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  1. Is tiredness going to be an option for the server settings? It wouldn't make any sense to not have it as an option for people who want it for just a couple friends and them. Especially with the new sleep system that's been implemented.
  2. Is it possible to keep the old music as well? I love what I've heard of the remastered stuff so far but I cant help miss the old stuff. Also I found the older music flowed better between songs and I never really noticed when the song would switch (aside from the epic battle music). I notice it much more now but it could be that i'm just used to the older music. Maybe have three option in the settings Old, New/Default and Mixed which could incorporate all of the music Zach has created for the game. Just by alternating or randomly choosing a song version ex. old or new; based on situation (which the game already does of course).
  3. I love how much harder the game is but I really don't like how the game see's a underpopulated area and says "hey this a space with no zombies in it, come fill the space zombies". It just doesn't feel right, meta sounds and npc's should be dragging zombies around not some magical force. I hope that's how it will work once npc's get re-implemented.
  4. I'm not sure if i'm doing this correctly please help me somebody. I am trying to get all the current map mods working for my private server for just me and my friend is this possible? Even just getting Bedford Falls setup as shown through the post isn't working for me. I have all of them installed normally and they work great on single player. I have also changed the .ini to have the proper changes as listed in the first post and even got the custom spawns working right. Is this all I need to do because i'm restricted to what seems to be one cell when I spawn in Bedford. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the last thread I made got no response as It probably wasn't in a very busy forum section.
  5. Update your game to the IWBUMS branch and then run the server.bat. It should update to the new version and convert the world when you start the server.
  6. Unable? No. But it could make the character unhappy if he\she eats meat. Plus a small chance of getting sick
  7. I died on day 2 due to ignorance XD , I can never just leave that damn gun shop alone! I didn't make much of an impact but still enough to make a difference. Here's the dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ymmjs00jhcxccin/AABf0Bm3gAA47lIk8e4r61Qza?dl=0
  8. Im starting now but do you have any idea if the map mods will affect it? I would assume not but I just want to make sure
  9. I can't wait any longer, i'm grabbing Marinus' save. I'll put mine up soon hopefully so we can keep the ball rolling. Edit: I should be done before the end of the day if anyone reading wants to jump in soon. Edit 2: Having map mods won't break the save game will it? I might have to remove mine first if that's the case, wouldn't want anyone in the future who's not using them to be unable to play.
  10. Well... The problem is that my guy is at day 24, started farming (8 cabbage patches) and the area around my base is pretty much clear (and I'm in the city center!). Depending on how this continues, I might just roleplay my guy into going crazy and finally running into a horde shooting his handgun like a maniac. Perhaps we could establish a max time played after which the player has to kill himself, so that we don't use up all the resources and kill all the zombies so fast. (Would it be possible to somehow respawn the zombies? In certain locations, the only danger is gonna be hunger since every non-perishable is gonna be looted and all the zombies are gonna be killed and that's kinda boring) food and zombies should start to respawn after someone not being there for long enough, so as long as people are not always playing in the same area it shouldn't be a problem right? Edit: maybe each time a person plays they could play in a different town then the last person
  11. You going to be done on that save anytime soon Rass? I'd love to give it a go.
  12. I've run into something else. This door in the school has no hole to walk through http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v1L0#0.5727356582567936,0.21725998096700275,410.18627024600187, I opened it and was rather disappointed I couldn't get through. Also if I keep finding things would you like me to just write a list of all the stuff I come across? I could either pm you or just post it in this thread. I figure it's better to make one big post then a bunch of little ones.
  13. Wow! thanks for pointing that out, that one must have slipped my mind, I'mma fix that asap happy to help Edit: I remebered there being another house I had problems with, i finally found it. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v1L0#0.6989330207860041,0.18299697229965614,237.3763137997696 I was able to walk through the front window like there was no wall there. Not sure if it's a map or zomboid problem though.
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