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  1. Hey guys do you like Cataclysm DDA role play series/ let’s play? If yes then I invite you to please come check out my first YouTube series of cataclysm dark days ahead! In this series we will be playing as playing Ron Wilson a riot officer who fled the scene of a riot that went from bad to worse when the rioters themselves started attacking one another, but not how any ordinary human would. Now he is trying to survive in the midst of a full fledged zombie apocalypse and will try and save anyone he comes across. I look forward to making these videos for you guys and hope to see you guys in the comment section, Please like and subscribe if you enjoy it for videos like these. Thank you! Also video quality not the best in the first video but I fixed this issue for the other videos, thank you. Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead gameplay part 1 this game is hard!!!!!! Link to video https://youtu.be/vcUTlWXk8Ak
  2. 722. The ability to lock windows. I don’t know if this will be a thing or not but I believe this would be a great thing to add for multiplayer/ Npcs, as it stands now if you don’t have the supplies to board up windows your basically screwed if someone were to walk up and just pull the window up and hop in. When you lock the windows it will just make the perma lock sound and you won’t be able to open it without a crowbar or some other object you can pry it open with.
  3. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    About the clothing degrading over time. When the animation and clothing update come out will we see actually be able to see clothing degration on our characters and zombies with ripped up clothing shambling around? Just a thing that's been in my mind.
  4. 558. The ability to lock windows. As it stands now at that I know of you cannot lock windows only barricade them to keep out others and lots of house I've seen has windows that can be locked, this would be a great addition for the game because it would not only keep players in MP from being able to easlily get it just by opening the window and jumping in but also keep out NPc's whenever they are implemented. But also to make it fair for the players/NPcs trying to get in 559. Prying windows open with crowbar/hammer would be also a get addition.
  5. 529: The ability to craft raw stone axe/stone hammer with dirty rags.
  6. Wooden staff

    I think we should eventually be able to craft wooden staffs not only being used as a weapon but it could also be used as a crutch something to lean on like a walking stick. Let's say you're out on a run and you twist you're ankle you can be limping away on you're staff and If a zombie gets near you, you can stop in place and prepare to take it out. The staff could also be used to fight off Npcs with melee weapons as well. You could be coming back from looting some houses and get jumped by two Npcs and one has a wrench, and another has a knife you can potentially either knock them unconscious and take there stuff or kill them in the process. So in my opinion it would be a pretty good weapon slash crutch to have and if the abilities I just described are added one day I wouldn't knock those Npcs who jumped my out I'd kill them so they do come back looking for me when they wake up/if the wake up. So what's everyone else's opinion?
  7. Different character models

    I know in the game right now that if you choose the overweight trait you really couldn't tell that your character is overwheight besides the slow running and getting out of breath quickly.i really think it would be cool if they would add different character models so that your character could actually look overwheight or if you choose an athletic trait they could be skinner with more muscle. What do you guys think?
  8. Re-Animator Mondoid discussion thread

    I wonder if being able to sit in chairs and sleep laying down in beds will be part of the new animation system. I hope so because standing up while your sleeping must take some serious skill! Lol
  9. RELEASED: Build 33

    The rain sound is missing on my game. I can hear it inside the house when it's raining but when I go outside there is no rain sound at all. And the zombies moaning sounds are messed up as well.
  10. RELEASED: Build 33

    I think this might be a bug but I opened a door that was unlocked and an alarm sounded off.
  11. Breaking open door animation.

    Let's face it there is an animation for opening windows and breaking them. What I'm proposing is why not add an animation that makes your character hit the door with their shoulder , until they get tired , or the door gets broken open. And I'm not talking about broke broke where there are planks laying on the ground , I'm talking where it's like the door is at an unlocked state but can be used as a regular door , but not be as in good of condition as it once was.
  12. I think when zombies break into houses if there is a house alarm in it then it should go off. It really doesn't make sense when one zombie breaks into a house and nothing happens but when I climb through the same window it broke into the alarm goes off.
  13. Official Build 32 Zombie Population Feedback Thread

    I know you guys fixed the zombie population system and everything but to me there are still way to many zombies ,in one of my games I started as soon as I spawned in my house there was a hoard of about 12 zombies outside the window and they seen me right then and there. And when I ran out of the house because they were swarming in it there was another big hoard right outside . It's like every time I play I never see a single zombie by its self they are always in the giant hoards. I just hope later on down the line you guys do something with the zombie population again because until then I really don't think I can play the game even tho I love what you guys are doing with it.
  14. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    I think it would be pretty cool if they added a animation for zombies when they are eating your body. I think they should be in a knelt position so they look like they are actually eating you instead of eating the air lol.
  15. Welcome to New Denver

    I would really like to play this map but I don't know how to install it.
  16. RELEASED: Build 30.12

    I took a fire in side and set it on a concrete floor and lit it I was really far away from the fire just in case things went south, and right after that I started getting injured from nothing my health continuously dropped and I died from nothing I looked on the health panel there was no harm done on my character . I just fell over dead I think this might be a bug.
  17. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    I really think that this would be an idea worth considering instead of just finding chipped stones when you forage you could make chipped stones using a hammer on a regular stone to create a chipped stone.
  18. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    I have an idea for the jewelry found on corpse you can take a locket for example and give it to a female npc it could have a positive affect or a negative affect it depends on how much that npc likes you before you give it to her. But for the male npcs depending on their thier traits for example maybe one male in your group likes to smoke and he's out you could go out of your way on the next looting mission and try and find him some and give them to him . The reasoning of this idea is to look for new ways for improving your realatipnships with other survivors easier.