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    1) Body Building - Weightlifting (my great passion).
    2) Horror, modern and post apocalyptic RPG games.

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Hi, my name is Stephen (from Italy), nice to meet you!
In real life I am a Bodybuilder, i love and practice Body Building/Weightlifting, it is my great and infinite passion. Trainings and workouts in the gym are life for me and my house is the Gym :DI train my body all days, and i can't live without Body Building, I believe in Body Building/Weightlifting because is my life, and it is all of me... No pain, no gain, friends! Train hard!!!!
I work as "Armed Private Guard" and "Bouncer" in many places "Museums, Residence, Hotels, Mansions, Houses, Factories, Shops, Markets etc. etc. i am married (my wife is russian). I love RPG, Horror and survival games.... i come from a lot of rpg games. I will support this game, forever, thanks all developers for their hard and praiseworthy work.

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