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  1. My friend and I have gotten back in the game recently and I have been hosting via the in-game host option. However, the game has been freezing on me (the host) while my friends see no changes in their game other than my character just stopping in the middle of the horde hehe haha . My game won't respond so I eventually close out. When we enter back in My friends spawn in where they left off, while I spawn in a location that I was in a minute before the freeze. At first, it was fine we didn't get the first freeze until hours later but now not even 5 mins and my game freeze every time. It use to work forever maybe it's the new Build?? Things I tried. -Allocating less/More memory for the server -Making sure that I had no mods (we play vanilla) - Staying together in a game. - Verifying files -Making new server profiles and deleting old ones. Computer specs CPU= Intel i7-7700k 4.2Ghz GPU -Geforce GTX 1080 RAM- 16 Gigs OS- Windows 10 The file I'm uploading I think is the log file but I'm not exactly sure. hs_err_pid18004.log
  2. This has happened to me and my friend to it's seems to be at it's worst when a house alarm goes off. It's when a lot of zombies agro on to you the get stuck aggroing to you. I tried to leach off my friend aggroed Zed's, grab a couple, lead them away but when they loose interest in me, they lock on to my friend who is already on the other side of town. Sadly didn't record the senario. We usually burn them off but pretty difficult since the longer it last the more zombies get stuck to you. We'd do this more then once and it got pretty annoying. We once took a hoard 30+ half way to West point from Muldride, run back to Bob and Kate's house and in 4-7 minutes they would come from back for us trapped us on the second floor and we died. It's really feels like they are perminently stuck aggroing at least one of us just always walking towards one of us.
  3. Derbypoo

    RELEASED: Build 33

    After a few days Playing and experimenting this is my take. -New Survival is difficult... i LOVE It. Finally made it to day seven and barricading now is truly my best Friend Power shut off may be too early( three days) it makes TVs useless. -Do I here heavy breathing when your Heavily Overexerted ??? if so make that stuff louder I just noticed it barely. -House alarms .... I Hear its lethally loud... broke my head phones... (you owe me Indie Stone ) it gets louder the farther you run away to the point where Its just high pitched pops and static. - Birds sound nice - The dog barks sound like there right next to me and may of the other sounds. - Also when its actually quiet in the game they are faint "pops" in the background noise. - Why do TVs still work After the power shut off. ( i mean don't change that its making my survival easier ) Keep up the Good work devs
  4. Derbypoo

    RELEASED: Build 31

    I Love the new challenge you guys added. It prove the hole thing about drinking and surviving. First time i actually died from being too drunk, swayed right in to a horde. If you guys want a taste of true Zomboid panic try the CD challenge... you will panic... I guarantee it My record is 3 mins... Cause of death : Drunken stupidity
  5. Derbypoo

    RELEASED: Build 31

    never mind it fixed it self on the third try It was wierd tho
  6. Derbypoo

    RELEASED: Build 31

    5 mins in to the game I found a bug YAY XD You cant drop zombies.... i tried clearing out a house but when i pick up the dang death thing and dragged it out side i found that i cant drop it i even tried to throw it into a trash can it just sat there in my main inventory laughing at me.... Oh well Watch out for this land mine everybody
  7. Derbypoo

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    Waffles are pancakes 2.0 so waffles offcourse... for the future and advancement of technology!!!!!!
  8. Remember Bathroom Zombies and how every time you open the door to the bathroom there would be four of them in there... That was my First death in the Game..... bathroom Zombies.... and now its build 30 there rarely any zombies in the house at all its like it was Clean form the start XD I Love this Game i had it for more then a year now and now that the game will be harder "soon" its Like every thing i love in this game got A whole Lot more interesting.