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  1. Cyntiorux

    Update server and public server list question

    I tried, and it replaces back to: server_browser_announced_ip= And still waiting for Nitrado answer, 3 days waiting for an answer.......
  2. Cyntiorux

    Update server and public server list question

    That helped me a lot as now mods are working to everyone!!! But cant delete that line, everytime i deleted when i restart server it appear again. Even after comment the line: ... AnnounceDeath=trueMinutesPerPage=1.0// server_browser_announced_ip= It creates again. I opened a second incident ticket asking to the way I saw another Nitrado server in the public server list and I came in to talk with his admin. And they only have the option set as true and worked for them.... arghhhhhh
  3. Cyntiorux

    Update server and public server list question

    Sure, here there are: servertest.ini nightlengthmodifier=1.0PVP=truePauseEmpty=trueGlobalChat=trueOpen=trueServerWelcomeMessage=<RGB:1,0,0> Bienvenidos al chat del servidor UPW de Project Zomboid en español ! para chat local usa la tecla "t", para usar el chat global, presiona "y" o añade "/all" antes de escribir <LINE> Escriba /help para ver su lista de comandos disponibles <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> LogLocalChat=falseAutoCreateUserInWhiteList=falseDisplayUserName=trueSpawnPoint=0,0,0SafetySystem=trueShowSafety=trueSafetyToggleTimer=100SafetyCooldownTimer=120SpawnItems=DefaultPort=16261ResetID=609635670Mods=dryTowelsMap=Muldraugh, KYSpawnRegions=servertest_spawnregions.luaDoLuaChecksum=truePublic=truePublicName=UnderPressureWorks (ESP)(24x7)(PVP)(Safety)PublicDescription= UPW (ESP)(24x7)(PVP)(Safety)MaxPlayers=8PingFrequency=10PingLimit=400HoursForLootRespawn=48MaxItemsForLootRespawn=4ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=trueHoursForZombiesRespawn=24IncreaseZombieRespawnBy=0DropOffWhiteListAfterDeath=falseNoFireSpread=trueNoFire=falseAnnounceDeath=trueMinutesPerPage=1.0server_browser_announced_ip=
  4. Cyntiorux

    Update server and public server list question

    Thanks Zeek for your answer, and congrats for your server, I use to play in it from time to time and it's awesome. About Nitrado server, we have admin and we use it. but even with public set as true it's not shown in the public list. About the updates, Nitrado only updates to stable builds, now 31.10. To manage manual update, I have a server in centos at home, so I install pz it and simply copy the folder 'projectzomboid' from my home server to Nitrado folder. Then Nitrado one works in updated version but we are able only to get into the server with admin accounts, it doesn't let us get into the game with no whitelist users even with option Open as true. So, my questions are, how do you update your server? it does alone? or you need to update it manually? or fresh installation? I know how to update the client through steam and Im IWBUMS user, but quite lost in a external linux server. And i dont have access through ssh to do it as in my own server. any suggestion... Maybe we should change Nitrado as an option...
  5. Hi there, I've been trying to find this answers along the forum but nothing I read answer my questions/issues. Some friends and I rent a Nitrado server to play multi. It only updates with stable publishes, I created a linux server on my own in another computer and i can update it easily with fresh installations and then copying via ftp to our "online" server. this "solution" let us play but we need to setup admin users to being able to log and play. I realiced in last update we have a steamapp folder and Im not sure if I can edit to the appmanifest_108600.acf file to force update, or are there any other way to update it. Our second issue is about public our server, Nitrado answers we only have to set it as true to being able to connect public server list, but it doesn't happen neither. Our server (actually 31.10) ip is: any help will be more than welcome Thanks in advance
  6. Cyntiorux

    Nitrado and servertest_SandboxVars.lua file

    Thanks a lot, I created the file and placed there, just need to check if it works with different configurations.
  7. Hi Folks!! I have a new pz server to play with some friends, we use Nitrado and everything seem to work fine. Now we're trying to configure better but Im not able to find the 'servertest_SandboxVars.lua' file to modify. Any other with Nitrado can help and tell us where find that config file? or at least tell us where we can modify (apart the servertest.ini file) I created a support ticket with them, but Im more confident with zomboid players Many thanks in advance