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  1. Why is my guy panicking? There's no-one around.
  2. So recently I have been playing on West Point with the intention of breaking into the Gun Shop and skipping over to Muldraugh. This would have been fine if I realized there's a shockingly abysmal amount of sledgehammers available in West Point. Quite literally I spent 7 games wandering around West Point to all the places that have sledgehammers to no avail. What fascinates me though is how the hardware store seems to have every item except the sledgehammer, which is quite frustrating. Normally they would have one anyways. Now, I love that loot is now on rare and I feel it gives the game the challenge it deserves. One of my greatest moments playing was fighting a huge battle to get into the police station only to find a few boxes of hunting rifle ammunition and a pistol. But when there is a good chance that an item doesn't spawn anywhere in the town at all it destroys incentive to play long. I know I could just hike to Muldraugh, but I feel that you shouldn't trek the entire map to find an item if you are dedicated enough to look for three days.
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