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  1. Poking about in server/vehicles/vehicles.lua I noticed that int he Vehicles.Update.Heater function at line 503 it states : if part:getModData().active and vehicle:isEngineRunning() then VehicleUtils.chargeBattery(vehicle, -0.000035 * elapsedMinutes) end Should it not be and not vehicle:isEngineRunning() to drain the battery?
  2. The tooltip that is unlocked that lets you quick view the state of the plants water causes a severe drop in framerate if the player is moved away from the location he was standing when the tooltip is displayed. The tooltip stays on screen until the mouse is moved and FPS returns to normal. Replication : Hold mouse over plant until tooltip shows. Press WASD to move character but leave mouse pointer stationary. Result : FPS Drops. Tooltip remains displayed until mouse is moved again.
  3. I've got a high end machine (i9, Titan XP, 64Gb RAM, Ubuntu 18.04) and PZ flows as smooth as butter for the most part but I'm having a repeated problem where the game will suffer micro stutters if I drive out of a cell where I have built structures and return back into it. For example my safe house is in the single story farmhosue north of Rosewood (the one with the fenced back yard). I can play for hours there with no issues. Say I drive to the farmer's market south of Rosewood near the army camp or to the Muldraugh crossroads gameplay remains smooth. But then I return and when I near the safe house the client starts micro pausing until I exit to main menu and continue. No errors in the console, or unexpected spikes in CPU/GPU utilization
  4. I was wondering what condition lightbulbs were in the outside lamps and if the condition effected brightness. Not being able to see the condition from the inventory I took one from a lamp and put it in a car which reported 100%. I took an average 60% bulb from the car and inserted it into the lamp then removed it and put it back in the car which said it was now100%. So outdoor lamps can recondition bulbs.
  5. Initiating an action such as refuelling a generator and building anything from the carpentry menu (I'll probably find more once I test further) does not work as it did in 41.24 in that blueprints show as red and can't be placed until I either put the consumed resources into my main inventory or on the floor. In the case of the stairs I had to hold all 15 planks in my main inventory as it wouldn't accept them from the ground. I can upgrade/place wooden walls on the frames however. The following is reported in the console.txt LOG : General, 1579101272689> bugged action, cleared queue zombie.characters.CharacterTimedActions.LuaTimedActionNew@1fddb895 false System specs : Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia Titan XP (430.50 drivers) 64 Gb Ram
  6. I've had a number of injuries which I bandaged but before they could heal properly gained another injury in the same place. The game removes the previous injury but not the bandage decal in that area so they become permanent fixtures.
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