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  1. I still destroy the stairs and use sheet ropes exclusively, just keep a nice stack of sheet ropes on your top floor and have as many of them as you can spread around every window possible (I would suggest at least 3, if you don't have that many windows and you wanna be safe, build more). They might break a couple of them but it would be pretty rare if they break all. I have yet to see it happen and I've done it A LOT. Even if it did happen, you can just build some temporary stairs to enter and set up your ropes again, beats having to keep securing a whole ground floor.
  2. I've built a two story house on top of a pre existing house and the top floor covers a chunk of downstairs. It also shows the single wall I put to cover the stairs entrance for some reason. edit: sorry, It's the wall behind the one I mentioned. added a 3rd screenshot.
  3. Nice, I just started practicing lua so this helps a lot. Thanks!
  4. Magicka, Castle Crashers, Nation Red, Trine, Divinity Original Sin, Lara Croft and the Guardian of light, How to survive 1 and 2, Resident Evil 5 and 6.
  5. It heavily depends on your play stile and your experience with the game. Once you start getting acquainted with how things work and what you could potentially do in every situation, you start noticing all the actual possibilities and your trait selection changes accordingly. Maybe if you could tell us things like what your current approach to the game is, and what's what you enjoy doing the most we could be more helpful.
  6. From yesterdays mondoid: "We’ll be releasing a new IWBUMS version once Chris W has finished off his rooftops/building rendering fixes (primarily the issues surrounding player-built constructions) later this week..." I'll be waiting for that too, had to move temporarily to another safehouse so I could see what I was doing.
  7. Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to make recipes require a non raw version of an ingredient. Let's say I want to create a recipe that needs a certain amount of cooked chicken. I want the cooked state to be a requirement.
  8. Oh I thought that was how you wrote it in the files, sometimes something as simple as a syntax error can break things. Where are you putting the files exactly?
  9. Typo. The module is exemple on the item and example on the distributions.
  10. I've tried it with 5 languages and this is definitely the case. Specially noticeable in partial translations, the translated recipes are duplicated while the ones that are still in english work perfectly.
  11. Acabo de probarlo, es cierto. Qué mal, gracias por avisar, voy a anunciarlo en la página de mi mod.
  12. Hi everyone. I'd like to know the name of the game files that define body parts and how to equip items in those parts. I've been searching for a long time and I couldn't find them yet.
  13. They weren't deceased players, we are only 6 on the server and none of us died. A couple of times there were multiple watches going off, and you could stop them by finding the corpse that had it. It's true that they only go off if in corpses though, not while they're just walking around.
  14. My server is running all the aforementioned maps and they all work fine both in MP and SP.
  15. Digital watches in zeds corpses do go off, It put me in very sticky situations more than once. All in MP, but I suppose it works on SP too.