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  1. pervasivepeach

    Looking for a group for my chilled server

    Im instrested Pretty experienced but looking for a nice play. only thing i don't really like is loot respawn. kinda takes away a big chunk of co-ops difficulty (Having to move around and spread out to find fresh loot) but other than that sounds fun (Also infections can be fun and make things more intense)
  2. pervasivepeach

    Kentucky National Guard

    Race- Australian Age(18 to 40)- 18 Sex- Male Role/Division- Combat Medic Instead of a medic back at base i run out with basic stuff and stop guys from getting infected or do my best to help Character bio- (Optional,just to flesh out the rp) My name is Blake Wells. Born Sydney Australia but moved to Kentucky with his dad for work. Blake as a kid never really saw his dad. He worked almost all the time on computers and such but never made it big. He kept on hoping for the next big shot. The next chance he got he would make it. He never did. Blake ended up joining things like the Police explorers and Boy Scouts. He really loved it and learned great skills like Handgun Shooting and stuff. But what he loved was the first aid classes boy scouts took. He loved helping people and took plenty of classes and got stuff like a CPR certification and his own medic pack. When he was about 18 he decided to join the Kentucky National guard to really help some people. But only a few months in after his training he was sent back to his town only to find an entire outbreak of zombies. This is where his story begins Time Zone- Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00) Usually Online- Around 4:00-6:00pm my time