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  1. I'm guessing this is probably being caused by this fix that was included in the patch notes for 41.26. " - Fixed zombies farther away than 10 squares having a negative chance to spot the player. "
  2. I go into detail in this Reddit post. I'm just linking to it out of laziness. Long story short, if you build two rows of fence parallel to each other, and then fill the gap between them with any piece of furniture that blocks pathfinding (in the example, I used storage crates), the zombies can't figure out what to do with it. They won't break the fences because the fences aren't blocking, and they don't jump the fence because the space on the other side isn't empty. So instead, they just stand there moaning and waving back and forth until you lose their interest.
  3. Unfortunately I can't. That character died. I'll try to see if I can get a new character up to speed to replicate it over the weekend though.
  4. It's not just you. I've also noticed this behavior in Apocalypse with no mods. The sink stopped working while it was storming. The barrels were at 100% full. They did not start working again the next day. Picking up the sink and re-placing and re-plumbing it did not work. Reloading the save did not fix it, BUT completely exiting the game and then reloading the save did fix it. EDIT: I don't know if there were still puddles on the ground when I tried it the next day or not. There might have been some still.
  5. Yep. I had to take a class to get a concealed carry permit years ago, and this was the first thing my instructor covered. He took a full magazine, put it in the gun, and then asked us "Is this gun loaded?". We all said that yes, the gun was loaded. He pulled the trigger. *click*. Then he explained about the need to rack the slide to chamber a round before it will fire, which he did. Then he removed the magazine and asked us, "Is this gun unloaded now?", to which we said yes, the gun is unloaded. Then he pulled the trigger. *BANG*. I've never forgotten that taking a magazine out of a gun does not mean that the gun is safe.
  6. I just lost a character in an interesting way, and it revealed a very frustrating systemic issue that I wasn't aware of before. The whole story starts as I was driving down the highway, dodging the occasional pack of zombies. All is well. While driving, I tend to tap the "W" key at a rhythm, because laying on the gas pedal is a good way to wrap the car around a tree and die. So by tap-tap-tap-ing on the "W" key, I can regulate my speed to whatever I find tolerable that allows me to avoid zombie and tree collisions. While on highways in particular, my tapping tends to get faster because I allow myself a higher maximum speed. Now what happens next is slightly confusing. A few times while driving, it seems like if I tap W too rapidly it seems to count as a double-tap, and it takes the car keys out of the ignition. The car stops dead in the middle of the road. I'm not 100% sure that tapping "W" is responsible for this, or maybe I held "W" too long, or perhaps it was just a poor engine quality causing the car to randomly die. Either way, the car stops, the keys vanish from the ignition for seemingly no reason. Zombies immediately start to bang on my car as it coasts to a stop. I think, "This is fine. The windows have plenty of durability. Just don't panic, restart the engine, and then start driving again". I click on the ignition to insert the key, and I start the car with the "E" key. Which brings up the next fun fact. Tapping the "E" key causes the character to Enter or Exit the vehicle. HOLDING the "E" key starts the car. At this point, when I thought my character was going to calmly start the car, he immediately opens the door and gets out of the car in the middle of the hoard of zombies where he is instantly gets pulled down and killed before I have a chance to react at all. This was a very unsatisfying way to lose my character. So this all brings me to my suggestions, in order of importance... If you can start a car's engine with "E" you should not also Enter/Exit with "E". If double-tapping or holding "W" does actually cause the character to shut off the car and pull the keys, then it should not also be what you use to accelerate and control your speed. In both of these cases, one of these functions should be disabled or moved to a different key combination.
  7. Hrm, I wonder if the Katana is also in the storage unit crate drop list, and the outside of the storage unit is flagged for that room type then. That's my best guess. You're right though, I was just looking at the drop lists last night and katanas weren't part of the normal loot range. So something funky is going on there. Either it's the bug I reported, or there are 'rare' drop lists hidden somewhere else.
  8. I actually just posted last night in the bugs section about something that might be related to this. The Katana isn't in the male or female distribution list. It's in the Bedroom, Male Wardrobe list IIRC. The bug is that when zombies die, they can generate loot from the same loot tables as containers that can appear in their current room. So, I'm guessing that you killed the zombie in a bedroom and it generated some Bedroom Wardrobe loot, which in this case was a Katana.
  9. This was brought to my attention via a Reddit thread, but I hadn't heard of it before. I didn't believe it at first, but after some testing, I can confirm it happens. The issue happens when you lure a zombie into some specific types of rooms and kill them. When you check the bodies, they will have items on them that should normally spawn in containers in those rooms. The one that I was able to verify with was the small grocery store located at https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10844x9541 I managed to lure over a dozen or so zombies from the surrounding area into that store and kill them one by one. About 30% to 50% of the time, they had dry goods on their corpses such as canned food, peanut butter, oats, etc. Supposedly, this also works to create other "limited" resource items in other room specific item types, such as soap from bathrooms, books from bookstores, etc. I looked into the java and lua a bit and I wasn't able to find any signs of this being intentional, so I suspect it might be a weird interaction between the corpse creation and the code that fills the containers in the rooms, though I definitely could have missed something there.
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