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    How to change the texture and name of a item.

    How would one go about removing a item from the game? If its easily found by just a google search then I will do that, although Im not sure if there is a huge difference in location of files between different games.
  2. Hi, title says most of the question. I would like to change the in game picture and texture of a item and the name as well, how would I do this? I would hate to go searching in the files of the game and edit stuff that may break it.. I will write a example below. I want to get rid of the item Canned soup, if I couldent take it out of the game, how would I go about changing the name to "Discard" and the picture to "A smiley face" ? Any help would be apprieciated!
  3. Hi, I notice that when I am in the heat of battle with the hard headed zombies of Muldraugh and I am trying to type to my allies about the impending doom of the overhead horde that there is always a issue which is annoying and causes me to lose my focus on killing zeds. When I click "y" to type a message, then type said message I then click enter, with that being said, sometimes I forget something and need to type another message quickly after. This is where.... I wish I was dead. Get it? Ha! Ohh Im so funny. Anywho, this is where it stalls, its like there is a time limit to where you can click y to type another message and in the heat of the moment sometimes I dont have the extra time to fiddle around, so I end up clicking "y" directly after the first message, typing my second message out and then seeing none of it typed, because I need to wait atleast 1-2 seconds before clicking it again. Could this please be changed? It would help a lot and be so much better. Thank you!
  4. Killerdoom14

    Need help with ServerSettings Please.

    Ohhhh I think I figured it out. For all people who saved PZ to another drive other then there normal ssd or just default drive. PZ auto saves the ServerSettings to your default drive, in my case I was on another one trying to access it. Explains a lot, make sure its saving to the right place guys! Not sure if it works as I havent tried but Im sure it will.
  5. Killerdoom14

    Quick questions about SandboxVars.lua settings

    Older post :l i shall take it upon myself to answer it for I am god. I should correct you, every in game day the zombies respawn (Around the edges of the map) I believe. So changing the numbers to higher or lower would change it to how many zombies after the initial ones spawn into the map. I am not sure on the second question, but that would be a lot better if that was the case. I will take it upon myself to add it to the suggestion of feature forum unless you would like to do it. God out!
  6. Killerdoom14

    Need help with ServerSettings Please.

    Hello, I am currently trying to sort out how server settings works. I made a private server and all of that is fine but none of the server settings are applying into the game after I save them from configurations. Am I supposed to do something else after altering the options? When looking for the file afterwards in the location it was saved it does not show that same file, but going back to make a new configuration when I click save it does show that it is there. Whats the issue? Thanks!