobbie - that would explain why he level up farming faster than any other unrelated skill, like aim and first aid. It makes sense, because it's harder to learn a skill you don't have any practice than one you had as a hobbie (gardening in that case). And I have no idea how books will work after the update :/ Sorry if I said wrong things, but that's what I could get lol (also sorry for my bad english please hehe)
  6. Is the 30.14 update part of the IWBUMS? Because my game still shows 30.12
  7. Nice one! I just visited that place lol.. My safehouse is very near from there
  8. A little update in my base: (Finished the "outlines")
  9. *clap clap clap* That's a very nice setup. How did you remove the stairs?
  10. Wow, nice! What do you do for food? Farming? Fishing? I have almost 1 month now, my old save had more time but the save corrupted D:
  11. But are you infected? If not, as said Rass, SURVIVE!
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