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  1. You could do that if you want. I would just use it to release my inner pyromaniac and grab some food from the fridge in houses and toss it in the oven as I leave and turn it on. Nice zombie BBQ death traps all around. You say the problem is zombies should smell the fires, why? I've never heard of zombie lore which claims they were able to track people's locations by smell, or even that they could smell. Everything I've heard is based on sound and sight. Of course if they can smell fires why not people, ones who haven't bathed in months, possibly years? Edit: Now that I think about it the
  2. Yeah having to build a rain catcher barrel at my fishing safehouse near the river because the water is turned off made me chuckle quite a bit.
  3. While I would rather they simply made the lids in packs yeah some way to reuse lids would be welcomed. There are reuseable pickling lids, personally I think finding those as very rare loot would be nice, while the regular lids should be found pretty often.
  4. I hear you. I just think often times they add cons to balance the pros, so overall you equal out to zero. The problem with that is people always look for the "best" builds, the most effcient ways to do things. Even just looking at the traits I would say most of them are totally out of balance. Now I would say they are all balanced when chooseing traits is really just deciding how your character is going to play (in a perfect world which we will never see), and no one set of traits can be said to be better than any other. Take light drinker for example, it only gives -2 so it shouldn't be som
  5. I just think only adding these cons to indoor fires is ridiculous, as ether source would create similar amounts of smoke. Just because a campfire has no chimney attached to it doesn't mean that smoke is going somewhere it wasn't before. Also your right a campfire creates light, and sound which should attract zombies. But in both cases there really is no way to tell if the user was purposely keeping their fires small, to create less smoke. I don't exactly need a large bonfire to cook my mouse stew. Also considering this is PZ where many people accidentally start their houses on fire from cook
  6. If campfire smoke doesn't attract walkers or NPC's why should fireplace/wood stove smoke? What because you can build them indoors and therefore NEED to have a con because of that? What about the con of the crafting skill required to create one as opposed to the campfire kit, which anyone can create? What about the fact a campfire kit is portable where as a wood stove/fireplace is not? Sorry but I don't believe every time you get something good you need it to have a con to match any positives it has, this is how we got the stupid empty jars and lids (which don't come in packs unlike how they
  7. Realistically even a vegatarian would eat meat in a situation like we're presented. Human's are omnivores, like it or not. But as for your trait I would think it's too OP in the current build of the game, mostly because it's far too easy to get a steady supply of edible plant life. Maybe once there are more ways to get fresh meats/jerky you could add this along with a carnivore trait which provides a similar effect for meat.
  8. I hear you and completely understand hold on a sec... Just gotta take my jacket off my character is starting to get dehydrated, we wouldn't want tha.. Shit!! Did a zombie just bite me!? *kills random creeper zombie* Son of a... yep zombie bit me alright! Well at least I still got a full bottle of water since I took off my jacket in time! *does a victory dance*
  9. See this is why I changed my game so I can't get infected. Laugh if you want but I find it even more silly here we are fighting hordes of zombies when WE KNOW one bite and were done for, yet we still have zero armor options in game. I mean really who in this zombie apocalypse would be like "Should I wear the heavy carhart jacket with the thick overalls and thick leather gloves or should I go with the jeans+t-shirt combo... Yeah lets go with the jeans and tee otherwise I'll sweat my ass off!!".
  10. I honestly can't justify needing to feed worms. Just make a fishing bait bucket, scoop some dirt in it and call it good.
  11. I honestly don't like the new system. I felt like before the update other weapons besides nailed baseball/bats and axes were viable to use as melee weapons. Now I feel like unless I'm using an axe or nailed bat/bat I'm just doing it wrong. I mean using a golf club or crowbar wouldn't have been your best option before but I could still use them in place of the more valuble weapons in order to save my good items from when I really needed them, and they didn't slow me down too much. Now all those extra swings I need with a golf club are just that much more noticable, and tire my character out muc
  12. Aye very much this! Hopefully with a new skill to make brick/stone walls (stonemason perhaps). Just being able to build my own fireplace/wood burning stove would be enough for me... for now anyways .
  13. Can't help but notice it seems you have carrots outside. Have they changed them enough to where the rain won't constantly kill them outdoors like it does(used?) to do to radishes? I grew carrots outside as well. I think they must have changed something because they were always overwatered, but the plants never died. Maybe the health of the plant just determines the crop yeild now? I don't have a lot of experience with them I just figured after that one crop they weren't worth it.
  14. I have an idea! When NPC's are implemented, why not build your own community! With your own rules! And eyepatch with fitting zombie daughter! When they release NPCs I will build my own society with blackjack and hookers. You know I gathered some playing cards hoping I could use them one day . Would be awesome to win some whisky in poker/blackjack from other survivors!
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