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  1. Bears Rare but a hungry bear found in the forest might spice things up! especially because you'll need to use a range attack to put it down rather than almost certain death trying to take it on with a melee weapon, and the pelt could be removed for winter clothing and meat to eat. Plus the animal might take out a few zombies for you if you play your cards right. Deer For hunting and securing food Racoon broken windows and open doors let the hairy critters in and steal some of your food stash!
  2. I've experienced this once and more frequently my toon moves on their own occasionally to the north west!
  3. Haha whoops! for some reason I thought split screen and controller was in the the last small patch my mistake! and my purchase of a Microsoft wireless receiver was not in vein! Someone's very excited!
  4. I tried it for the first time yesterday with an Xbox 360 controller, it won't work if you activate it during the game opening menu, I tried several times it just wouldn't work. What does work is if you don't press anything until you actually get into your game then press (A) it was weird getting used to it, you can see the button commands down the bottom and I found that using attack and movement was alot better than mouse and keyboard. However I am unable to bring up the [Esc] menu for options or the Stat window without the use of the keyboard and mouse, so keep these on standby if you plan on pausing or speeding up your game and checking your health and skills. One other thing I notice is that the character moves North West on their own every now and then which is a bit annoying if your just standing still, I tried the split screen and that didn't work for me the second controller connected but all I could see was zoomed out images of the house I was in on both screens and no button or clicks would do anything.
  5. Yeah I can agree with that, but then you just don't use the "inspect player" button. In regards to not being very realistic I would say that first impressions have huge part to play in our presumptions of other people, so in my eyes it wouldn't hurt for the game to make a short comment about the sort of player you are, it could even be quite funny such as : "This person looks like they've left food in the oven too long" (Recently been burnt) "This person looks like they fell in the river" (Player has been soaked whilst out in the rain) "This person looks parched" (Player is thirsty) "This person clearly needs a burger" (Player is Hungry)
  6. Hi Hilrof, this is a brilliant, I like that your idea it's is not about opening a stat window to review someone but more towards a short sentence that says something about the person based on things that they have done. I presume your idea would mean that you could keep clicking the "Inspect Person" button and keep receiving various descriptions?
  7. It's a good idea CzarUltra, adds lots of stimulating depth to the game and if this could be incorporated with quests so that they activate stories or NPC scripts that would be exciting. Perhaps to assist the Dev's forum users could write journals with the potential of having a story / piece of their own work added into the game. Rewarding for the fan base and take a brunt of work load from the Dev's happy customers all round
  8. Oh yes I know you can pick them up and bust your back trying to move them! but if it was reality and I was trying to get some corpse out of my house I'd be dragging the smelly blighter not picking it up..... I'd rather touch it as little as possible! "I'm afraid you got pink eye.... I'd prescribe you some topical cream but I don't want to touch you"
  9. Some stimulating ideas friends! -snip- thank you for the directional support I confess I'm new to the forums so I wasn't aware of the list of suggestion, I enjoyed reading them Sounds like mixed thoughts on swimming but everyone is keen on new Emotes, I like Rickest_Rick's suggestion for a surrender Emote, this would be good for role players and even if Hostile NPC's were scripted to react to such an Emote would be brilliant. In regards to my Exercise suggestion I do agree with -snip- that your already getting plenty of it killing zombies, I was thinking more at night time when your hiding out indoors lifting a few dumbbells and weights to enable you to lift heavier loads and carry more inventory, I can imagine any survivor in this environment would be trying to make themselves as tough as possible. One other Idea I didn't see in the list which I forgot to add was the ability to drag and push items rather than pick them up, certainly useful for dragging corpses out of your house or pushing a heavy object together with another player to block a door to a building cram packed with zombies. Thanks again for the feedback fellow survivors!
  10. I'd agree with that I don't think it's possible to operate two independent mice and keyboards off the same PC , what I've done is purchased an adapter for my PC that lets me use my Xbox controllers on the PC to save me purchasing a whole new set of expensive PC Game controllers. If you shop around on Amazon or Ebay you can find these, might be worth a £15 investment for the sake of PZ at home This is what I purchased: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Official-Wireless-Gaming-Receiver-Windows/dp/B000MGVAAQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1416243043&sr=1-1&keywords=Official+Xbox+360+Wireless+Gaming+Receiver+For+Windows+%28Xbox+360%29
  11. Hello Everyone What I'd really like to see in PZ is: Crouch (Pop up and down behind cover to shoot Prone (Crawl along side a fence to avoid unwanted line of sight from hostiles) Sit (Use sofa's / chairs or just sit on the ground) Hide (Hide inside a cupboard or large bins etc to avoid hostiles with a risk of getting caught) Climb (A skill that could be improved to climb fences / or gutters on houses etc)Jump (Jump over Crawlers, fire etc) Swim (Go in the sea, a river or perhaps a swimming pool?) Emotes (Interactive emotes such as Wave, Distress signal, pointing, laughing, dancing) Go to Toilet (If anyone has watched Zombie Land you'll know that finding a safe place to go toilet is one of the most dangerous things to do in a zombie apocalypse / it could also lean towards safe sanitation and hygiene issues) Have a Wash (Perhaps if a player is stressed or suffering from sickness having a wash might help chirp you up from your blood stained skin) Exercise (You can read to improve your knowledge, why not exercise to improve your stamina and strength.) Sex (Not sure if PZ is going down the adult route but if your character is bored or unhappy, perhaps some extra social interaction with NPC's or consenting players might spark brighten your day up.)
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