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  1. I play sandbox for longer days as well, I like very long days, like 4+ hours.
  2. I love that house, I wish it had a second floor. The reason I like it so much is that it has a "Master Suite" in which the bedroom is attached to the bathroom; it makes for easy getting around when storing things after a pillaging run, but more importantly, it makes for a bigger and more effective last stand fort since you have access to water in the bathroom and a bed in the other. Sorry to change topics, couldn't help giving that house some props.
  3. Since this has devolved into a Martha Stewartish discussion... How do you split soup up into bowls from the big pot? I have tried it with one or multiple bowls in my inventory and am not getting a que on my right-click menu. Thanks for the thoughts on the fire, by the way, I would love to be able to put them out once they start. I appreciate the cook-times too, I am less concerned now, I will let you know when I burn my house down...
  4. Once a house fire is started, is there any way to stop it? I have been eating my soup cold because I don't want to burn down my safe house. Thanks all. Great game, Devs.
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