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  1. I have a few suggestions too. I've been playing a long time and love the changes that have come to PZ. I mostly play online as I enjoy the company of people to talk to. The server I play on had Hydrocraft which adds a lot of content. 668. I'd like solar power to be something you can make in vanilla. Maybe you have to find a rare book to teach you how to make it and find all the stuff to make it with. Also Wind power would be an option. If there was a real apocalipse, people would find ways to go on as close to what they had before as possible and solar power is one way to help with that. I mentioned Hydrocraft because they have a solar power generator but theirs is glitched and turns off whenever you walk too far away. I think solar power should be something you set up and maybe have to provide maintenance once a month or once every 3 months or something. It should work 24hours a day. In online game it should keep your fridge and stuff going even if you're not on. 669. Esepecially with the options for really dark nights, I think we should have more light options. I've seen requests for lanterns which sound like a good idea. One person said something about using foraging to find nuts and then make oil from the nuts to use in the lanterns. Something like that, that takes work to get it going, but then provides light for a good long while, is worth it I think. 670. One of my favorite things in PZ is building. I like to build buildings and decorate them. As such, I'd love having some more decorating options. Put more paintings in the game that we can scavenge and put in our building. things like putting books on a coffee table or a bowl or a cup on a coffe or end table. I know, I know, It's the zombie apocalipse not the sims... but I like to decorate... If I'm gonna get bit and turn into a zombie, the least I can do is enjoy my decorating first... 671. I totally agree with a previous suggestion to make firepits, safer by putting stones around them and now they cant' catch everything on fire. 672. More furniture options in vanilla game. 673. using foraged food items in salads or soups or roasting pans. 674. at the beginning of the apocalypse, the first thing people would want to do is go to the grocery store and scavenge. There should be lots of extra stuff in the back of the grocery store and not all perishable. There should be boxes full of boxed and canned foods. Boxes full of candy and energy bars and such. There is not nearly as much stuff in grocery store as would be in real life. Also could we get some stores that have groceries, clothing, tools, medical, electronics, furniture, cleaning supplies (bleach), plants (seeds), car parts, etc all in same store like a Walmart or something? There should be light bulbs and pens and notebooks and wire and all the kinds of stuff that you can find a little here and a little there, should be available in a large warehouse like, store. Costco anyone? I'm sure there are more things but that's what I can think of right now.
  2. I suggest we find a way to destroy a floor or roof tile with a hammer or anything you have in your hand the same as you can with walls. I got stuck on a roof cause there was a house in Phoenix that had stairs but no upstairs. it actually takes you to a roof. No hole in roof where the stairs come up so you cant' go back down and of course... can't destroy a floor tile without a sledge hammer. P.S. I'm currently stuck on roof awaiting help from my friends... sigh
  3. Slight change to safe-houses for multiplayer factions

    also, not sure if this is the right place to put it but in multiplayer you used to be able to add friends to your safe-house even if they already had their own safe-house... so they could come over and visit or you could share stuff... now apparently if they already have a safe-house, you cannot add them to yours
  4. So In multiplayer I'm the leader of a faction and on our server we have safe-houses. I'd like there to be a second type of safe-house. It would be set as owned by a faction and anyone with that faction tag would be able to go in. Maybe they would all have access to the add a person to the safe-house feature or maybe only the faction leader would be able to add anyone who did not have the faction name or maybe if you don't have the faction name there is no way to add you... Any of those options would be fine with me as long as anyone within the faction, with the faction tag, has access to the house. This would be sooooo much easier... I have a safe-house in my name and I have to add anyone I want to have access but the house has kind of become our base and I have at least 9 people who consider that their main house or location or whatever. We all share food and items but also have individual rooms which you can give locking doors to. It would just be so nice if someone who was added to the faction, could go in without me having to be at the house and add them. I don't think it would be a hugely difficult change (however I know nothing of programming or anything)
  5. pulleys

    I also feel that pulleys should have more use. Like if you're building on a 3rd floor you should be able to attach a pulley and with rope, you can bring up wood planks to build with. Just a thought but if you had two people on multiplayer one could refill it with planks and the one on top could take the planks and set them down. Would be faster than having to run up and down all the stairs or go up and down sheet ropes to grab more.
  6. Fighting the Dark (Lighting)

    I really like this idea. I also find dark very annoying. I'm often in a hidden base (on online game) and my favorite part of the game is building. But at night its' so easy to fall from high up if you cant' see where you placed the floor and where you didn't. Therefor I usually use light colored flooring as it shows up better. But I would love to have a lantern or several that I could place that I have to refill regularly. We can scavenge nuts, nuts have oil, maybe have a way to press the oil from some nuts to refuel the lap. That would be something that could be implemented even before hunting and animal fat. Also you can grow corn... you could make oil from that maybe. Anyway as a player who has 1687 hours on game so far, I like the idea. Player approved! lol
  7. Holes

    I like the whole idea. I like the water hole as well as the stashes/landfill. I hate a build up of trash. I usually run around dumping it behind tress and such so it's not so visible but it bothers me... The idea of being able to go to a remote place that only you know where it is, and dig a hole and hide stuff but have to remember where you hid it. I like that.
  8. I sent my pm. I've been on for quite a while I'm gonna get off now
  9. ok I tried the tool for finding my steam id but it gave me someone else's... It was My steam name but someone else's real name... How do I find my id.
  10. Dead Pixels: OUTBREAK Build 35 Restart 12/20/2016

    are you still going to restart server every 3 months but keep char as well as the 6 month where you loose char? Or did you get rid of the 3 month one and just stick to the 6 month one
  11. Sound suggestion

    oh good. I'm glad to hear it. Any idea as to when build 37 will be out? and can we also get foraging in all areas other than towns? my base is out of town way back in woods but there is no foraging. Thats' frustrating to me as I'm out in the wild... why cant' I forage
  12. Sound suggestion

    I would like it if you could make it so that if someone turns all sound off in settings, that you won't still hear the thunder. I work from home and with my job there's a lot of idle time and I could play PZ except I hate it when the thunder goes off if I get a work call. Could you add a volume slider for the thunder too? Thank you so much for your consideration.
  13. DEAD PIXELS (No reset)

    I was one of the people who was getting bothered. I appreciate Paul helping out. I can understand if they are just stealing.. after all it's the apocalipse... but to destroy our stuff, draw tons of zeds in on purpose to mess up our base and just generally messing up our buildings and stuff. I did not actually notice particular things gone... they were not after the stuff.... and they did kill several of us in our own base, several times for no reason
  14. I would like it if you could use clothing to dry yourself like a towel. It can be specific to clothing that is inside a building so that you don't dry yourself with wet clothes but I'm not picky... any clothes would work for me... maybe it won't dry you all the way, in case it's already damp or wet... but even some drying per shirt or pants or skirt or whatever... I would really like that. Thanks
  15. Erosion Lawn Care. Cutting/Growing Grass

    I like the idea and think it would help have a feeling of hope and bring back a bit of how things used to be.