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  1. I was trying to make a mod for fruit salad, but couldn't do it. Has anybody else made a mod for this, or could somebody help me with this? All I want is fruit salad.
  2. Hey around what time do you play at OP? Just went into the TS and nobody was in the PZ channel. If anybody is playing on this server (or any other mature server, looking to potentially play on multiple), please message me.
  3. We tried deleting (well, moving) all our folders and making a new world, due to all the backwards compatibility issues. If they're needed to help define the problem, I moved the server folder elsewhere for later, so can still access them. On the new world, she was doing fairly well, with the ping going back and forth between the 100s and 1800, but again was disconnected after about 10 minutes. Now she's having the problem again that she's had most of the time, where she tries to connect but every time gets "Connection Failed" and I can't even see she's trying to connect from my end. I'll keep trying to restart the server and hope one of these times she can connect. I forgot to mention that earlier today, and other days, she would also not be able to connect, but every time she tried she would "fill up" one of the ports, usually going up to 16267 before I noticed and would restart the server some more. Update: She was able to connect to my server after I restarted it a few times. Her ping was fine at 72-76, but was disconnected after less than a minute this time. =\ Please tell us what more information you need to help with the problem! Do you need her console.txt? We really want to resolve these issues ASAP because they're seriously ruining the game for us, as we only want to play together. I'll keep updating this thread with anything I think might be relevant.
  4. More info: I don't know if this is relevant, but we both have the Steam overlay disabled. Also - we've had 3 updates today? She just updated to 30.6, and apparently I did too (console lists me as 30.6 also), though I did not notice the update. She says the 1st and 3rd were about the same size - a few MB - but the 2nd was very tiny, only some KB? I'm still not able to log into my own server - it gives me the exact same error message + shutdown ("error occurred, left-click shutdown, info may be in console.txt" etc.) that she gets when she tries to enter my server. Also, not sure if this is important, but when she tries to load in, it displays all the info of her loading in, but somewhere in there, there's an error boop. But it doesn't say anything about an error, and continues on past the boop.
  5. gorolho, I've made sure that my computer's firewall lets PZ through. EnigmaGrey, We've both "verified the integrity of the game cache" in Steam several times today, but we did it again after you posted. To anyone reading this thread, I edited the first post for clarity and added more information - hope that helps solve our problems =\
  6. URGENT! Please help us, because we're at the end of our ropes here =\ NOTE: Edited post for clarity and added more information. Right, so first off me and my partner were connecting more or less effectively in build 28 (IWBUMS and then the official released version), however we encountered massive ping and resulting connection issues starting with build 29 IWBUMS, with her going into 4k+ ping territory (we're only one state apart!) and lagging and disconnecting constantly. We were hoping a fix update would come, but tried to play despite these issues (though we quit a while after build 29 IWBUMS came out because it never got better). However with update 30 IWBUMS, much more significant problems (in addition to the previous mainly ping and resulting disconnection issue) became commonplace. We started playing again with IWBUMS version 30 the same day (but before) that the game updated to 30.3, but when we updated to 30.3 (we didn't play much before we updated to 30.3 because we started the day it updated), however, we started encountering more and more issues. For starters, she couldn't manage to enter my server with her old character from build 30 at all, and had to make a new one. If she tried using her older character, it just didn't connect whatsoever; when she tried to connect, it gave her an error message and shut down the whole program (she is still getting this same error message+shutdown a lot today). From then through today, when she did connect, it would only be for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, and she was only able to connect less than 10 times total. When she did connect, she would disconnect even when her ping wasn't high - (around 76 through 120 in green numbers), although it did get high (around 500 through 1500, but no 14k+ numbers like in build 29... yet) and disconnect her due to ping, too. When she was disconnected, sometimes she would get a ping message, and sometimes a message completely unrelated to ping where it just mentioned that she disconnected from the server. Now with 30.5 IWBUMS, we've encountered even MORE problems. We've got the same problem with her "old" (the new 30.3) character not being playable with the update and resulting in the error message that shuts PZ down. The few times she's managed to get past the loading screen, it asks for her to make a new character. -----------------When we looked in the Multiplayer folder, she has 2 folders with my computer's IP - one labeled Backup, and one with just her name. We deleted to name-only folder and tried to let the backup update to 30.5 again by her trying to connect to my server. Got the same error message + PZ shutdown. We looked in the name-only folder again, and it seemed to have all the files the backup has. She tried to connect again, and it tried to have her create a new character. We looked in the folders again, and now the name-only folder only has a SINGLE file in it, named "serverid.dat".---------------- She's only tried to connect a few times, so will update this post if (when she manages to connect) she still gets the only 5-10 minutes of playtime when she can connect. But now, I'm having problems with my server TOO. I've tried to connect to the server, and have only come across an issue with accessing my own server this time around. It said to reference the console.txt file, so I attached it here as maybe somebody can make heads or tails of it? By the way, we've both tried validating several times today, but that doesn't seem to have helped at all. I made sure my router doesn't have firewalls. I also made sure my computer firewall lets PZ through. Has anybody solved any of these issues with their own builds lately? Maybe you could toss me some advice? Multi-player worked more or less fine prior to build 29 IWBUMS, with just ping issues as I mentioned in build 29. Now with IWBUMS 30, we both have the issues with ping, but all the aforementioned massive issues just getting the server to even connect. console.txt
  7. I think 30.5 broke my multi-player... Multi-player was working fine before, but now when somebody tries to connect to my server, I see the message "GOT PACKET FROM UNKNOWN CONNECTION guide=1017814476341542835 packetid=2" Anybody have an idea as to what this is? Also, for some reason the update to 30.3 required for my friend to make a new character as it didn't let them log in with the old character.
  8. Don't know if anybody read this, but is there any solution to fixing ping in multi-player? A person a state away tends to get disconnected frequently, and when connected generally ping can go up into the thousands
  9. Anybody else having an issue where every time a person logs into a server, the port they take up remains taken even if they leave? Seeing this happen in the CMD prompt for my server. Also, the person I'm co-oping with is having MASSIVE ping issues now, whereas we didn't notice anything significant prior, any idea what could be causing this?
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